Outer bands of Hurricane Florence lashing the Carolina coastline

The slow-churning storm has now stalled, drenching the coast with torrential rain and raising the risk of devastating flooding.
6:03 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Outer bands of Hurricane Florence lashing the Carolina coastline
coverage of what's being called of a lifetime thisslow-churning monster storm hastall it's drenching the coast withorrential flence's out bands are lashing the carolinacoastline. ABC's C meteorolostze us from Wilmington. Tee about some of the people ve been meing. Hoeverybody lding up? Ah, youknow, here in wilmingt, we're. 11 miles away from thet. Ct housing quite a few of the who had been evacuions on some those barrier islands.I met a woman, arleneom oak island. She placethere. Iked to her near the riverfront earerefore the bands real came in an was she thought the a possibility with that storm surge she's goi to lose her home that that water, which was going T be and has always been ouber one con with storm, going to ket at hermoth's house. We're at a bed an breaast that's more than 100 yearsold.I felt Reay good about that. The cotructionas made it through several rounds O not just tpical storms but full-on hurricanes here in lmington. Feltgood, so did the owners. Thing I can say is I'v ve covered a storm, I don't believe, from a ve never been S away fm the beach. And I am gat I am. Think this is the right call,ight P T be because with th we're just G term surge, but ooding. Adsh warning go into place. Yon actuall see it on the rar. Thter bands then inner core, that eye wall. Were J getting started here wilminon. Wh that heavy Orange and yellows here the winds are going to peak, we're going E intense infall. And to compare storms, F back 99 bro inches. That's theainfallrom tropical stem torth Carolina has ever seen. We could top that here floree in the next couple of days. Ts such for a you insigh, ginger ze in Wilmington, North Carolina. Stay safe despite nearly 2eople vacuation oers, many have remained tove the S and shelter in place. ABC' Amy robach in Wilmington start C his coastline wel what your biggt fear tonight? Reporter: It's thing nature of Thi . Started inleston, sou Carolina 1995. In , peopleho live here llber Fran a rtha.those stos Uthe north Myrtle bnd flooding I alway concern these E a rightt sea level. And there's a lotf times nowhere to go for people in Tse low-lying areas. Evhey inland they're still in alow-lyg ea. And that is the big concern her ag night. And a lot of people who ling here talk about Fran, they talk out Bertha. And ose T Matthew which happened just two ars ageren this specific area. We went up the town rig W. There are people who are still displaced fromhat storm who Ven't been able to get back into their homes T yrs ter. An inema emergency ers. Go to waste becauf Thi Stor because of Florence. So muchon he but unfortunately a lot of pe are hurricanecause they kno C happen. They know what they need to D to stay safe. Remarkab Y TRE calling this one the storm O a ks, Amy Roch in in safe. At this Florence is a cateryhurricane. But at 500 mil it has slowed a six miles an hour. Whic poses particular risk for devastating floor. Abam cion joins us again which brings a S toy face. Niceo see you. Is definitely a Y're talking about a days-lg ent, perps shorter? Here's the thing. Theeason I'm a little is the longange track of this storm hasdt up a LE more quily after we G past the Saturday and Sunday time period. Take look at the wid span here. Ier,ee mk there by asheville.we H saying that Sunday the srm was still near Lu it's going to be a long befo the center ofs storm hits thecoastle. Once I does it's going picked up and ved. E Thi about this, and what we should be talking about, St rginia, lvania, new state, Vermont, new mpshire, setts, Connecticut, going way upthere. That white zone, that a that ginger's standing in, to 40 inches of rain. That is the biggest rainfall have eve seen in any storm by a long shot. Ands whereher comes in. You saying the uation you ever had is wit a cator storm. Category 1, shn't be S afraid. The only time I was chased a slter because thewnapartasn a category. I've covered 4s, 5s, lotsf them. One sat on top ofs for 2 hours and the il it's like in blender, re sittire and it's whirling for 20 he lls, gla in T windows, the insulation, roof, everhing from th building apart. Because the S is there so long. Ey need to S in placentil the and safe. Champion alway ne to see you. Thanks for wching this special edion of "Nightline." Our team continues on the ground a the day ordeal.round the louninterrupted hurricane coverage begins 2:00 a local time. Stay with for the latest forecast Ander analis. Visit ews.com on ABCNEWS. Roku, firewallapple TV, L of it.stay safe,merica.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"The slow-churning storm has now stalled, drenching the coast with torrential rain and raising the risk of devastating flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57817649","title":"Outer bands of Hurricane Florence lashing the Carolina coastline","url":"/Nightline/video/outer-bands-hurricane-florence-lashing-carolina-coastline-57817649"}