Police: Boston Bombing Suspect Said NYC Was Next

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly told police he and his brother planned a follow-up attack.
3:00 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Police: Boston Bombing Suspect Said NYC Was Next
It sounds like a plot from a Hollywood thriller. New York City spared from disaster in the nick of time. Today new details emerging about how the suspected Boston bombers. Were reportedly plotting to attack Times Square last week those very streets you see behind me. As millions of New Yorkers shudder at the thought of what could have been. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross and covers that alleged deadly plan gone awry mere hours before detonation. Juju -- and what the New York mayor and police commissioner said Thursday New York just missed being attacked by the accused Boston bombers. As they apparently sought to maim and kill again. The fact is. New York City remains a prime target for those who hate America and -- -- kill Americans and no target seems more attractive than Times Square. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the surviving brother told the FBI. He and his older brother made the decision to head here one week ago tonight. Carry off a second attack. At this crowded -- Boston Marathon bombers had planned to travel to Manhattan. To detonate their remaining bones in Times Square. The officials said it was a spur of the moment decision by the two Brothers. Whose faces just a few hours earlier and then broadcast across the nation at an FBI news conference they discusses while driving around in -- thirties. SUV. That they had hijacked after they shot and killed. And MIT police officers in Cambridge but New York was spared officials say when the two accused bombers and to stop for gas in the hijacked car. And the younger brother nineteen year old Joseph cars -- and I went inside for some snacks it was the turning point. The -- -- use the opportunity to escape and call -- please. That eventually led to the shoot out in -- -- -- -- shoot -- captured in these still photos involved a violent gunfire. And authorities said the two had at least six unexploded bombs including another pressure cooker device seen here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just some of what might have been used in Times Square. They had built these additional explosives and we know they have the capacity to carry out the attacks we don't know -- we would have been able to stop the terrorists have they arrived here from Boston. We're just thankful that we didn't have to find out that answer. New York officials say the nineteen year old brother at first told the FBI that he and his brother go to New York just the party. As he did twice last year with some of his college friends seeing in this online photo posted on a Russian social network site. But in a second hospital interview Sunday night. To -- told a different story officials said. More awake and speaking in his own voice to the -- -- more -- we're told in the second interview. And what's more expansive he's giving that giving more detail. The younger is are -- -- was reportedly questioned for about sixteen hours before FBI agents were told they had to stop and read him his legal rights. According to Republican congressman Peter king of New York. It was a tremendous amount of information we don't know and I can only believe we would have -- at least some of that information that interrogation pentagon on. My understanding -- interrogations or less or 48 hours who attended that engendered by the judges to sixteen hours. Times Square has been targeted before. In 2010. Another self radicalized jihadist drove a car packed with explosives in the Times Square on a Saturday night with thousands in the street. His bombs including one of those pressure cooker devices. All failed to detonate. It's just after seven in Times Square in the places -- this is prime time office workers heading home -- going out for dinner are trying to rush to catch a Broadway Show. I'm joined here by former new York city police detective -- -- south. -- -- terrorism cases for years which is Sally if the bombs have been planted here -- the kind of use the marathon what. Would be the effect probably more devastating than it was it was just look around about the the crowd here and also visit different to everybody it was focused in one direction. If you -- -- -- -- about -- probably have at least one score with two scores of casualties and twice that number of wounded. New York does have an extensive surveillance camera operation in place here in Times Square. The mayor said the case involving the bombers justified the use of such surveillance. We've made major investments in camera technology. Notwithstanding the objections of some special interest. And -- attacks in Boston I think demonstrate just how valuable those cameras can be. With former detective Gonzales says in a place like Times Square. With so much going on so many distractions. -- with the -- -- an undetected but it is. Crowd right now we'll -- -- tourists milling around looking up not knowing we -- an ideal second nobody would pick it up. And remember they went off shortly -- -- The mayor said today we don't know whether we couldn't -- that they got this far be counted on the surveillance cameras that all over here what do you think. Well I get surveillance cameras are great but there were investigative tool they tell us what happened before during and they have -- -- who did it. But did -- -- not at the -- That's what happened in Boston. The surveillance cameras were used letter to identified the two suspected bombers but they did not stop them. The FBI says the younger of the alleged bombers Joseph -- with his white cap worn backwards put his bag down at the feet of a group that included children. And then ten seconds later it was detonated. The FBI says the talk by the Brothers about going to New York was just that talk and that New York was never part of the original plot. Even so officials here say their only course of action is to respond to any threat better safe they safe than sorry.

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{"id":19046913,"title":"Police: Boston Bombing Suspect Said NYC Was Next","duration":"3:00","description":"Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly told police he and his brother planned a follow-up attack.","url":"/Nightline/video/police-boston-bombing-suspect-nyc-19046913","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}