Spotted: Kevin Trudeau on the Streets of Zurich

Part 2: Infomercial King says he has virtually no assets, but lives large in Switzerland.
3:00 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Spotted: Kevin Trudeau on the Streets of Zurich
Yes, I am. Reporter: Oh, I can't believe it. I watch you on tv all the time. Wow. Look at this. Who do we have here? Reporter: I'm bill weir from abc news. How are you? How are you? Reporter: We have been looking high and low for this deposed king of the infomercial, ever since the federal government accused him of skipping out on the $37 million he owes. A huge sum he's been ordered to play for misleading claims about his weight loss book. He says he can't pay because he's broke. But here in one of the best neighborhoods in switzerland, it appears that poverty really agrees with kevin trudeau. You're looking very dapper. What are you doing in zurich? I live here. What are you doing in zurich? Reporter: I'm looking for you. I'm not interested in talking with ambush reporters. Reporter: I have a couple of questions, I'm dying to talk to you. Ambush reporting. Reporter: Back in america, thousands of his followers see him as the star attraction to the multimillion-dollar global information network. A private club he says was formed by the mysterious g.I.N. Council. 29 anonymous billionaires, assorted royals and kevin trudeau. Let me guess who is in the g.I.N. Council. Will you blink if I get close? Ambush journalism. Reporter: Warren buffett. The easter bunny. Is he in the g.I.N. Council? Ambush journalism. Reporter: He says that 47 times. 47. But then, begins to make the case that he has no control over g.I.N. They're not my customers. I'm just a member of the club. Reporter: As for abe, back in kansas city, well, kevin dismisses him as a whiner, who broke club rules. People join, have the young idea, and quit and are cry babies. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. Reporter: What about his pedaling of mind-blowing data. A secret sold to g.I.N. Members for extra to reach level three. You sold the mind apocalypse goofiness. I wasn't one of the only guys that said nothing was going to happen. Reporter: You said something is going to happen. You said it. Something is happening for sure, 100%, guaranteed. DECEMBER 21st, 2012. Are you going to be ready? Are you going to be wondering? Where is the best place to be? I'll tell you. If you're not willing to pay for this data, you don't deserve getting it. Reporter: Did those people get their money back? I don't know of anybody who asked for a refund. No diet food at all. Tons of sugar. Tons of carbs. I can't gain the weight back. Reporter: What do you say to somebody who looks at the record of your career and says, my goodness, this guy may be the most audacious bull in history? Can you put that on television? Reporter: We'll bleep the last part. I have the highest satisfaction rate. Reporter: You told the ftc you're broke. I don't have any assets. Reporter: You don't have assets, as your ring blinds me. He says that big mansion back in chicago is corporate housing. The bentley, a corporate car. And merely $2 million of credit card charges in the last couple years, business expenses. Mainly paid for by companies owned by that ukrainian lingerie shopper, named nataliya babenko. Here's the twist. She goes by another name, mrs. Kevin trudeau. Yes, when she was 22, and he was about to get hit with that $37 million judgment, they got married. And the government alleges he then created a number of companies and installed her as owner of executive. She is now the president, treasurer and secretary of g.I.N. Usa, which, according to court documents, has taken in over 60 million bucks. She appears to be being used at the head of these companies. But the evidence shows that he is actually controlling them. Reporter: Trudeau's lawyers say she is a successful businesswoman in her own right. Well, she's a film student at nyu. Reporter: Yep. Here she is going to class. Here she is acting in a student film. Spoiler alert, the climax comes when she escapes from the exploding building and promptly gets hit by a bus. But the ftc is more interested in her cameo on this surveillance tape, shot in a casino outside chicago. One of her companies wired $200,000 to her here. And you see her take a fat stack of $20,000 chips and immediately hand it kevin. He claims the money was an advance from a publisher, for research he's doing for a gambling book. The feds say they spent little time actually, yoknow, gambling. And excuse us for this -- this is really an exercise in money laundering. Hmm. Wonder if we can find her back in new york city. Excuse me, miss babenko. Can I ask you a couple of questions about kevin trudeau? Okay.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Infomercial King says he has virtually no assets, but lives large in Switzerland. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19284312","title":"Spotted: Kevin Trudeau on the Streets of Zurich","url":"/Nightline/video/part-spotted-kevin-trudeau-streets-zurich-19284312"}