Oscar Predictions from Hollywood Insiders

Notable film critics and experts reveal who they think will take home an award on the big night.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Transcript for Oscar Predictions from Hollywood Insiders
As you can see, it's no regular night at "Nightline." We're at ABC's Oscar headquarters all dressed up for this special occasion. Our Oscar confidential. It may be raining outside as we head into Hollywood's biggest night, but it sure is heating up inside with the races in many categories neck and neck. So tonight, our Hollywood insiders are reveal who will be going home with Oscar. Mission abort. Repeat, mission abort. This year, an Oscar race that's out of this world. We have to go, we have to go, go, go. Stick together. And we'll be all right. The hottest stars of our generation. I prom you that I will try my very best. You're a damn liar. Duking it out for Oscar gold. I was becoming a legend. Move over "Hunger games" this is Hollywood. Beverly hills. And nobody knows this town better than these three. Are there big surprises this year, you guys? Alinda wheat, Christian ameer and our own Chris Connelly. We've got to get over on all these guys. That's what we need to be thinking about right now. "American hustle." How good a movie? It's top three of the year. Top two for me. They're all awful people, but they're so funny and so sexy you can not stopwatching. You all love this mu Veen yea -- movie and it's not going to win best picture. No. It's not going to win best actor is it? No. Best actor? No. Best director? Uh-uh. Is it going to win anything? Sometimes it's just nice to get invited to the party. Jennifer Lawrence maybe could have won best supporting actress if she had really wanted to. What do you mean if she really wanted to? I think she saw what happened to Anne Hathaway last year. I think Anne Hathaway was on so many awards shows people started to not like her. But I think people love her. She's not on screen all that much, but every time she is, it's explosive. You come here. I said come here! Now you tell me all is lost? You want to survive, do and say as little as possible. The hardest thing in sports is to play with a lead. They had a lead ever since people first saw this movie. That's tough. Everybody knows you're the top dog and people might get sick of it. Or people might want a new story. But still, this is the movie to be to beat. It's always been. Should it when? Is it the best picture? I think so, yes. It tells a story that hasn't been told enough. It's going to win. It's not my favorite movie of the year. I never want to see "12 years a slave" again. It's hard to sit through. It's so hard to sit through. I stink so much I make myself gag. 500,000 cotton day in and day out. More than any man here. And for that, I will be clean. Is Lupita going to win? She's become a breakout star on the runway. She's gorgeous. Anything you put her in. And it is still a race with her and Jennifer Lawrence. I think she ekes it out. "The butler" came up this year. And got nothing. This movie killed "The butler" dead in its -- not since cloou H clue has the butler died. Was Oprah snubbed? I think she was. She's great in it. Oprah was not snub the, Oprah was snubbed. You forget Oprah can actually act. Everything you are and everything you have because of that butler. She's amazing. I would call her out if I didn't think she was good. She's good. She's good. I've been looking for you, lone star. Unless you've got more cash than your clients, I'm busy. You don't deserve our money. 5%. 25. Take it or leave it. Welcome to "The Dallas buyer's club." There's a word for what Matthew mcconaughey has done. Between this and magic Mike and mud and killer Joe. It's the mcconaussance. It's real, my friend. Hold it, I think Chris has a dissenting opinion. You do give him points. This is usually what happens in best actors. He goes back to Sherr. Look at Sherr after she was snubbed for mask. She's going to win for moonstruck. Look at Charlize Theron, she gained weight. We also love the personal story. Will Matthew mcconaughey win best actor? I think that there's a bit of a Leonardo Dicaprio resurgence, I think it's Matthew mcconaughey's night. This has changed dramatically in the last two weeks. Leo might have been the last guy to get the nomination when nominations came out but now he's in there to win it. My name is Jordan Bellfort. The year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was $3 million short of $1 million a week. I despised it. It's repettive. It's numbing after a while. Sfwl there's a whole outcry, a whole backlash. People lost their homes and their fortunes and the lives. This is them celebrating that. What do I do? What do I do? I got you, I got you. Best movie of the year. Hold it. You would wish in your heart that somebody had done an uncredited Polish on the screenplay before they made it. What's wrong with the screenplay. What dialogue do you remember? Pugrunting and the panting. Houston, this is mission specialist Ryan stone. I'm off structure pip'm drifting. Do you copy? There's been lots of talk about best actress for Sandra bullock. Is she going to win? No, she won't win. Nobody can stop cate Blanchett. Woody Allen and Dylan farrow coming forward, saying her father sexually assaulted her when she was 7 years old. He, of course, denies it and S saying in her open letter, cate Blanchett, what if it was your child. Did that hurt her? No. It hurts woody Allen's at best original screenplay. Cate Blanchett has been given this award since July. Anything that makes it seem less than inevitable is a disturbance in the force. I feel like the pope. "Philomena." I don't believe it belongs in the best picture category. It's lovely and surprising and surprising and dark and it has redemption. But I just don't think it's a best picture movie. So what you're saying is you're heartless. Pretty much. I'm a truth teller. Some people are antagonized by the truth. I can't believe we've talked about best actress and have not mentioned Meryl Streep. This is a terrible film, though. It's not a horrible film. It is over the top and -- It's high-falutin trash. And people are a little bored of Meryl being nominated all the time. She gets nominated in years she didn't have a movie. As we impl ever close to the Oscar night itself, is there going to be an upset. If there was an upset, it would be Leonardo Dicaprio for best actor. I think best picture is where there could be a surprise. I think it's going to be "12 years a slave" but "Gravity" could pull it out. This year is a real dog fight. That's great for Hollywood. The oscars also reward what we think movies should be. The past is just a story we tell ourselves. They are encouragements to other filmmakers and actors to do what these movies have done. And this is a great year for

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{"id":22728802,"title":"Oscar Predictions from Hollywood Insiders","duration":"3:00","description":"Notable film critics and experts reveal who they think will take home an award on the big night.","url":"/Nightline/video/oscar-predictions-hollywood-insiders-22728802","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}