Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife Emotional in Court

Nicole Oulson broke down during the trial of the man accused of shooting and killing her husband.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife Emotional in Court
Tomorrow in a courtroom in Tampa, a judge is expected to decide whether to let a retired 71-year-old police captain and accused murderer out on bail. Curtis reeves is at the center of a bizarre case. He shot the father of a young child in a movie theatre after an argument that allegedly involved a cell phone and some tossed popcorn. My co-anchor Dan Abrams has the emotional new testimony in our series "Crime and punishment." Pretty much split it down the middle and the whole side is here for my dad. Jennifer Shaw was here in court this week, pleading for her father's freedom. I never thought that I would be able to have kids and it was quite the blessing when my daughter was born and she was healthy. It was a very emotional time for my whole family. Reporter: Her dad, Curtis reeves, accused of murdering a father in a Florida movie theatre during the previews last month. Wnlss say a single shot came during an argument over the use of cell phone. Another moviegoer immediately called 911. 911, what is your emergency? There's been a gunshot at the Cobb theatre. Do you know who shot? I don't know. It looks like an older gentleman in the movie theatre. Desperate attempts to save Chad Olsen's life can be heard on the line. Breathe, buddy, breathe. Is he talking? He's braet breathing. Did you check the pulse? It looks like blood is going to his lungs. His pulse is weak. We need an ambulance bad. On Friday, a judge is expected to decide whether reeves, a 71-year-old former police captain, now charged with second degree murder, will be released on bail. He has bursitis in his shoulder. Reporter: His lawyer argued he's not a flight risk and his daughter says reeves' health is failing. He has high blood pressure that he takes medication for. He has high cholesterol that he takes medication for. Reporter: Also in court, Nicole Olson who was sitting with her husband Chad at the theatre when he was killed and she was injured. Good girl. Reporter: She says Chad was just checking his phone for messages about their teething nearly 2-year-old daughter. A deputy who was in the theatre recalls the escalating argument. He is yelling, I am trying to text, pardon the language, I am trying to text my Daughter if you don't mind. So what turned a dispute over e-mailing into a deadly altercation? According to witnesses, thrown popcorn. He threw some popcorn and almost immediately the gun comes out and the shots fire. I'll show you to throw popcorn at me. I then saw the flash from the muzzle of the gun. And then 0 to 60, my whole world just shattered. Today, a heart broken Nicole Olson describe what is she says set reeves off. He's a gentleman who's been an authoritative figure all his life. He's used to telling people what to do and they say how high. And he felt disrespected. He no longer has that control. Offduty deputy Alan Hamilton testifies he heard reeves berating his own wife after the incident. And then she postured and said that was no cause to shoot anyone. And then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out, you know, as to, you know, scold her and said you shut your Mouth and don't say another word. Hamilton also recounted reeves' reaction in the moments after the shooting. He said I can't -- and he pushed his glasses back. He said I can't believe what I've done. And he again leans back and he says holy What have I done. Reeves' attorneys are preparing to argue it was self-defense, that he felt threatened by Olson who's far larger and younger and only responded after being hit in the face with what his lawyer described as an unknown object. He has every right to defend himself. The defendant according to all the witnesses acknowledged either just before the shooting or just after the shooting that he had been hit with popcorn. If that's the case, popcorn is never going to be the type of attack weapon that's going to justify the use of deadly force. Did the bullet go right through him? Cynthia Mcfadden spoke with Nicole Olson just days after her husband died. Which finger is it? My weddiring finger. Your wedding finger? It will heal. The real pain is in my heart. A. What does justice look like for you? For him to stay behind bars for the rest of his life. He can't undo the pain and the hurt that he's caused me and my daughter and his family, his mom and his brother and his sister. You know, we've been sentenced, too. To a lifetime of pain and hurt. And there's no excuse for what he did. So I don't want him to see daylight. Ever again. Before a judge decides if reeves will be free on bond pending a trial, the prosecution will introduce an infrared surveillance video from the theatre. I don't think that at this stage that the judge is really going to consider the video. It may make a big part of the decision later by a jury, and that will depend upon how it gets enhanced and whether, in fact, it gets to the quality that would satisfy a jury. Whether or not reeves is released on bond, if convicted, he faces a possible sentence of 25 years to life.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nicole Oulson broke down during the trial of the man accused of shooting and killing her husband.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"22404783","title":"Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife Emotional in Court","url":"/Nightline/video/movie-theater-shooting-victims-wife-emotional-court-22404783"}