Pope Benedict XVI's Historic Farewell

As the pope enters retirement, the question becomes: Who will lead the faithful next?
5:00 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict XVI's Historic Farewell
How do you say goodbye to a living -- That question has not come up and 600 years so Benedict the sixteenths historic farewell celebration room today brought predictably massive crowds. And -- -- on many of those -- the unpredictable selection of the man who replaced him there among the faithful in Vatican City. -- co anchor Terry Moran with the latest terror. Still what a day it was here unprecedented full of ritual and mystery symbolism -- the -- pomp and ceremony that the Roman Catholic Church uses. To speak to the world and it was something else too -- more personal intimate. Emotional at times and at times something very different for this church. -- Saint Peter's basilica shown in all its Renaissance splendor in the Roman sunlight. But in the nearly 400 years Michelangelo's great dome is towered over this city nothing like today had ever happened. The cardinals gathered in the -- common Tina the Apostolic Palace the hall where the bodies of hopes our first laid after death. But this was a living there. He answered slowly and old man ready to lay down the burden of the patients. Benedict the sixteenth bidding goodbye to differences of that your cardinal Angelo -- dean of the college of cardinals address the -- Whether it's on to. Holy father. We've profound love we've always tried to -- com and -- in your path. This was personal for them all kind of trauma a kind of tribute. These are his -- -- chose most of them. And all swore obedience to a one. We've succeeded. And mindful perhaps of the intrigues already swirling in the Vatican Benedict urged them all to be like -- orchestra. Working together. He offered one final apostolic blessing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then one by one each came forward for personal farewell a few words a -- a last handshake. Among them American cardinal Donald world of Washington DC it would -- -- Yeah. This is all about the -- moving forward it was. The farewells ended soon it would be time to go the entire staff of the papal household gathered in the send -- so courtyard. The Swiss guards stood -- And a final papal tweaked. Thank you for your love and support may you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the center of your lines. Then -- to walk down. He left that palace and all it represents. Behind. A short drive to the waiting chopper. While a cross -- the faithful offered their own good -- in Saint Peter's Square on nearby rooftops. And then as the chopper lifted into the evening sky. The bills of Rome rang him. But then one last -- school. -- -- tour over the eternal city. On the roof of the north American college cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York young American seminarians. When he could find. At Castel Gandolfo the pope's summer residence the locals his last crowd waiting. One more time Pope Benedict the sixteenth -- for a -- step down onto a balcony. Despite the -- -- -- the nutrients stunt team that lost the leg of visa. Or from the jury room. Cynical and an -- he thanked him with a smile that seemed tinged with relief. They -- want to let him go one of the things that struck me was that serenity. That was never move. And she didn't know that peeks. At the stroke of 8 o'clock tonight in -- The moment the pope's resignation took effect. The Swiss guards stood down close the great doors of Castel Gandolfo. And departed. There is no hope here anymore. Just a man. Building down as his holiness Benedict the sixteenth Pope -- Meredith said he's gonna live in a monastery. Just behind saint Peter's there in the Vatican he has said he will dedicate himself in solitude. To a life of prayer so what happens next. While the cardinals who have gathered in -- -- -- gonna. Meet informally for about a week then they will decide on a date where they will go into the Sistine Chapel in conclave. Lock the door behind them. And begin to choose. The next --

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{"id":18625407,"title":"Pope Benedict XVI's Historic Farewell","duration":"5:00","description":"As the pope enters retirement, the question becomes: Who will lead the faithful next?","url":"/Nightline/video/pope-benedict-xvis-historic-farewell-18625407","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}