Pope's Retirement Marred by Scandals

Pope Benedict XVI prepares to step down from his position in a matter of days.
3:00 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Pope's Retirement Marred by Scandals
As Benedict the sixteenth -- packing up to leave the Vatican this week we're getting new details. On how the church will handle two living -- meanwhile scandal and intrigue swirling. With rumors involving sex money and gay priests filling the Italian media ABC's David Wright as the latest. -- -- He's already said his last public mass at the basilica. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will never appear in that window again. Now the stage is set for one last public audience then the sun sets on Benedict the sixteenths -- to -- 48 hours from now Benedict will no longer be Pope today we learned more details about his retirement. For instance you'll be called Pope emeritus or in conversation still your holiness. So his holiness Benedict the sixteenth. -- emeritus -- supreme pontiff emeritus but no more Swiss guards no fisherman's ring either and his close. Retirement still get to Wear white. Simple words -- Very important point at the shoes and -- will no longer be the red shoes that you've seen him Wear. But he has chosen to keep brown shoes that -- given to him and his recent trip to Mexico. He also plans to live on the Vatican grounds in a former nunnery no longer the holy father. -- holy father in law already the campaign to choose his successor is as ugly as -- South Carolina primary. For nearly a week now the Italian papers have run wild. With the story of a sex and blackmail scandal about to explode speculating that Benedict really resigned because of a dossier he was given -- -- the whole sordid mess. I mean this is beginning to sound like -- Dan Brown. Well the Catholic Church doesn't do dull. Turns out a dossier does exist for the pope's eyes only prepared by three elderly investigators nicknamed by the Italian press. The double those seven cardinals. They were charged with investigating the -- leak scandal where the pope's private Butler leaked confidential documents to outsiders. In December they did give the Pope a report but only he knows what's in it and it's gonna stay that way. The holy father has decided that the acts of this investigation. Known only to himself. Remains solely at the disposition of the new -- The Vatican is upset filed focus on scandal. Through the course is the centuries cardinals have been defaced many forms of pressure to date there is an attempt to do this through public opinion then the very next day scandal took one vote from the college of cardinals a British newspaper reported that four Scottish priest -- cardinal Keith O'Brien. Made unwanted sexual advances on them in the 1980s. The cardinal denies it but says for the good of the church. Stay in Scotland instead of coming to Rome. And other cardinals tainted by other scandals have been ignored that exams. Among them LA's Cardinal Roger Mahony. Church documents show that for more than a decade he enabled priests to keep molesting children rather than report them -- -- reports Everett. Mahoney in Rome excited about the vote and blogging about how his critics are persecuting him it's an election without a democracy. Italians say they're used to it even as the Pope retires another familiar faces making -- comeback. Silvio Berlusconi is trying to form a government back again despite all his scandals. He should take you know an example from the I mean that even that poll -- and then we'll continue. Here in Italy the Pope has now become the definitive example of making a -- -- -- I'm David Wright for not.

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{"id":18604209,"title":"Pope's Retirement Marred by Scandals ","duration":"3:00","description":"Pope Benedict XVI prepares to step down from his position in a matter of days.","url":"/Nightline/video/pope-door-18604209","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}