Parahawking Adventure in Nepal

ABC's Ginger Zee gets the thrill of a lifetime when she feeds vultures while paragliding.
3:00 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Parahawking Adventure in Nepal
We're gonna take you on an adventure and exotic journey with a very specific goals to change your mind about an animal. That has a towering PR problem that animal. Is the vulture the very word conjures images of winged parasites circling over dying animals in the desert. However all of those negative connotation -- Completely evaporate when you get a chance to fly -- one of these creatures. As ABC's -- -- we'll show you. The night. They still want a lifetime heart pounding adventure and it starts 5000 feet above solid ground. Tina mountains in the distance bills -- the famous Himalayas. And never did just flew into -- for my hand a vulture. I need to -- with the creatures that most people find it revolting. And breathtaking and hot -- all this looks this wild journey has real purchase. It's zero hour and then not so pretty ward to save the vulture. In the lost fifteen to twenty years we've lost. 99.9. Sense of some species of culture across the Indian subcontinent. That's millions of nature's cleaners almost cleaned out -- vultures come in many shapes and sizes -- -- don't typically a vote instant empathy. But they do have a champion in this guy Scott Mason for a reason. We need -- to -- de Ferran -- and. To learn more about this environmental tipping point we must travel to the other side of the world. Nepal. A nation sandwiched between India and China as the vulture flies it's more than 7000 miles from New York. City. I'm hearing. A lot of compassion. -- -- Hall is full of ancient culture and religion that leads into the streets. And the streets they're full of curious yeah. Farmlands lined with weathered faces thousand horses occupy the roads a constant reminder that we are far far from her home. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the focus for this -- -- -- vulture that we are in a village called got -- which is the location for about defeating thoughts. -- -- -- -- -- The vultures main creditor. Cheap anti inflammation drugs given to cattle involved is a declining because of a drug who -- -- tonight. When the -- dies the vote to speak from the caucus and by Clinton that kills them. That's why Scott started this place the vulture restaurant it's one spot vultures can eat toxin free doesn't give you -- it yet. If you've got to -- it work. And I think I -- defend grossed out but so once it's more than eight years. But Scott's plan to flip the vultures script extends high above this we're be flying side by side with the endangered beasts. Any unique -- called -- honking. He has trained her prey hawks and vultures to -- fifteen minutes. He trains them in -- Nepal and near magical valley known for great flying for those winds and without feathers would be. Been able to fly would -- -- shows that the response and then majesty you know very intelligent. It's kind of like swimming with dolphins -- -- of the area version of -- And the -- Well below me to introduce you. This is Bob this is Kevin their Egyptian vultures is so we -- us who rescue facility here Bob and -- -- here as to the other third to we have. We've had other Egyptian vote in the Weaver if you really threatens the wild cat and is one of those birds who would not have needed and is now on -- -- -- you know -- -- -- -- -- Kevin and time had become accustomed to each other. -- it is likely the camp carrying a very fragile cup of -- it's time to fly. So Howell the third get up to launch across finish comes -- -- -- -- -- attacks in here. Your first time in effect -- remote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parent talking with a lot like the pair of -- had done before sing the meat. And apple. How to be -- Kevin's favorite is important for the -- covered because these are thought very good week he checked for safety related to -- A and so -- Catholic in the camera. We wanted really does. Okay earned runs. Once they're flying we have to sync up with Kevin -- circling the lowlands. And I night. And and then period. Talking. -- -- -- -- -- -- And a half dozen more times you can feel the -- of having coming -- -- Content. It's magic can forget that it's not just magic its majesty. And yeah. Many downtown Dallas and in our flight is interrupted -- -- -- brought him and another one coming. Anita -- Egyptian -- is -- -- he pulls on his back flying upside down defending with his talent. We all have to get out of there fast. That they have an adrenaline rush we did a quick exit had -- Egyptian -- coming in. We -- so respected the wild -- and that's pear tree breeding season. Kevin made home safely to even got his routine -- for dessert. When they're flying it's almost like -- a joke to them packing where -- Smith. The -- I guess a catch up to this thing that is Alexia. I'm good. And we hope they -- good Fuller even great someday because in Nepal and everywhere -- -- and the rest of the vultures need to be safe. We have to do what -- -- and she's trying to reverse. The and the decline of the folks decided to -- things. What we're trying to do is educate people who have shown how the jets they are and how graceful if you -- how much they -- Hopefully people talk seven firing off. A higher regard to a higher calling to save -- species and their vital moment for Nightline I'm ginger disease and -- and Paul.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Ginger Zee gets the thrill of a lifetime when she feeds vultures while paragliding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19378902","title":"Parahawking Adventure in Nepal","url":"/Nightline/video/parahawking-adventure-nepal-19378902"}