Beverly Hills Dentist Sues Over Bad Yelp Review

In a world where small business owners believe Yelp reviews can impact profits, some decide to fight back.
7:21 | 10/11/14

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Transcript for Beverly Hills Dentist Sues Over Bad Yelp Review
If you have ever suffered through a bad meal, sometimes you just want to vent. The woman you're about to meet says the damage from a dental procedure she has was lasting. But the negative review led to unexpected backlash, because business owners are fighting back. Her face is her fortune. She's a model. She struggled with chronic pain. I was a long sufferer of neck pain. She went with her then-husband to a dentist. He said he could fix her problem. I was impressed. He said he could make her teeth two millimeters bigger with veneers and that would stop the pain. I said, you think that will fix it? He said, absolutely. According to her, for more than she bargained for. She says it left her with what she calls man teeth. I had bigger teeth than everybody. It's not Normal. Big teeth. Wow. They were like chiclets, rabbit teeth. I couldn't close my mouth. And two years later, Jeff took to yelp calling the dentist a butcher and a crook. And he sued them, claiming it was another dentist, not him that removed or destroyed his work. Once you start stating facts, you could be held accountable. If it's demonstrated that the facts aren't true. Yellpers enjoy the right to free speech and exercise that to help their fellow consumers. But the dentist says there's not freedom of speech to lie and tell falsehoods. And he's not alone in fighting back. More and more are taking the fight into their own hands. When this man had a bad report on yelp, the hotel didn't take it lying down. We received an e-mail that there would be a $500 fine for each negative review that we post online. The bride and groom overlooked this fine print on their contract. A $500 fine will be added for every negative review. The story went viral, and consumer fury ensued. And just like that, the rating on yelp plummeted. And angry, outlandish reviews, saying it was the worst hotel in history. And the hotel said it was intended as a joke, but now realizing it was in poor taste and not funny. Over the last years, the reviews have taken on a life of its own. With these actors acting out these reviews. Such a disappointment. All jokes aside, yellp has become a big force. In fact, more than 50 million businesses have a presence there. And a one-star increase there translates to a 5% to 9% increase in business. These lawsuits are a form of bullying, a tactic to silence your critics. And the impact of a bad review is all too real for businesses, and they say they have to take action. This man took issue with one comment that he says went too far. In one case, a individual made extremely derogatory remarks about the restaurant, the food, about myself. We decided to sue for defamation. And for yelp reviews, some reviews aren't even real. I will write a positive review for anything you like. This woman said she would write positive reviews for $400 apiece. She read us one of her fake reviews. I made the appointment over the phone, and the next day, they were working on my bathroom. And some try to write their own reviews, and we have to protect consumers so they find our service useful. The reason consumers, 138 million of them each month, come to our site, we protect the content, and try to keep them from biased or solicited reviews. There was nothing other than folks, this is our experience. Watch out. I'm here today because of this freedom of speech. If he wins, that means none of us can go on social media and write our truthful decision. A legal headache that for now could still have some teeth.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"In a world where small business owners believe Yelp reviews can impact profits, some decide to fight back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"26119684","title":"Beverly Hills Dentist Sues Over Bad Yelp Review","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-beverly-hills-dentist-sues-bad-yelp-review-26119684"}