The Infomercial King Takes a Bride

Part 3: Meet the woman the feds say is a key to Trudeau's alleged asset-protection plan - his wife.
5:59 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for The Infomercial King Takes a Bride
According to the fans one of Kevin Trudeau's alleged hidden assets to retain its Ukrainian film student named him -- better. Student who also happens to be owner or executive of a few multimillion dollar companies. Closely associated with Kevin Trudeau to follow and these two. -- -- we should probably go and try to talk to coaches -- I'm -- would you find your finger on the -- yeah it's your beautiful it's. The road. -- -- -- -- Hi -- Bill -- from ABC news and ask -- couple questions about your husband Kevin -- And James. I'm just curious so. A film student has its time to run three. Multimillion dollar company. Well hello I'm actually going back to the west right now and talk to my lawyers. And my worst quality. But do you worry that maybe this despite gets into trouble. -- We accepted an invitation to talk with mr. -- one more time even with the FTC breathing down his -- he still free to travel to the US. So caught up with -- -- the annual dream weekend of the global information network. For members of this club. Secrets about 1% Kevin is the star attraction. But we found one -- this gifted talker. Is reluctant to discuss how would you characterize your wife's involvement in these company. That's that's her business and that's really not part of the -- does she run day to day operation -- her business and that's you know we're private companies and that really has nothing that -- -- -- Why don't you are talking about her way. Because she's not a party to any in this she's not a party to any lawsuit. How do you guys meaning. The long story that's personal often this year. That's personal I don't ask you about your wife ask about my life and I'll tell you know how often I cheer -- when he isn't about me please leave the family out. But says the FTC. Trudeau didn't leave family out of -- he's using her to mask his control -- -- self help empire. You can dream and you can make your dreams come true it's put force and at first. Are you using as yet. As personal piggy back to live really lavish lifestyle and avoid paying. This judgment. I think that's a legitimate question but even if I was what's the point. I mean if it's not my asset. President Obama flies around on a 747 that's not his -- The Pope lives in a big mansion was on his asset. I'm screw it I can't own anything for the rest of my life so I'm not going to start a company and put it in Miami. Is being dumb. And I certainly can go to friends relatives neighbors or whatever and say listen you start a company and I'll help you out. And there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing illegal about it and guess what -- -- my asset. That argument may put you in jail we'll see. Just last week in judo took the stand in federal court and pled the fifth in the -- for more than three hours. Later this summer and not enough federal judge will decide -- and why kill much. And that's -- the possibility of jail time has never came on one of my greatest mentor. -- -- On the contrary it was. -- -- 2000 people it's on his every word that felt more like a big picture question that some of and afterwards our cameras were more trial of the people who are eager to sing his agent. I didn't I didn't -- -- My greatest person in the world insurance. When word for -- authenticity. Authenticity he loses in hockey. It's -- the money you make. It's the person you become they'll raved about how can achieve self help pep talks have changed their lives for the better. -- thing in common like every CD and learned something warm and -- got here. Humanitarian. Me. Most were vaguely aware of his troubles with the law books -- more faith in heaven and the government and the world you can. Point. They want to keep people down to keep control. Giving good US government wants to keep people -- there -- easier to control I have. -- -- -- -- Ridiculous 37 million dollar personal judgment against me. Because I wrote a book and said the diet was easy. Bill I don't have 37 million dollars hidden someplace. Because you're spending at all -- trying to guess I mean if I was just not only bad either -- the work really well well I think that's what I played good disagreement but apparently sent that's what the court case is about if they can find 37 million dollars. Pop the champagne gridlock. You know what I'm doing. He saw those people those people on stage this club when I'm doing -- good people bought that book the weight loss security change their life. I don't care what the government -- Oh and one more says look if you believe -- careful to show he wants you to know that he welcomes donations. To his legal defense. I desperately need your financial support. I'm desperately need your energetic support your moral support -- emotional support. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Operating -- standing.

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{"id":19284355,"title":"The Infomercial King Takes a Bride","duration":"5:59","description":"Part 3: Meet the woman the feds say is a key to Trudeau's alleged asset-protection plan - his wife.","url":"/Nightline/video/part-infomercial-king-takes-bride-19284355","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}