Mountain Dew Pulls 'Racist' Ad

PepsiCo, which owns Mountain Dew, is not the first company to apologize for a controversial ad.
3:00 | 05/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mountain Dew Pulls 'Racist' Ad
It's the video everyone's talking about and no one can find a -- first attempt -- edgy comedy has given life to what may be the most controversial commercial and history. Now purged from every mainstream video portal on the Internet. Here's ABC's -- Davis on the Mountain Dew ad that has critics saying. Don't do it. Do the premise of these online and are of absurd enough -- yeah. A crazy goat who becomes obsessed with Mountain -- I mean -- They've gotten two million views since March and now there's a sequel. Which some are calling the most racist and ever. And we -- -- lined up. -- this little -- to the latest campaign for Mountain -- depicts a battered waitress on crutches being urged to identify a suspect out of -- lineup of black men. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- It's meant to be edgy and get people talking. The -- -- is patently racist and sexist so you really camps. If there's just indisputable. At the first sign -- push back PepsiCo pulled the 62 spot. And Mountain Dew tweeted hey guys made a big mistake we remove the offensive video from all our channels hash tag fail. The online commercial was the brainchild of comedian -- rapper Tyler the creator. In a recent interview he said even he surprise -- Mountain -- went fort Tyler said he came up with the idea just five minutes of for the pitch me. So used to people -- that -- party. They actually. Like the. In a statement to ABC news Tyler the creators publicist said. It was never Tyler's intention to offend for those who -- and respect Tyler he's known for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes through humor. Mountain View is generally marketed to younger men. And he's now trying to make a splash in the urban market. -- like many. These are using the inner to circulate adds that might otherwise be considered too perky or -- for TV best -- Just last month the conservative Christian group one million moms urged Kmart to bully or online ad promoting free shipping ship my pants. Right here far from pulling -- -- started -- it on people TV -- -- -- Volkswagen made waves during the Super Bowl with this day. Three minutes late all and no cloud on us on a day just to witness -- -- there is because month. Said the notion of a white man from Minnesota with a Jamaican accent was racist turned to broaden the I -- we are Rome. Ultimately that I was deemed success and because it hit them that. Toe the line in appropriate ways -- that these other ads -- gone over the line and beyond. The word do is apparently a reference to that. Do with slogans. This ad is one thing they won't be doing anymore. For Nightline I'm Wendy Davis and New York.

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{"id":19097728,"title":"Mountain Dew Pulls 'Racist' Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"PepsiCo, which owns Mountain Dew, is not the first company to apologize for a controversial ad.","url":"/Nightline/video/mountain-dew-pulls-racist-ad-19097728","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}