Mom's Secrets to Traveling with Family for Free

Summer Hull and her family are experts in scoring the best deals on flights and hotels.
6:41 | 09/13/14

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Transcript for Mom's Secrets to Traveling with Family for Free
Most dream vacations involve the caribbean or France. Well, you're about to meet a family that travels all over the world, in five-star style, and are revealing their secrets. Reporter: The last time you took your family on vacation, you likely never said this word. Free. Reporter: So you if you want a vacation like this for only a few hundred, this is the mommy you want to meet. A fun pony ride for free. Reporter: This year alone, summer hull and her daughter and husband had more than 19 vacations, from Bahamas to Paris. The price tag, virtually for free. Her secret? Lucrative travel points. She calls them mommy points. We'll catch up with her in an airport. What are mommy points? They're kind of me, I guess. And I do that, earn points so I can give my family experiences we otherwise couldn't afford. Reporter: She invited us along for her next trip. Using miles, not money, to pay. She shares these trips on her blog. I write every day. Earning points, and sharing deals that come up. Reporter: Preparing by earning savings inside this grocery store. Today, I'm going to get an outback gift card for my parents. Reporter: And summer will be getting rewards, too. And what's stacking? Stacking a deal on top of a deal on top of a deal. Reporter: And in another aisle, more savings. She spots a bargain. Granola bars we eat. Reporter: Those purchases earn her 150 miles. By shopping here just twice a week, she can earn another ticket annually. Just focus on one trip, and your knowledge base expands. Reporter: Her tricks pay off at the gas pump as well. She earns 50 cents off a gallon. And the small savings add up. Over a year, she saves more than $1,000 on gas. And it was just a hobby at first, but now it's a high-paying job. Now making money from advertising. And her frugal ways are now contagious. Does it become tiresome for you to check in and out of hotels? Well, after a while, it's not a big deal. Reporter: And you get it. I've been conditioned, yeah. Reporter: And they subject themselves to trips just to earn more miles, they don't even leave the airport. It's not a Normal thing to do, but I spend a day in first class to get the points we want. Reporter: And it's not just about getting points. By sending this picture into a photo contest, the family will get a five-star suite for free. It's 7:00 A.M., and the family is making final preparations. Let's go. Everybody just gets one bag. Reporter: Saving the family $75, and it's a money trap for most families, they only continue to save. Access to the members-only lounges. I'm about to hang out in the family room. This would cost about $15, here, free. Reporter: Just about the only thing that wasn't free, their tickets. At less than $200 apiece, worth hundreds of points. So, well worth the price. We could have used miles. But other than that, we saved several thousand dollars. Reporter: And the whole family is upgraded to first class. And her 4-year-old has her own frequent flier account. Remember that shot? Look at this. What do you think? Reporter: This $700 suite was free. It's beautiful. Reporter: Even when the family is on vacation in beaver creek, advance planning saves them money. I looked for free activities for kids, and it just came up. Reporter: So, by finding creative ways to save on meals, accommodatio accommodations, a vacation priced at $3,000 only cost them $675. A small price to pay. If anybody wonders if it's worth it, this moment is absolutely worth it. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm linsey Davis in Houston, Texas.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"Summer Hull and her family are experts in scoring the best deals on flights and hotels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"25476706","title":"Mom's Secrets to Traveling with Family for Free","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-912-moms-secrets-traveling-family-free-25476706"}