Luke Bryan's 'Roller Coaster' Ride

"Nightline" goes on the road with country music's golden boy for his sold-out tour.
7:05 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Luke Bryan's 'Roller Coaster' Ride
Music star Luke Bryan is blowing up, but don't think he's forgotten his roots. There's more than meets the eye to this sweet-talking country boy. And tonight, he's taking us on an unofficial tour of his favorite things. ABC's Gloria Riviera is "On the town." ? That's what I'm talking about ? ? I got that real good ? ? feel good stuff ? Reporter: From the tip of his boots to the back of his truck, Luke Bryan is shaking his booty to the top of the country charts with songs like "That's my kind of night." Let me see it. You have to get it together. Jimmy: Nashville's reigning golden boy, he is having one hell of a good time. ? That's my kind of night ? Reporter: And tonight is definitely his kind of night. What's up, "Nightline," it's Luke here and welcome to the "That's my kind of night" tour. Reporter: Look huke has 11 number one hits. His album has -catapulted him into an elite club. Country music stars able to sell out stadiums. We're at soldier field. Reporter: We have an all-access pass. Crashing his tour in Chicago. More of a blues town, isn't it? Not tonight. Reporter: And getting a ride in his bronco down on the farm. My bronco. Reporter: That's how I roll. Luke Bryan gives me around in his car. You know. Thank y'all for everything. Reporter: His team is turning this cow field near Gainesville, Florida, into a one-night concert venue. They're already lining up. Bringing them in. Reporter: Little do they know who is in this car. Lined up on a two-lane. Sounds like a country song. Reporter: Growing up in a small town, it was tough for Luke to see a show. So, now, along with big city stops, he's taking his tour to the farm. Out here more than ever, you know, people come up to us and it's like, this is our first concert. We're five minutes away from the back porch. Reporter: I think somebody's back porch looks at the stage. They're setting up out there. Hey, they're probably frying up chicken and making them some sweet tea. Are you nervous? Reporter: A little. That's good. Reporter: Can you tell? He tells us he unwinds on tow bow hunting. You hold the arrow. Reporter: Okay, that's our poor target. Jimmy: Yeah, the little deer target over there. Reporter: And offers to give me a lesson. Ladies, it's a tough job. Now it's ready to rock. Reporter: Okay. Whoa. Bulls eye. Ready? Reporter: I'm ready. And not about to let this superstar show me up. Nice! That's a better shot than me. Reporter: What can I say? I had a good teacher. Has there been a moment where you sought, whthought, whoa, this is happening and it's happening now? Gosh, ten times a day. Definitely. I'm walking in downtown New York City and seeing my face on top of a New York City cab. Reporter: Take a selfie? I did. Reporter: Luke nearly gave up on chasing his dreams in Nashville. I love Reading about your dad saying, if you don't go, I'm going to fire you. Right. Reporter: Are there any moments that you really pinpoint as a time, I think I should head back? I knew I would never tuck my tail and run. The toughest thing was loading up the car and moving. Reporter: We saw two sides to Luke. He's a family man. A puppy dog around his wife and their two little boys. We manage it all. I'll fly out for a show, fly home and bring the kids out for a couple of shows and head home. So, it's -- we make it work. ? Holding a beer in my hand ? Reporter: He's also the fraternity rush chair of country music. Singing about chasing girls and partying hard. His first hit in 2007, "All my friends say" became a frat boy anthem. ? What all my friends say ? Reporter: As title that makes Luke bristle, like that four-letter word in his industry, bro-country. That really aggravates me. Reporter: Bro-country implies to songs that are as shallow as a beer glass and object if I women. I've hit a nerve. Don't judge me on one song, you know? Judge me on a body, on a career. Reporter: If that's the biggest controversy in Luke Bryan's life, he may just be able to stay here. In that sweet spot where fame is fun, even manageable, if he can stay grounded. I do a couple songs and it's a good warmup. Good thing for the fans. Little intimate. Reporter: On the cusp of mainstream pop star status, one question for Luke will be how close he stays to his country roots. ? You can crash my party any time ? Reporter: But the high he's on now, there's been devastating lows. I know you guys have lost somebody that you used to drink a beer with. And I want you to think about them and have a sip of your beer. ? So I'm gonna ? Reporter: Luke was the youngest of three siblings. He lost his beloved big brother in a car crash and then his big sister, too. Who died unexpectedly at home. Losing my brother and my sister -- yeah, that -- that took such a negative emotional toll on me and my family and my friends and when good things happen to me through music, it helps my whole family. We can kind of go, well, you know, good things do happen to us. And any time I'm in a full arena, I can't help but think that, you know, god, I know my brother and sister would be coming to a lot of these shows. ? Drink a beer ? Reporter: One thing he says that success has taught him is that true joy is possible after tragedy. But that doesn't mean he'll be doing this forever, or so he says. Ten years from now, will I be on stage dancing and -- no, I won't be. Reporter: Be careful. Remember what Mick jagger said. He wouldn't be doing it at 60. Luke Bryan, you may be out there shaking I ING shaking it. Well, I certainly say it will be much more tame. Reporter: Ready? Feel good? Feel good. Reporter: Finally, Luke takes us straight to the stage. Okay, one more booty shake for "Nightline." There it is. All right. Do I have anything in my teeth? Reporter: You're good. And just like that, we say good-bye to this peanut famer turned superstar and 17,000 fans scream hello. ? Kiss tomorrow good-bye ? Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Gloria Riviera in

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"\"Nightline\" goes on the road with country music's golden boy for his sold-out tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"26417189","title":"Luke Bryan's 'Roller Coaster' Ride","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-luke-bryans-roller-coaster-ride-26417189"}