Michael Buble on New Album, New Baby and Reese Witherspoon

"Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden goes on the town with the Grammy winner and his wife.
3:00 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Michael Buble on New Album, New Baby and Reese Witherspoon
-- won three grammys sold 45 million albums and is expecting his first child so everything seems to be coming up roses right now. For 37 year old Michael -- today. But for this big -- star there was a time when sing in the words to feeling good was a lot easier than believing those words as he told my co anchor Cynthia McFadden. When they -- on the attack. This is Michael -- day. As his fans loved. And -- some polished sophisticated spears singing the very gives kids to love summer -- we have. But it's just opening your mouth and found that -- militants don't always on -- -- -- -- now. Finally on the town with a three time Grammy winner who sold -- -- -- 49 million albums. And last night in New York. We're looking at that time -- Some of -- -- -- seemed -- restaurant on west 56 street. And you know at least six in this very similar vote Francis Albertson. -- and that of course is more than appropriate. Listen that's -- singing Frank Sinatra's -- come fly with me live. You know wondering -- called the Sinatra -- his generation and now he has communal. Convinced -- full. Uday is attracting enough and so. It's a beautiful thing is my -- -- -- -- He is quick to point out he's in no personal -- of an anti love song. Happily married to -- -- won't be enough though -- 25 year old Argentinean actress. They -- eagerly awaiting their first child this summer. No make up in no want to -- she agrees to join us to use into the AP. What do you think the debate me. I sing. Have everybody loves it there is that's -- you know. June -- they mean. -- thing. Hanna I'd like to -- system rather than another two. -- it's amazing the -- ever got together he spoke no Spanish -- no English. They were introduced after one of his concerts. And then she walked and she walked for this man numerous real Rodrigo makes Brad Pitt looked like -- -- turned. That's even possible and I thought this is -- -- the woman in my dreams and heard disgusting the gorgeous husband or whatever boyfriend. He finally looked to -- said no we're not a couple of you know we're not together were -- he said she likes you. And I thought oh my god she likes me and what I didn't know who she was on the phone with the mother texting and saying you know in Spanish I've come to me Michael -- And this -- is -- That impression didn't last long. She soon appeared in news video but just haven't met you. And then -- mother primary the most wonderful. And compassionate loving. Tough tough woman I think the strong women makes -- -- stronger than ever than -- He's I can hear the women home going did you hear it's true -- you know I'm the funny thing is Henry. Henry knows it too even if Henry is not admitting it inside Venezuelan -- There have been drew strong man in his life to. His father and his grandfather who he calls his idols. But I look at them and I think they are -- true gentleman. Really gentlemen as I'm having this this baby. You know and it's a little boy I just keep thinking god I hope I hope that I can be as good as my ground -- -- and my dad worked but that. Doesn't mean the path it's always been a smooth one. Nearly five years ago after a long relationship he and actress Emily Blunt called it quits -- teeth -- Something teen brutally candid about. The breakup was the best and worst thing that ever happen -- me I called my grandfather was a grandpa you know. And I'm dying here I was having a hard time and could have a hard time breathing him had a hard time I was having such anxiety that I would. Sit there and and he said sunshine today's curse is tomorrow's blessing. He displayed some of that attitude and I asked to vote released Witherspoon. Lately in the news accused of disorderly conduct when her husband was pulled over Fenty who lives the -- sing a duet -- something stupid. On his new Elvis. Okay. She's had a -- 72 hours -- -- -- have you talked I have. And and I only hope that if I get into trouble and when I get into trouble. That I handled myself with such grace and dignity. I love that she went to the movie premiere and she has no bigger fan -- my -- So what professional is left what do you want the -- don't have professionally. Something -- never yet. -- never I will never get critical acclaim. How long I won't there's nothing -- -- -- guy. Who sold forty million records it's cool like somebody who sold 5000 proves the underdog who's the Indy star the greatest review I can get. Is when somebody takes their money across -- -- and spies on Americans. Fast some that I can. Tonight live on Cynthia McFadden. In New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline's\" Cynthia McFadden goes on the town with the Grammy winner and his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19037534","title":"Michael Buble on New Album, New Baby and Reese Witherspoon","url":"/Nightline/video/michael-buble-album-baby-reese-witherspoon-19037534"}