A month after election, Trump continues to challenge votes despite clear Biden win

President Trump has repeated baseless theories about voter fraud since President-elect Joe Biden won key swing states. Those involved in the election process in these states speak about what happened.
8:34 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for A month after election, Trump continues to challenge votes despite clear Biden win
It's been exactly a month since Election Day every day isn't accusations losses and conspiracy here. There are being created by this disinformation misinformation and frankly flat out lies it's creating a more more dangerous situation and not just. Phelps and Mike got something had to be says. I'm Gabriel sterling is a lifelong Republicans. He's also Georgia's voting implementation manager. Even mail nearly ten days after Georgia certified Joseph Biden as a surprise winner this reliably red state. Elections still dominating sterling is like have you ever simply like this before that you have imagined that. It you'd be in this situation in Newark is critical but because the government functionary ever imagined themselves in this position. What the facts clearly show Biden one would significant leads in both Electoral College 360. Trumps Jordan 30 June. And the popular vote facts clear Ramones except president Donald Trump that adds this is a probably the most fraudulent election. That it was ever seen earlier this week and Gabriel sterling had had enough. Its goal. Gone. To. Paul. On Tuesday Mr. President calling out president trump it looks like it like we lost stated torture need to step up and say this. It's stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence that someone didn't get hurt someone's gonna get shots some with and get killed. I think the president shown an ability to go after friend and foe alike if it feels like that there are people who are not serving his needs at that time. A day after that fiery press conference president trump responded though not a new way sterling had hoped this maybe the most important speech. I've ever made the president releasing of the five hits speech on FaceBook where he continued to lie about election fraud if we are right about the fraud. Joseph Biden can't be president. He double down on the rhetoric and then put on a 46 minute tape full of disinformation misinformation things have been. Disproven by data repeatedly over and over again when you're in a position responsibility like that your words matter it is. Absolutely. A race that is still close to call. Rewind in thirty days back on election night several states were too close to call. The pandemic changed everything consumers a pandemic hit stage started trying to make it safer and easier for their citizens to vote and that meant. A lot of more absentee balloting a lot more. Drop off doubting and a lot more mail in balloting and it would take a longtime DeKalb. In several of the swing states Republican led legislature has passed rules that workers could not even begin to count all those. Absentee and mail in ballots until Election Day creating but the line states like Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan. Unfortunately. For the president in his decision to attack absentee voting attacked bail in boating. Yet because his voters made the decision. Wait a little indeed a vote. Where Joseph Biden's voters need a little now an exit calling that. An overwhelming majority of mail in ballots we're democratic. Could be decided to vote early in order could be seeking armed Kobe. Despite these facts within out the president began lashing out she saw his lead shrinking in some cases evaporate this is a fraud. And the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country what you got was what they called the red Mirai. Because if Republicans voted this boards and Election Day. Their votes got counted first don't look like huge leaves for trump and because Democrats voted disproportionately by mail. And those votes were counted later. You've got this blue wave that came in later. Then that's what Hackett in Michigan. Jocelyn Benson Democrat. As secretary of state the president of the United States still incensed that the vote in Michigan was fraudulent you say one. Candidates can say whatever they want to earn an accident data remain saying look even here. In his video released trump pointed specifically to Michigan Biden won by more than a 150000. Votes making accusations of mysterious. Early morning both times. This is Michigan. Acts six that anyone in the mark. A vote on top up 149772. Votes Cayman. Unexpectedly. Here's the back in absentee ballots are speaking being throughout the day they either worked throughout the day. It APN there's one final collection of all those ballots that Keenan on time. This ballots and embarrassed by sexually I had the signatures are matched to ensure that they should be simple math is doing can be delivered hours after the polls closed just how elections work. So there's nothing illegal suspicious about this vote dump. Which is the president we're. And the day after the election approached from supporters rallied outside a vote counting center in Detroit demanding the fish and stop the count. If you're an elevator with president trumping a one floor to make your case what would you turn Saito. Let the public about how this election was more secure. Successful than ever before. I and let's move on. In four days after the election on Saturday November 7 Pennsylvania moved to the win column provide. Pushing him past 270. Needed to win the Electoral College. He won the president elect. It's time to put away the harsh rhetoric. Brighton and running mate Cumberland Harris immediately started assembling their team the focus of a pandemic that was crippling the country. Today at work begins. He started doing everything possible to get the cove in nineteen under control. Sort of we can reopen our businesses. Safely. And sustainably. While truck refused to accept defeat his legal team went to work filing multiple lawsuits Vizio lawsuits. Will be brought. Starting on Monday. From all legal standpoint that trumped by effort to overturn this election has been a clown show and that that the technical term and and fears that because. They've been all over the map they've been summarily dismissed by judge after judge Republican judge democratic judge state judge federal judge. And nearly all of them have said the same thing sometimes quite harshly there is no evidence to your claims. Back in Georgia history has confirmed and reconfirmed its results. So we spent the last four weeks going through the letter of the wall last night at midnight the secretary of state recertified. The president's request to do a full recount and a certified the same results that president elect Biden has has won the state of Georgia. Yet the truck campaign continues to allege fraud without ever it's the amount of misinformation is just it's it's astronomical. None of it make sense for the most part it's all debunked in ten seconds or less most of the time. By mid November trust legal team doubling down with far fetched plates the number of voter fraud cases in Philadelphia. Crucial alive or with lawsuits failed team trump began pushing for something that's much more anti democratic. Getting Republican state legislatures to overturn the voters' choice in a point trumps elections. Instead of buying. If it was happening in another country you know exactly would you call it you call coup. He caught you'd caught a banana republic you'd call it anything but the United States of America. That most of their Republicans. Recognized that Jill Biden has won a lack added. But given the posture the current president. They are unwilling to stand up to hand they're unwilling you be on the receiving end of his Kerry. But it and November all the battleground states have certified their final results. While the president continues to look back it's the president elect Biden is well the planning Frist presidency you know. Times are tough. But I want you to know that help is on the way than what president Trump's actions over the last month challenging the validity of his election could have repercussions. Still many believing in the power of the phrase we the people on January 20 every data point has lined up that Joseph Biden is going to be sworn in as the 46 president and and Byron I think it's important remember this. We're still going to be America.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"President Trump has repeated baseless theories about voter fraud since President-elect Joe Biden won key swing states. Those involved in the election process in these states speak about what happened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74533910","title":"A month after election, Trump continues to challenge votes despite clear Biden win","url":"/Nightline/video/month-election-trump-continues-challenge-votes-clear-biden-74533910"}