Model Hunters Flock to Rural Brazil in Search of the Next Gisele

Part 1: In a region gripped with model mania, scouts look for young faces in hopes of turning them into top models.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Model Hunters Flock to Rural Brazil in Search of the Next Gisele
This is "Nightline prime." And now, welcome to the model factory. Reporter: So many quest to find the most beautiful women on Earth, it's led to these exotic shores. Famous for feffortlessly stunning women. But even here, this Brazilian bombshell stands out. Gisele bundchen is runway royalty. A brand endorsing powerhouse. And the world's top-earning supermodel. But turns out, she's not the girl from ipanema. Gisele was discovered a thousand miles away from Rio and from -- I'm from a small city in the Brazilian countryside and I'm 17. Reporter: In a region blessed with a genetic cocktail of european and Latin beauties that produced wildly successful models. She's a natural. Including Victoria's secret superstar Alessandra Ambrosio. In 2000 they were crazy about the Brazilians, the curves, the hair, they needed change in the nashen industry so Brazilians became superpopular. Reporter: Model hunters have flocked to the land of Gisele and Alessandra, in search of the next top model. So we're here in front of this school, waiting for the kids to come out, Diego comes here to look for potential models. Right now he's looking at all of the people coming out. How about this girl? No. Reporter: I just asked him, a tall girl coming out, he says she's too chubby. Oh, god. Hi, how are you? Can I talk to you for a moment. Reporter: Diego is recruiting girls to fill an annual casting call with Brazil's most influential agencies. Can I talk to you? You have ever tried modeling before? My father was against it but now I'm starting to convince him. She is tall, skinny, has brown hair. Reporter: Could he find another supermodel just roaming the streets? Or is everyone here, including the scout, under the spell of a gisele-fueled fantasy? So her face has the genetic traits we're looking for. Can you talk to you for a moment? In the rain. Reporter: It was exactly when the bell rang that it started pouring. We're talking to Diego, a modeling scout and he is hosting a recruitment event in chapeco. Reporter: Diego takes to the airwaves to reach hidden talent deep in the countryside. The southern region is a hotbed for models. 60% of Brazilian models that work come from southern Brazil. Reporter: The day before the big casting event he's come to meet a promising recruit. She may just look like a cute 9-year-old but in a few years Diego thinks she'll be a knockout. Do you remember the first time you saw her? She was one of the pretty we found here. Reporter: Is it good to hear that? She likes the symmetry of her face, skin tone and hair and predicts she'll be a big hit with the agent this is weekend. Do you think she is prepared for it? I think she's more than prepared. She she told me that her parents are nervous. Reporter: Saying this is the exact opposite of the life of a model here. Walk around with flip flops, in makeup. And saying she likes it here. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was discovered in a rural southern town. The sky is blue, the air is super fresh. Reporter: She was 14 years old. You started at a very young age. Do you think it's ever too young to start modeling? Yeah, maybe I was a little bit too young. Having to grow up all of the way but I knew that's what I wanted. It's better for a girl to wait a little bit, get a little more smart, intelligent about life. So when they get into the modeling career you don't get exploited as much. Reporter: This is an album with the first photos align tone that she took and she decided, they both decided that aline should pursue this career. She's only 9 years old. Is there an age that's too young? Well 9 is still young, I think but everyone normally starts out around 13 or 14. Reporter: Why not wait until she's 13 or 14. I don't know maybe because her opportunity came and we just snatched it and couldn't let it go. Reporter: I asked aline if she feels pressure from her family to become a model. A little. Reporter: Why, because you're beautiful? I think so. Reporter: For a lot of girls in this rural region, modeling is one of the few ways out. She's saying that when aline becomes a supermodel she won't want to come here anymore, she'll be wearing high heels all over cities across the world. That's why aline's single income family invested so much to make their dream a reality. This is the hotel where everything is going to happen this weekend and you can see it's pretty full by now. It's an interesting dynamic because everybody is sort of looking at each other and sizing each other up. Ever the operator, Diego greets over 100 candidates that paid $1,000 each for the event, both boys and girls from the region. Many candidates are aline's age, some even younger. They'll spend the first day with pros who are preparing them for tomorrow's make or break audition. Cut. Very good, aline. Take a step back. Reporter: Evened youngest kids are whipped into shape. Little babies andoddlers. Some of these babies can't even walk yet so it's the moms have to bring them down the runway and telling the moms how to walk with the babies. Attention please. The group in the back. Reporter: Aline is a quick study on the catwalk. But her mom still sees room for improvement. You have to remember to go all of the way to the end. Even when the others don't do it, you have to, okay? A kiss. Reporter: Now, I'm no expert, as I watch everyone train I notice that most of these girls don't look like top models in the making. So, why are they even here? For Diego, it may just be simple math. More candidates, a bigger payday. Is it just a matter of quantity for you? The more girls the more money you make? Not, no not for me. Reporter: He Hess no, not his event, even though is goal is to make money he won't sell the illusion of a dream because he can't guarantee it. How's it going so far? I think it's been great. I think her performance is marvelous. Now it's time to meet the judges. As these aspiring models walk the runway for the country's top agents. Can they find the girl they're searching for?

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: In a region gripped with model mania, scouts look for young faces in hopes of turning them into top models.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23117514","title":"Model Hunters Flock to Rural Brazil in Search of the Next Gisele","url":"/Nightline/video/model-hunters-flock-rural-brazil-search-gisele-23117514"}