'Preachers of Atlanta' Have Their Own Approach to Inspiring Faith

New Oxygen Channel show follows five pastors, one who hands out condoms, another who is a police officer.
5:49 | 01/29/16

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Transcript for 'Preachers of Atlanta' Have Their Own Approach to Inspiring Faith
The religion leaders you're about to meet are not your typical women and men of the cloth. These pastors are challenging the status quo. So can their new-age approach help people renew a connection with their faith and break down barriers in the church? Here's ABC's Steve osunsami. Liar! Reporter: Some of reality TV's craziest moments have found their home in the city of Atlanta. You want to hear me ? I will You up! Reporter: Weed snatching on "The real housewives of Atlanta." The ridiculous insanity that is "Love and hip-hop in Atlanta." It's not something many residents here are proud of. Even as we secretly chuckle that it's entertaining. Atlanta's off the chain! Reporter: This newest reality series featuring this fine city and another mostly black cast might seem like more of the same. But leave it to television to make it big and different. All of the characters showing out are men and women of the cloth. God is going to heal your heart! Reporter: "Preachers of Atlanta." A lot of people would say, boy, this feels more like "Real housewives" than "Real preachers." People put pastors up on a pedestal like we have the perfect life. I think the show allows people to see that, you know what, we go through the same stuff. And we're going to get through it. And we're going to show you how to get through it. Reporter: Kimberly popier is here to give you life. She's senior pastor at church of the harvest south of the city. You this ain't a church for tired folk! Reporter: She leads a flock of over 300 people. She says she's doing the show to spread the message of Jesus even wider. I don't want people that already know Jesus. I'm trying to get people that don't know Jesus that would never walk in a church. It is about me loving you so much that it convinces you to live right and give god a chance. So that's why I do it. I heard that you sometimes minister in a tutu. I do. I think that tutu is happen like, whoa! Crazy, get outside your box. Reporter: This is pastor lea leanndria Johnson, dressing up as a prostitute to blend in in a tough neighborhood downtown. I am a pastor, right? Okay. And I'm trying to find women that look like me. Reporter: She even hands out condoms and cigarettes. You got condoms? Let me give you some condoms. ? Reporter: When all the pastors get together at a hip-hop listening party, drama isn't far behind. With the condoms, though? That's safe sex, period. I would rather pass out a condom to those that I know is going to have sex. It's real. I'm going to be the light. What's the light? I'm going to be the one the kid comes to after they got pregnant because someone gave them condoms. You objected to that? Yes, I'm not going to send somebody to hell. I preach abstinence. You wait until you get married. But, you know, now -- so yes, I was very against it. Talk to me about the racial dynamic of this group. Well, I'm black, I just crack. I mean, I am -- I don't even -- man, I know this is cliche and it's like, I don't see color. But I don't. Like, I'm telling you something. Us pastors, like we love each other. Like, this show, these pastors have become family. Reporter: The issue of policing in black communitying becomes a serious concern on the show. I know how the system works as a whole. Tell me how we work. Get them in the system. Keep them in the system. Beat them in the system -- Reporter: That's pass soar Corey Hambrick who preaches at life church Christian center. This pastor is a police officer. How's you a preacher and a police? Which one is -- Because I save souls and I save lives! You've encountered a lot of distrust from folks in our community because you are in law enforcement. Of course. And I understand that. I mean, obviously people's experiences in life, they dictate their perception. And so this is a perfect opportunity for me to show individuals as you will see in the show that all police officers are not out there to do people harm. That we're actually out there to help people. Reporter: A life in blue isn't easy for an african-american, even if he's a pastor. He's not trusted in his own community. What does that say to you? That says a lot of things to me. That says that we as a community, we have to become more educated. Reporter: He invites all of them to a summit with police officers called code red, with fellow cast member and pastor Kenton Jones. We've got to stop using excuses as black men and get motivated enough to cause change. My whole point is as black men let's stop giving police a reason to show up. Let me finish. So there's a source of accountability -- Hold on, he wouldn't say that to white folk. My point was, what was the nature in which the dispatch dispatched the call? Why were we called to the scene in the first place? Whether you agree with him or not he goes there. They all do. I believe this show is going to literally bring people back into the church. Because people and their church want to know, you have walked through it. I always say, I wouldn't go to his church. Reporter: Like most of the reality stars from this city, they say they have little shame. But for much godlier reasons. For "Nightline," I'm Steve osunsami in Atlanta. Wow. Old school they are not. "Preachers of Atlanta" premieres February 3ed on oxygen.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"New Oxygen Channel show follows five pastors, one who hands out condoms, another who is a police officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36589770","title":"'Preachers of Atlanta' Have Their Own Approach to Inspiring Faith","url":"/Nightline/video/preachers-atlanta-approach-inspiring-faith-36589770"}