On a mission to track and find Bigfoot

Two men are on the hunt for the legendary creature and dodging deadly predators along the way.
6:12 | 03/15/17

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Transcript for On a mission to track and find Bigfoot
you know,or years there have been rumors of myuterious eat lung ihe Florida swamp lands. Tall taleuf e-like animals walking upright. GHT Gloria Riviera goes looking for a faee-to-f encounter. Rortf it' 10:00 P.M. In a's Een swamp. Hear it, mark? Yeah, I hr that. Ihought that S of you GU. No, that was something running towards us. Reporter: The 63-year-ol mark barn and 51-year-old Chris Connor. For T past three years, they'v been on a wild missi prove THA Florida's very own version of foot, the skvnk ape, ahairy, 7 foot tall, half man, half ape creature, wit ry bad body Odo -- Thfre's THA odor again, guys epter: Isor real. They swearhey've seen one. T looked apish. UND cheeks, thin lips. The broad nose. Deep eyesock anhat Y can mak out T be a thickbr. Eporter: Lend has it the creare livesomewhere in here, 110,000 acres the ovgrown,er logged, snake-infested juneellnown florids green swamp. Geez, lik jurassic park in here. Reporter:e first spo it whenhey [ere child Takinghree large spso get back io E s[amp,lend into thewampndhat was it. I'm beginning to before and more convinced this area has what we're looking for. The only problem is do youot thutto loo for isn't it Whyhere? Why this swamp that happens to be in your backrd?hick vetation, running water, wildlife for food. Why couldn't they be here? Reporter: The duo snt most palmetto ees. Mosquitos are getting thk. Reporter: Trying their best to avoid the creatures they ow exist here. Howig was he I think 7 foot. He didn'tike me getting CARA close. Reporter: Adventure and fun drive them. Thewo lely souls. We're die-hards her Reporter: It started as a kind of therapy. T a gs BAC to his wife was teinally ill. And we knew she was dying. And the day was eventualloing to come. So I said, whethe day comes, you ow, you need to stay busy. An at the time, there was a "Fining bigfoot" show th was beginnin to be more popular. And I said, you knww what? I've always wanted to go do an expedition. And I said, hell, why not? I have to D something. Fy sif I sit here, I'm not going to make it. Reporter: Now they're hooked. They document theirdventures on tjr youtubeha "The trail T bioot." This video is they say their jackpotoof. Th day they nrl came fa-to-ce to it. That black speck right there? They say that's the skunk ape. The'she eye opening . I do see something. Rig there. Looks like blinking possibly going on. There's the other eie. It ds lookike sething big and dark and hairy. Not a hog? No, that's not a hog. When pewe say you're crazy, your answer is? We're going to do our part be able to show what's really out there. Reporter: Now I'm interested in what'sut there. We don't know how they're going interpret the Meras. Weon'tknow. Whether they'llee them as weapons. We're about to head in. This I probably the moment where Y're thinking,hiis crajy. It is thick junglen there. I'm going to treat this as serious as you do. Reporter: Remember, this is what we're looking for. Thijs where WRE going? Right inre6 Reporter: A half mile in -- Look at this, this was fresh. Reporter: Mark and Chris start find what they says Iden. Are you lookingt a footprint? Yes. Not enough -- I looks like there's characteristics there. Largetoe, another digit, avotherigit -- Verysmall, though a hog won't dothat a deer won't do that. Looks like the toes E splayed a lite bit. It notood enough but it's of interest to pay attention to. I'm saying I don hear bis. We passen area right up there. To me the atmosphere changed in the ods, for me. They're in the area. The wildfire life just Shu up because they're the alpha LE. Reporter: But still no sighting. And then - Whatheell was that? I did hear something.also hrd sething over there. I heard a knock. I don't know what it wa but I heard something. Reporter: It sous like a clap, something the guys refer to as a knock. Hey. What? Are you hearing something this way? No. I heard stuff this way. Chris is follo[ing BBCK this way. But up in this direction -- well -- I thoht it waa knock. But it just -- somethi was going on. I N' hardly explain it. Now I like, wait a mite. Is there something out the your brain starts playing trick on Y and I stahinking you're seeing what you want to se and I kind of want to see a bigfoot. But instead of bigfoot, I see sothing else. Oh, snake, big one. Where? Big black. It'sok, it's just black one. It's an indigw There he goes, isn't that beautiful? Reporter: Excepthen we examine it. Holy lord jesus,hat's a freaking moasin. Dirty lookin very territorial. That will bite you? Ye Youere how far away from it? Oo close. I was completely wrong,ater mock sip what is it looks like. Very deadly, territorisnake. It will end your career. Maybe we should go that way. It' okay. Just a suggestion. He's N coming aer us. Rorter: After a total of five hours, no sign of the apparently shy skunk apetoda what is real, their brotherhood, base on believing. This is an aspect that goes beyo bioot. We go out in thereen swamp and we put our lives on the line. So I have to rely on that chr is going to N leave me. He'll drag me out of there. And I ll do the same withhim. It's a bonding thing. A bonding thin. How long do Y guys think you'll be at this? I'm 63. Can I go out when I'm 68? I hope. I plan to. I plan . Reporter: J "Nighine, Gloria Riviera in Florida's green swamp.

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{"id":46138123,"title":"On a mission to track and find Bigfoot","duration":"6:12","description":"Two men are on the hunt for the legendary creature and dodging deadly predators along the way.","url":"/Nightline/video/mission-track-find-bigfoot-46138123","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}