P90X: The All-Star Workout?

Many celebrities use it, but is an hour-a-day fitness routine all it takes to get buff?
3:00 | 03/27/13

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Transcript for P90X: The All-Star Workout?
Celebrity endorsements usually mean big bucks for any work out brand and the wildly popular fitness program we're gonna look at tonight. It's got its fair share of fans in Hollywood but is ABC's David Wright found. The most loyal followers seem to come from the rank and file of American exercises folks whose enthusiasm for this work -- can seem. To the and initiated. A little wound up. It's 6 AM on a Saturday in downtown LA. It looks like a column did Jesus revival what I. In spandex. Think of them all is fitness missionaries. Doing for the first time in public. What they wouldn't normally do all by themselves in their living rooms at home it's the ultimate ninety -- home fitness program a dvd worked out called. -- and usher. Washington to be -- X was practically a campaign issue last year after VP nominee Paul Ryan saying its praises to Politico. Call ups push ups sit ups. Lots of -- oh karate -- training. You're very welcome. The Tony Robbins of the six -- You get the full -- days of training for three easy payments of 3995. He could just change your life I -- you did in ninety days. Sixty found that thirteen. Every five miles an honest and -- -- I'm pretty good. You know let people know they don't think what would you guys that we -- Tony stating the case -- I didn't do the work they did the work while it did it ever doesn't build up. The signature of the program is what. Here's -- before. Real photos from real people showing results I'm definitely the before. On -- that. Even the CEO of the company has a before and after. The before and after photo is the visible proof look there's a trend of obesity in this country I wish we could sell. How good it feels to be healthy but -- Move merchandise it doesn't get people who. The thing that gets -- moving -- the fact that. They're -- veteran -- they're gonna fit in those skinny jeans again they're going to be able to go to the pool take their shirt off and swim without hiding without that embarrassment not. -- and anyway never Photoshop not ever know. B nine -- helped make beach body the outcome of 400 million dollar a year business what company has plenty of other workouts familiar to couch potatoes -- -- Brazil but left. Body -- slim in six. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten minute trainer great -- guaranteed -- guaranteed and -- there really guarantee absolutely. So far. He did you know in life if you would end up being no guru no -- the last thing -- want you don't want to be I wanted to be Brad Pitt and Jim -- all wrapped into one. With Tony Horton is the front man but it turns out he's not even a certified trainer. I'm going to Martin's into the Matthews Horton tried to make -- -- as an act. Acting playing a police detective and a soft core porn movie called Rebecca his secret. -- earn extra money he ended up helping other actors a degenerative instead of becoming a movie star you ended up. Working movie -- and getting them active trade and you know that led to infomercials he was the guy in Suzanne Somers spymaster and I'm telling you that there's just times without testimony and -- excellent results now with XT's front -- -- I'm not working -- The millions of living rooms across the country and. And what -- is great actors taking. This this highly technical and there you know functional fitness. And presenting in a way that. Literally millions of people loved. And millions of people can do without getting injured. -- marketing its sequel the -- nine he has called insanity it's now taking off and -- huge with. Candidates for the really hard insanity is absolutely the hardest program ever put on dvd production of guys out of vanity. -- this is more like functional fitness like this the kind of -- on fight club you know I mean lean and ripped and tight you know this is. Cover of a magazine that -- Their licensing -- nine -- and insanity to Jim -- -- no longer have to do these workouts at home alone. And they're now enlisting the faithful to go out recruit -- -- that's what this weekend conference in LA was all about. Teach 1990 actors to make money signing up -- Forgiving -- and somebody who has done yet and I like to try it. It seemed a little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the people that are into it are so passionate about it again and you know we're talking about is sort of not just a fitness program that a life transformation and then having the people that have gone through it go -- and -- -- it just feels a little -- I'm very well I think it's a perspective that is cynical -- to go to would Jim I want to be by myself and -- -- work out. That's not cold feet and they all work out make it everyone of them. I've seen it. Completed they don't know -- sneak up at night. Hey you work out make -- to if you had already achieved your after. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los -- The extreme work out world thanks to David for that.

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{"id":18823668,"title":"P90X: The All-Star Workout?","duration":"3:00","description":"Many celebrities use it, but is an hour-a-day fitness routine all it takes to get buff?","url":"/Nightline/video/p90x-tony-hortons-power-90-extreme-workout-celebrities-18823668","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}