Your Move

Part 1: The Lookout team goes undercover to join one family as they wait for all their belongings.
7:29 | 06/27/13

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It's your move. Meet one angry family battling movers they say overestimated, overcharged and held their precious belongings hostage. Not sure that we'll ever see that stuff again. So we move in with our hidden cameras. And you won't believe what goes down when this big rig finally shows up. You didn't know how much weight was in the back of your truck. That's a 10-4. So what can you do if your move goes wrong? And how to find an unreal deal? The market's heating up. Renters, buyers and seller, here's a look behind the smoke and mirrors, courtesy of real estate pros. Some people will do anything to reel you in. Photoshop, anyone? And how one high end realtior. The ceilings need to be painted. They can take a house that's not celling and abra cad abra. Mean versus meter. High noon at theilling station and we'll tell you why you should never, ever turn your back on of neez nozzles. The pump is in my hand and yet it's still going up. It's called meter creep and we're going after the outlaw machines that keep charging even after you stop pumping. Before you spend anything, we'll do whatever it takes to help you get more out of your money. Seems like everybody is trying to sell you something these days. Which is why tonight we're on the look-out for you. Abc's "the lookout" is about to get busy. First up, it's your move. Now you're rolling. Hi, we are ready for delivery. It's sunrise in phoenix, arizona, and an unover operation is in the works. I think we should remember that he's not suspecting anything. And there's backup outside. I've got an unmarked pickup. I'll give you a yell when they show up. They're on edge awaiting the arrival of a moving truck loaded with their worldly possessions. Anxiously looking through the blinds. I'll be sitting here. And/or should I go with you? They've listed the help of the law. This j.J.Stroh, an agent from the arizona department of waits and measures. They get called a lot from meem who are moving. They off "the lookout." Here they are. Showtime. This is the story of a family who found themselves locked in a battle with their moving company and they are pulling out the stops. ♪ the rammels and their four kids just moved out here to the grand canyon state all the way from maine. They drove themselves, clean across the country, and hired a moving company that online looked pretty good to bring their stuff. But there's a problem, a potentially very big problem. 'M not entirely sure that we'll get our stuff back, our household units. The baby pictures, the computer, the hand-made doll clothes that my mother just sent to my daughter. My wedding dress. Joanna was in charge of the move and she did what most people do. Go to the website for a moving company. Sure enough, neighbors moving and storage looks great. Big shiny trucks and happy, happy families. Joanna calculated how many boxes she would need, and they hammered out a quote. 8,000 pounds of stuff to arizona, costing $5,000.8,000 pounds in all my years of experience, you'll be fine at 8,000 pounds. Moving companies give estimates over the phone all the time. And they're usually within around 200 pounds of the right weight. Except, sometimes this happens. A different company showed up. It was a company from new jersey. It's called moving express & storage. The company joanna contacted doesn't actually move anything. They're just a website that sells your job to other moving companies. In says so in their very small, small print here on the rammels' contract. In this case, it was moving express out of new jersey. In the very beginning, he pulls out all these papers. Initial here, initial here. There wasn't a lot written on the contract. I asked, you know, about the weight. Oh, yeah, we'll do all that at the end. Moving express greatly increased their weight estimate from 8,000 pounds to 13,5,000 pounds on the contract. Then according to the movers, they told them the load was actually 16,000 pounds. That's like saying, no, no, this doesn't weigh as much as one elephant. This weighs as much as two elephants. I can understand maybe the weight was a little more, but double it? And the movers said the rammels owed them another 4,3$4,3 $4,300. Joanna was crying. The rammels say they asked for the truck to be weighed, which is their legal right, there's a 24-hour way station just down the road. They claim moving express refused, instead handing them this form waiving their right to a weight. The rammels did not sign it. The truck loaded with their life possessions left bound for arizona, or so they thought. He was holding my items hostage, and I just didn't get that at the time. The rammels packed up their minivan, some clothes, a few toys for the kids and set out on their 3,000 mile drive to arizona and a new life. We're looking for nevada, idaho, wyoming. From the road they called moving express and say they again asked for their stuff to be weighed. I said, when they get there, I want a weight. It ain't going to happen, lady. And then he lowered the boom. I said, well, where's my stuff now,es? It's here in storage in new jersey. They always spoke with that guy named james. Why isn't it on the road? Well, don't feel like I can release it. There's the arizona sign. We don't feel like sending it all the way to arizona, if you don't have the money. I was like, he's got my stuff. He's not planning on giving it to me. But what these movers didn't realize is that we were already on their tail. Ouucer was staking out moving express. This is their office in new jersey. This is the whole operation. There he is, the boss and owner of moving express, the company the rammels say was holding their stuff hostage. And wouldn't you know it, the previous tenant here was another moving company. At least until the department transportation revoked its license. The co-owner of that company, a guy named, oh wait, moshay. They hatched a plan for getting what was their's back.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Part 1: The Lookout team goes undercover to join one family as they wait for all their belongings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19502497","title":"Your Move","url":"/Nightline/video/move--19502497"}