Mom of slain Utah student was on the phone with her before killing: Part 2

Jill McCluskey said she heard her daughter Lauren McCluskey yell, "No. No. No," and told her husband to call 911.
5:22 | 01/26/19

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Transcript for Mom of slain Utah student was on the phone with her before killing: Part 2
I called 911. Reporter: It's been 13 days of hell for Lauren Mccluskey. She had been on the phone with police more than 20 times. I'm being blackmailed. Reporter: Pleading for help with her ex-boyfriend. They're trying to lure me. Reporter: But on this night, October 22nd, she was on the phone with her mom walking home from class. It was a fantastic conversation. Reporter: Little did Lauren know her ex-, Melvin Roland was waiting for her. And then all of a sudden she yells, no, no, no. And then the line was still open. And, and then, and then Matt called 911. I, I yelled to him, and he called 911. Hi, my daughter Lauren Mccluskey was talking to her mom, and then she just started saying no, no, no, no, like someone might have been grabbing her or something. Okay. How long ago was this? This was two minutes ago. My whole focus was, I'm not sure what's happening, but I have to just give them all the info I can. Reporter: You were trying to save your daughter's life in that moment. Absolutely. We have to concentrate on helping. Okay? The officer is there who knows about her situation. And he is telling that to the dispatcher. Reporter: Melvin Roland grabbed Lauren and threw her into the back of a car, driving her to another part of the parking lot. There he shot her, time after time. I hoped that she somehow ran away. And at that we would find out, hey, we found Lauren, she's a little bit bruised, but we got her. But they never did. Reporter: Chillingly, Roland leaves her body in the car in that deserted parking lot. Moments later, a woman Roland has just met picks him up, and they go out on a date. Hours later, police find Lauren and are now in pursuit of Roland. They chase him to this church where he shoots and kills himself. Her mom texts and said that we lost her. And I was like, what do you mean lost her? And she said she got, she got shot. Reporter: What would you say is the greatest tragedy surrounding your daughter's death? The unfairness of it. I know that word gets used a lot. But I'm going to have my 50th birthday, and I don't think I deserve to see 50. Why couldn't Lauren have had a long and beautiful life? Reporter: Are you angry? Mostly sad. Sadness is so complete, I don't have room for, for anger. Maybe I should be. But I'm just not. We do want change. I would just want to note, this is, of course, a very sad time at the university of Utah. And even as we grieve, we are aware that our grief pales in comparison to that of the Mccluskey family. Reporter: After Lauren's death, the university ordered an independent review. The report does not offer any reason to believe that this tragedy could have been prevented. The individual responsible is Melvin SHAWN Roland, an evil, manipulative criminal. It's a statement that was probably written by a lawyer, and it defies logic. It's a ridiculous position. If you look at the police reports that are public, and you read the report, make your on judgment. Reporter: The report pointed out where campus pice fell short and made 30 recommendations which the university now tells ABC news it's working on. Including hiring more police, putting into practice to make sure critical e-mails and voice mails are processed in a timely manner. It's not enough for the mccluskeys. They're pushing for state legislation they believe may have saved their daughter. The Lauren's law proposal has to do with liability. Gun ownership. You're responsible for where your gun ends up and in whose hand. Within reason. Reporter: Roland had borrowed a gun from a friend, and they think the lender should be held accountable. They're pushing for more female officers and how society treats domestic violence. We need to take every comment, every allegation and investigate it, take it seriously. Reporter: Lauren's life ended too quickly. But her parents are now making sure her name lives on forever want to be in this world, okay? I don't want to be in a world without Lauren, but I'm stuck. So what are we G to do? And this is, you know, a way to do two things. One is to honor her legacy, and the second is to do as much good as we can, but there are actual people out there who are going to be helped by this.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Jill McCluskey said she heard her daughter Lauren McCluskey yell, \"No. No. No,\" and told her husband to call 911.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"60641100","title":"Mom of slain Utah student was on the phone with her before killing: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/parents-slain-student-lauren-mccluskey-work-ensure-legacy-60641100"}