These Pups Shed the Pounds at Weight Loss Camp for Dogs

This animal weight-loss camp is part of a four-legged fitness industry that now includes dog yoga, doggie treadmills and chefs crafting special treats.
6:03 | 09/13/16

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Transcript for These Pups Shed the Pounds at Weight Loss Camp for Dogs
I can't help but did savage Twyla. Or a husky husky. Well you're not alone pet obesity is on the rise and more and more Americans are sending their animals to camps to help them go from fat. To fit here's ABC's nick watt. It's the only place that I would you. Consider sending her sale. At least that is taking little Maggie this summer camp in New Jersey. But. Hey Disney kid yankees a Golden Retriever puppies and apply was being. I've pulled a Morris animal game. I am. Yeah people have said it's just a dot YE going to that extreme. And on that because she's part of the family. And I want her to be healthy and happy that the play package showed the outside doing all of the different dog runs should be. Out on that nature walk. We'll check back in with Eddie who has apparently little lazy and just a minute yeah. But it turns out Lisa is far from alone in Erin life and that's due to her Ahrens Alf we will spend fifteen billion dollars this year alone on our. Pet's health. Yeah. Back in my hometown Los Angeles felt as exploding W cross bit try to keep that that sanctions Betty. Not having yeah I'm toasting nothing. And there's two one today Nash impressive. Yeah it's. Don't view gotten its. Didn't very powerful for book you can find a chance allergies a little anxiety. And everything that. Freeze he's a little healing we must confess the experiences. Rather lovely ring yeah and I just take your right hand up and over. And stretch. Polygamy but today's Eva bubbly dance next to shipping and a healthy upscale Beverly Hills easily outpaced Wilson pencils it is an interstate resolves. Yes it's it's a secret. Choice of land beef tartar are smeared that Sowells act adds he has deeds that make fish skin garnish you know this looks lovely but. You know the dogs are just gonna come in. Its star. It's not for lunching ladies on the pool bar here at Crissy and pitch is in the vanguard. Commons his death. Conclude that little too much souls your table manners are pretty atrocious. Rain free is a very popular trend right now includes. Free and is he now it's a lot of how you're eating and what your putting out body heat up heavy attrition is something that's at global conversation piece. Because more than half of our dogs and cats are in thing. Overweight or obese. Didn't work here is that they get very nice thing looking at better cash if you want to go he deserves very. Us. Very out of office thought it. That's the philosophy here it is enough for you it's big and a friend had it pulled back for you rules about your. Typically cast. Upstairs they're very to get death. This is a cut lifestyle senator pat lifestyle center tracked steadily ahead of the curve in setting trends. Here their whole eating right. Exercising right feeling good about themselves. I want to say it's ridiculous that it's kind of beautiful. It is the mom and they're they're very well made and yes there's a chance we'll. Get it. We'll review it Romeo has signing Anaheim next I was a leather little miracle match matched. It's a thank you so perhaps. You put a narrative Virginia reaching right you deserve it looked at Romeo loans it we will spend sixty billion dollars both love our pets this year. That's up staggering 75%. In the year two pheasant. Meanwhile back at the Morris animal in a New Jersey which ranges between 75 bucks and 160 for days treatment and a night stay. Turns at thank you really is a little less. Dogs eat exercise they need to stay active and are to be healthy. They're not destructive at home. And Aggies a nervous swimmer who needs a life that's. And there's an Aqua agility test at the end of the week will see pop. Is all this really necessary. Pet owners. They're very busy and a lot of us work very hard for us he laughs make sure that scared dogs get the exercise that they need it's very important because you want them to live a long life. You know there's wrist bands fit bits that tell humans how active they are being. Next Krueger as well I wound up losing her around fifty pounds yet know they exist for its Q and Max and little else talk he wears well. When he came out probably twelve or fourteen and my friends sent me the link her life plus thirty now like everybody cool. Held night bust adult walker for slacking off. When Tucker missed must be out for whole hour at a time his activity trackerless register that he's in. Moving for maybe ten minutes so we put into getting another locker. Meanwhile back in Jersey Yankee. Stands like best. Face the swimming test. Now she's jumping off sides he doesn't need a life jacket at all and she has impressed that's all and leases it to take their. I only got Garrett thanks hiking guests at the I am so excited that they. Posted its. Does anyone really love the treadmill. Really. I'm they look for Nightline in Beverly Hills. Answers now. Remember real weakens half curse.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"This animal weight-loss camp is part of a four-legged fitness industry that now includes dog yoga, doggie treadmills and chefs crafting special treats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42048879","title":"These Pups Shed the Pounds at Weight Loss Camp for Dogs","url":"/Nightline/video/pups-shed-pounds-weight-loss-camp-dogs-42048879"}