Former officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck charged with murder, protests spread

Derek Chauvin is charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Protests emerge across the country, including in Kentucky, where another black woman, Breonna Taylor, had been killed in March.
9:48 | 06/01/20

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Transcript for Former officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck charged with murder, protests spread
death of George Floyd. Officer Derek chauvin charged with murder. Tense scenes of a city in chaos. Marcus Moore on the ground of what remains of the police precinct overrun and set on fire. This demonstration has moved to this intersection over here. And the protesters have set up a barricade in the middle of the intersection. They expect the police to continue firing tear gas to disperse this crowd. Across the country, moments like this, playing out from new York to Louisville. To Atlanta. Just threw something on fire, Chris, a firecracker. We got fire. ! Where protesters clashed with police at the entrance of CNN. Physical manifestations of a seething anger. A nation pushed to the brink. Ahmaud arbery out for a jog. Brie ahna Taylor asleep in bed. George Floyd gasping for air. No justice, no peace! These, the latest names of black men and women whose lives were cut short, exposing long-smoldering racial tensions. Hands up, don't shoot! Their deaths now a call to action, echoing across the nation, demanding racial justice and police accountability. I can't breathe! I can't breathe! This video the latest flash point, taken on Monday evening. It's difficult to watch. Showing the agonizing moments George Floyd's life was slipping away. You think that's okay? Check his pulse! Tonight that now former officer, 44-year-old Derek chauvin behind bars, details showing he had his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Nearly three minutes of that after Mr. Floyd was nonresponsive. And an employer of chauvin saying that he and Floyd both worked security at her club. Chauvin has been working for me for the better part of two decades as the off-duty of officer, and George worked kind of as an extra. But this is the moment Floyd's girlfriend got word of the officer's arrest. This is a piece of justice, a first piece. It needed to be done. It's time. Now, now go get the other ones. Our local affiliate, KSTP was with George Floyd's girlfriend when she got word that the arrest had happened. She called it a measure of justice. Is that how you see it? It's not complete justice. It's not what we were hoping for, and we are not done fighting for justice. We believe that justice in this case is an actual first degree murder charge, as well as felony murder for the other officers who were involved. There are memes going all over the internet. One of the most popular ones has the tag line "Do you believe me now." What does that mean to you in terms of what the African-American community is feeling right now in a sense of what these videos portray? It required a video for people to see the kind of atrocities that go on in the black community the world over. When they say do you believe me now, they're referring to the bloodiest police culture in the modern world. The third precinct where chauvin worked a focal point. Protesters stormed in and set it ablaze, all captured in this uniformed riot video. We are witnessing right now an articulation of anger and frustration and fear and stress. That so many black people have been render the vulnerable by police and by other citizens. Just a few miles from those protests tonight, senator Tina Smith weighing in on the hurt felt in Minnesota. There are many fine individuals who work at the Minneapolis police department. But underneath this, and intrinsic in this department I believe is some deep issues around systemic racial bias and also a sense of violence and policing that we saw play out. On this video. But it is not new. The senator calling for the department of justice to investigate. What that means is an independent monitor comes in. There is agreement about what needs to change in the department. And that independent monitor does not leave until those changes have been made. In Louisville, protests reached a boiling point. Some in the crowd turned violent, leading to seven people being shot from within the The outcry here, erupting over the March 13th police killing of Brianna Taylor who was asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend Kenneth walker when they heard what they thought were intruders. 911, operator Harris, what is your emergency? Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend. Okay, where was she shot at? I don't know. She on the ground right now. I don't know. I don't know. Okay. Oh, my god. They believe they're about to be the subject of a home invasion. And so Kenny, who is a registered gun owner gets his gun and go towards the living room area. But what walker encountered were Louisville police officers on a narcotics raid. They breached the door with a battering ram and busted open. Kenny shoots at the door, and then the police just open up 25, 30 rounds. Taylor was killed after being shot at least eight times. No drugs were found, and the officers were placed on street administrative reassignment. Her boyfriend charged with attempt the murder of a police officer and assault. Connect the dots for me. What is it that the nation is responding to right now? You have the situation start off with Ahmad arbery. That was immediately followed by brie onna Taylor. People could hear her boyfriend pleading for her life and this gruesome video of Floyd being murdered. We can't rely on the same decision-makers. We have to take justice no our own hands. For those who knew and loved George Floyd their pain still so I'm numb to the point where I just can't do anything. Watching my daughter hurt. Knowing what she's going through. What she saw her daddy go it's just not fair. Just not fair to anybody. Rose Hudson dated Floyd more than 20 years ago. Their daughter too distraught to speak. They hurt these girls really, really bad. My daughter had to see her daddy be killed. On live TV. It's going to be emptiness that she's going to feel for the rest of her life, and to lose her dad is nothing short of horrific. It's a pain Emily has been grappling with for almost six years. Those three words "I can't breathe", a plea of mercy from her father Eric Garner on the streets of New York. What do you miss most about your dad? I miss going to the parks. I miss cooking dinners. I miss the jokes, the corny jokes. I miss everything. As Eric Garner's mother, what comes to mind when George Floyd was on the ground with the knee at his neck, he cried out "Mama." That was like my son crying out from the grave. I know when my son was on that ground he was thinking about me. That irreplaceable loss, fuel for Gwen Carr's activism. Testifying before congress, not only to keep her son's legacy alive but to bring justice for so many who aren't being heard. We have thousands, tens of thousands of people who comes out to support. And soon as the cameras go, soon as the lights go out, the people are gone. But I wanted to let them know that it doesn't mean anything if a camera is there or if it's not. I'm going to be there. This afternoon, lending her voice in demanding change. When protesters take to the streets, they chant "I can't breathe." When you hear that, what occurs to you? That they didn't let my son and if he can't breathe, that means that we can't breathe, because there is no justice. So we are chanting so that the people in politics. The people who are in the seat

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{"duration":"9:48","description":"Derek Chauvin is charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Protests emerge across the country, including in Kentucky, where another black woman, Breonna Taylor, had been killed in March.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"70966843","title":"Former officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck charged with murder, protests spread","url":"/Nightline/video/officer-knelt-george-floyds-neck-charged-murder-protests-70966843"}