New Pope: What's Next for the Catholic Church

"Nightline's" Terry Moran and ABC News' Cokie Roberts discuss the future of the church.
3:00 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for New Pope: What's Next for the Catholic Church
Don't have the world waits to find out more about the new -- the White House said Vice President Biden is going to lead the US delegation to -- practices inauguration mass. Next Tuesday morning ABC's Cokie Roberts a longtime Vatican observers been here all week reporting on this joins us now. In a big picture way what does this mean what does it say that the church the cardinals have chosen this -- This says that there are ready to make a big change. Benedict after -- -- -- was continuity. This is a huge difference instead of -- cerebral theologian and you have this down to earth. Man of the people. And of course he is from the new world and that is a very big deal for this church which should really does still consider us on the live in the Western Hemisphere. As newcomers to civilization. And so that is some. Thing he enormous and final thing that we've made -- do you love today but it is worth talking about is. It is a jesuit and there's never -- A jesuit -- in fact there's been tremendous animosity. Between the jesuit order and the Vatican where the Vatican often repressed -- silence prominent jesuit. Theologians like. They are -- and a panda and all of a sudden. There's a jesuit -- this is so big change for the church named Francis choosing the name Frances what do you make him. He seems to -- from all we know only -- well but he seems to be a a down to earth a man who he dead did take about poverty unlike most of the people. Cardinals -- I had this is lived life of poverty. And then small apartment. No cooks his own meals takes public transportation. And challenges the wealthy in his society. So he hasn't he is speaking for the -- that's going to be the voice we hear from this very ornate place at 76. Oldest in people's -- Yes seven and has had has only one -- -- question of how long -- -- perceive this will be. But. I think that he's gonna take as much energy is he human weekends this Cokie thanks very much been great feeling that this won't be -- -- today.

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{"id":18725696,"title":"New Pope: What's Next for the Catholic Church","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline's\" Terry Moran and ABC News' Cokie Roberts discuss the future of the church. ","url":"/Nightline/video/pope-catholic-church-18725696","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}