'The Lookout': Chasing the Dream Seller

Part 1: Meet the infomercial king ordered to pay $37M for misleading claims about his weightloss book.
3:00 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for 'The Lookout': Chasing the Dream Seller
-- -- -- -- -- -- me to tell you that the US government. He's really scared to trying to put me in jail they -- -- 37 million dollars folksy US federal government I believe decided. Two welcomes the person that's responsible. For -- units altogether this is the story of an ex -- shells hope Kevin Trudeau. People. Get on the phone call me and remember they leave him despite decades of incredible planes it's virtually a -- -- -- model and government warnings that. We cannot trust whom we want to have they trusted. Even though a federal judge decided he bamboozled so many people into buying his weight loss he should pay back 37 million dollars. Six from -- secrets. Wealth and happiness long guarded by the roof -- 1%. Hearts and minds. Harvard. Law how much have you spent. Yeah. Plot but yeah. -- -- They're actually make thousands -- dollars a -- in your underwear. While sipping coffee while teaching people how to get rich Kevin Trudeau says he can -- -- -- I don't know company. I own version. Looking at -- say that it is a charade and he's actually hiding millions bought so we went in search for a man. And money can. It. Hands on a wintry day in Chicago. At a place called Gold Coast Bentley. Okay. I. Every piece of the car is covered in premium -- While claiming to be on the brink of bankruptcy mr. -- drove this very -- 8230000. Dollar continental flying -- with handsome leather and political. -- -- There's got to fire and smiles a little. Well -- 200000 -- We rented this rolling hunger luxurious for the surprise for the mystery guest were about to pick up at O'Hare airport and Jordan the bachelor you know -- I don't what's up bill where bill conveniently -- -- yeah. This is -- Hussein smitten with a -- sales pitch he says he spent thousands. But any service he stopped believing and Kevin Trudeau. Van while the guys -- This store and Kevin Trudeau used yeah that I his daughter. So the least we could you give you -- -- and -- -- good to me maybe. We're gonna at a restaurant in Kansas City when he bought a set of -- self help CDs which came with -- enticing offer to join something. Called the global information network or -- -- thirty billionaires and royalty from across the world former -- Yes you heard right -- says -- clubs formed by secret council of thirty billionaires royals world leaders. Mysterious football willing to sell their secrets of success -- to whoever will pay a thousand dollars down. And a 150 bucks a month is a group of people include. Several members. Major we're -- its skull and bones this trilateral commission and several other group. But at least thirty supposed masters of the universe only one name has been reveals. -- from -- Kevin Trudeau what did you ever wonder who. These mysterious members of the chicken council work I did it and the anonymity of the council. Allowed these imagination to Ireland. You know I was thinking that Willis me I've found -- Arnold. Schwarzenegger was fun night we'll leave their religion counsel I've got Ron Paul for sure life. Well -- -- these so called the inner circle cost 75000. Dollars. Game joined gin and a much lower level and after about a year he says he became disenchanted and court. -- -- -- It was -- -- a world. News channel on us you know -- saying two -- -- for the better. Nobody -- office does sound like her big day actually. Very -- office settings very helpful she reviewing. That. It's locked. -- -- both government. They're sitting right there I'm sure they can hear me but that they would cost 75000 there's very little about Georgia has interest in joining the inner circle. But come out of Jack. You know who else is really interest in what's going on inside this building. The guys inside this building in Washington DC. Guys like Jim -- consumer protection G man who also on the hunt for Kevin Trudeau who -- enforcement division of the F. TC. -- you get to carry a gun. I do not my -- I don't get -- nor do I have to carry either gotten or not karate. Now I have none of those skills -- I am very good at sitting on the couch at night watching TV. That late night TV back in the ninety's they discovered a fresh -- man with a -- -- you'd never guess who served nearly two years in prison. -- -- When they saw him hawking all this you lose -- miracle came ten. In this community as a miraculous break for cancer prevention hills. They shoot -- place. -- admitting guilt. Should go -- to have a million dollars. And promised not to lie about his products -- but Bennett became a best selling author who wrote this diet book which recommends high cloning animals and all labeled injections heading near starvation phase of 500 calories a day -- -- -- -- -- -- on TV room and said all of that was easily the fastest easiest most effective way to lose -- period. FTC -- -- a federal judge ruled that -- ads misled thousands of customers and ordered him to pay back 37. Point six. Million dollars so he sold 37 million dollars worth of this book he probably sold more than that he claims he's insolvent he can't Perry. You believe he's hiding his money. The evidence all demonstrates that that's exactly what is. Jim. Suspects in this office is the nerve center of Trudeau's hidden -- -- home to -- -- didn't connected corporations but before we can ask anyone inside about this time hey officer. They call the cops on us -- Obama talked to some folks who works. Pretty much or any of these companies. But even the boys in blue can't -- -- open they don't want this because show. It is therefore you do what you -- not pleasant problem. Good -- plus very -- appreciate that. It is closed the words very well. -- drive badly weakened if -- -- 600 horsepower area breweries and for our next stop we asked -- when the -- by only Jews alleged residences which wasn't too hard to find since -- -- -- was still programmed into the cars GPS. Because it is a 141000 square foot mansion here. -- -- -- This particular Richard of -- -- through. The FTC says he lived here with two shots and a Butler all the while claiming to have barely a penny to his name is -- much. Ask him about but since -- lawyers declined our initial request for an interview. Guess we'll have to find him on our own so you weren't at your office hanging out -- the house. Where should we look he. -- -- Now this is a place where people really -- -- -- -- yeah. Okay socialist. Who do. How -- -- -- like -- don't live in one of the five richest cities in the world. Maybe they have a shelter. Hello the only issue -- the gorgeous banks -- -- -- on a street named for Beethoven. Stands a pretty. -- apartment building with that familiar. -- Machine. Somewhere in this town we believe Kevin Trudeau's enjoying. Nice -- Now -- and the government was trying to get a judge to throw him in jail -- moved over. -- refused credit card records -- any indication that really settled in. He's been almost ten granted -- jewelry shop. When -- get a little so for the life world hopes what's more problems he spent thirteen hundred bucks -- the cigar. Place them -- can immediately furnishings and computers are actually dropped by this lovely shop and spend 52000. Dollars. An -- to another fifteen acre. The country. -- -- -- -- How -- -- -- seemingly thumb his nose at 37 million dollar judgment live this large and get away with it. Well here's a possible clue. So what else shares his credit card -- Someone who enjoy shopping at Chanel Christian Dior and EG provocative to. -- young pretty Ukrainian. Named Italian Banco. Moved -- one more -- to ask Karen about if you ever shows up back on Beethoven street. OK. It's -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19284233,"title":"'The Lookout': Chasing the Dream Seller ","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Meet the infomercial king ordered to pay $37M for misleading claims about his weightloss book.","url":"/Nightline/video/part-chasing-dream-seller-19284233","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}