Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting

Thurman Blevins "represented a danger to the lives of" the officers, thereby making the shooting "authorized" under state law, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement.
8:05 | 08/01/18

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Transcript for Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting
H a gun. Reporter: The unfortunate E unfoldi in a Matt of te thisman, 31-ye-old Thurman blevins, armed ce, ladin this ridential mis neigorhood.those police officers eventua openre, fatally shooting utds -- Rorter: T ent intection cautn these police body cams is theatest example neg our nat conversations ab law enforcement and the use of deadly for. Put your Hands up! Rn the onede, officers who say they were trigger, when the gun came out feared for myfeared for my partner's life. La LIV matter and searching for answers,eary and strustfulfauthorities.ent took place onune 23rd. Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly respng to Thi 911 call -- There's a guy walngaround shooting off his he looks incated. That's just not safe around here. All right,t's your description? Black male in his - reporter:fficers arrived on He's got a gun. Upnow! Stop, stop, stop B ] Hands U put your hands ui will Sho you! Reporter: Blevi Conti torun, ignoringicers' ands. Put youhaup! You got a gun ! Yes,ou put ur hands U Reporter: It's here this enhanced video authori say blevins, inside that red can be sg for his and turning towards the rs E officerspefire. Reporter: Killingev thbj in his hand falls to soaded semiautomatic handgun. Onedown. Ems,ir location. I think one of the things that may give peopse I they someone running. The question is canou use ly when fleeing ect? And the answer to that is, yes, you can ueadly I that S is a threat to the officer and a three to the community. Repr: Officeryan Kelly has been with T minneapol poce deparent since 2013. Officerustin Schmidt since 20. Both we placed on the request of theneapolis policeartment a inveut by the minneso department of publicafety bureau of criminal apprehension. It's a hard thing to watch. But I don't anying on the investigation, the iminal apprehension conducted interviews with severf officers including officerschmidt. To me, he had eve of intent shooting my par and I. I gave H numerous chances to give up.he to escalehe situat fir graing on to his M, then clearing from his pocket. Reporter: Yesterday the count attorney office held a press conferenceo discuss findings of the inveigation. Tser our community ap no one wins today. A young ma dead. Face iasing critics ru the communy is devasted. Reporr: But before Freeman could anunhe partment'son, blins' family members rushed T W want cops arrested in T next 48 andprosecuted Repor annoci the officers will not charge Mr. Blevinsnted a ngthe lives of offices Schmidt and Kelly andther me of themmunity. There is no basis to ISS criminal charges against eitherofficer. We have seen smaideos where the offsre therswe the a tragilly had to take a becse ts suspect refu follow the ds the offices. Reporter: Bstill,onight ineapolis, many H taken to the see to protest the ck of chars. There is L ofst between the African-American community and theolice over and overndver again are seeing this sort of triggerf unarme young bck men. There's a lot of wor to B with theice department to foster a better rionship with pplen the commy. Rorter: Chief brown suggests phaps in case, transparency on behalf of T po D come fast enoughfor thiscommunit You have to release theideo immediately. E people start forming own opinions B on rumor,conjture, . Hands up! T incident happened T end of June. It's the end July that's one month. Thats actually not long in terms of investigating se. Reporter:he implemented the widespread use ofy cameras inir police departnts after the deadly shting of philando Castille during a Traff in July of 2016. Stay with me. Reporter: Which girlfriend, diamond Reynolds, livestreamed on fa I told him I toldim to get his hand T. Oh my please don't tl me he's deorr: 4-daer, who W in the car, watched the W thing fr the back seat. It's okay, I'm right H ter: The office of Minnesota's St anthonyolice depant charges with manslaughter and tountsf endag and her Ung child the case went to trial but a juryuitted thefficer. That verdictt the common reeling. O very,very, very, ry ve very disappointed in the sysm here inhe state of minnesota.e city kled son. And the murdereret away. Reporter: Chief bro belies it's a Castille'st leaves family of ble suspiciouf minneapolipolice. Any people's the community,ar in this family's mind, hunjust that case was. Reporter:e recently the Minneapolis police departmen cameftire aft the death of just damond,eacher originly from Lia, shot and killed by an officnd ass The death ofti is a loss to everyone who knew her. She touched so many people. A loving D generous heart. Rter: After the shooting,hargedhe officer, Mohammad Noor, with third degree manslaughter. Authority to use deadly for Reporter: Noor plans tolead not guilty. If convicted he F up to 25 years behind bar all of Tse incidents are likely on the min of otesters searching for justice tonight. Where do U see things right now? Hopefully WRE a tt breaking point. Happorany hope the national conversat and cameras and the use of forces andcontinue. Iere is ariide T be found he is tact that we are seeing more D cers wearing body ra Hands up! We carn wheer the ansficers WER appropriate. No just no ace! Reporter: For "Nitl I'm alerez in, theenf a

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{"duration":"8:05","description":"Thurman Blevins \"represented a danger to the lives of\" the officers, thereby making the shooting \"authorized\" under state law, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56957905","title":"Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting","url":"/Nightline/video/protests-continue-charges-filed-fatal-minneapolis-police-shooting-56957905"}