North Carolina town still reeling from Hurricane Matthew, hit by Florence

ABC News' Amy Robach speaks with residents of Lumberton, North Carolina, which was still dealing with aftermath of Matthew when Florence came.
5:34 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for North Carolina town still reeling from Hurricane Matthew, hit by Florence
years ago. Hopin for Divin intervention. Through theseast, floodwatersulf hopes.100-mile-p-h winds tea apart stures. Whhe Orm's path moves dangerously slow acrohe lord you're only one who can ca storm dn -- reporter: The town of lumberton, North Carolina, bracinor worst. Laying dn sandbags. Rey. Faliding into elters. Nearly 50-mile-per-hour winds whip I town. A town that's its share struction. From hurricane Hugo in 1989 tt brought tides as high 20eet anutter devastation toouth rolina, to Floyd thatounded nortro 20 inches of ra 10 yea later. Butt was hurricane Matthew, just two years ago in 2016, that turned the Qin of lumberton into ait world. The categt 43ere in the U.S., 22 inhe state of carolina. Its catastrophic flooding ruined reds of hes, leaving a staggering $2.6 cleap. Mthew came through on a saturday,ctober the 8th, 2016. Whole lo rain. Inches of rain 24 hours. Next thing you know, the rivers were ovg. Rter: Reverend Rick foreman is pastor Oest lumberton Baptist church. Itved this community for overs. S night the second flood ca when the river went en high went from a foot andalf over three foo watern 30 minutes. Reporter: O the pastor in the months area. Ldren center. Because the storm wad to tear it down. Live across the street. They believe he had a heart attack. With the of hurca mahew. There's many people in lud south let me bearton thaotrecovered from Matthew. As they're bracing Florence? Ri traumatic E here that's taken place in community. Reporter: Jerry nn senior lost neaverything in Matthew. I liked out, I out wow. My god, you know. It was water. Orwwas through Facebook. Hen ialked out the door, water hit me. Theater was up to your chest? Yes, water up to my chest along this areare. Once we out there,ou can N 41. It looked like the lake or the beach. Y couldn't see a road? No road, it was never in M LE thought I would eve go thrgh sometng like that. Two years later? Rslater, mean, this stage of Reding. I' starting a over. You told me that it's just now that you can talk about that? People don't undeon'twhe emoti toll it takes to literally loserything. Irough. And to accept helpway Yo accepted help. It's not an easyng T do. Reporter: Hel comfrom Von lumber who are pitching in to rebuild his couple found themselves me2016 at the hands of hurricane madid you haveny warning Matthew? No. No, ma'am. It had never -- I've lived re ally life, grew up down the stre. Life and we've nevad anything like that. Reporter: The of stra hasotten the boicks BAC on their feet. Two Mon you got bkinhous 635 being fortate enougho back home. Now hricane Florence. Hotle scy. Like he said,orught us thrgh tt and to this po re sooner this time? I wantyes. But, I mean -- iant to sy as long as I can. Buswim like rock. I'm going to T WHE I can't walk out. Rmberton haseen G for days for Florence. The next few days, Florence will have theac of a tropical M. Delu town in 10 to 20 ches of ra, upo 60-mile-per-hour windsarreling , with fears lumber river uld once again flood. Corey Walters works a T city's water trement plant, sponsible for delivering the kind water ridentsctually need. Atthew dated this entire plant for a period of roughly a month. We had emergency water filton trailers at were brout in that we had up a ruinhi two weeks. But the plant itself stayed fine for a month. We making every precaution thatcan T prevent a Matthew om happen a Rorter: Pasr foreman's church hlso been Pring, this T Ty can keep T water bawhat do yowant pple at home to knowwhat can T do? What do youneed? Right nowe prayers. Wee done evething M can do. Now it's in god's handsnd 're going to trust him. Reporter: For "Ghe," I'm Amy robach in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"ABC News' Amy Robach speaks with residents of Lumberton, North Carolina, which was still dealing with aftermath of Matthew when Florence came.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57841801","title":"North Carolina town still reeling from Hurricane Matthew, hit by Florence","url":"/Nightline/video/north-carolina-town-reeling-hurricane-matthew-hit-florence-57841801"}