Ramen: Not Your College Dorm Noodles Anymore

From cheap food staple to fine dining, these noodles have gone gourmet and mainstream.
3:00 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Ramen: Not Your College Dorm Noodles Anymore
-- are a lot of things convenience inexpensive popular with college kids palatable to even people with the -- use of eating tastes there is however. One label that few people have ever applied to noodles. Gore may as ABC's juju Chang reports that may actually be about change. The lowly Roman -- is on -- hot -- spicy -- skin card -- insular some. Honey boo -- swears by. Once dismissed as a freeze dried staple of college dorm life eaten out of a -- found no less. Rama noodles have now gone gourmet and mainstream they -- -- Japanese hand you know and it's -- -- mission to bring the -- to the masses and herald the comeback of the much maligned carbo load. There are you ready to do -- little lift -- As CEO of noodles and company already knows that these -- are big business. That was really -- you've experienced all of this explosive growth but at the expense of somebody -- the I think we're still. A little bit from the McDonald's of the world -- sit down. Chili's and Applebee's and every now. In fact the Colorado based chain has tripled in size since the beginning of the financial crisis growing to 339. Outlets in 25 states yeah. Ready even thinks noodles may be on track to replace fast food icons like Mickey -- signature burger. The noodle dish may be the new fitness. We hope so are you eating McDonald's lunch. I feel very good that we are competing exceptionally well against -- and -- operational chain. Annie's not just -- -- smack he spent twenty years that the golden arches ready -- noodles and company as the future of American cuisine. It's fine dining but it's not fast food either. It's part of the fastest growing segment of the restaurant business isn't a lot of -- called fast casual. This CEO let me show my stuff over a hot stove that is until -- -- -- what you just did is one of the most skilled positions. In the restaurant inside -- -- And I figure I ever want with an emphasis on healthy wallet friendly price points noodles and company features family friendly dining areas cross section of global exotic flavors. All while maintaining the beloved kid friendly Mac and cheese thanks -- -- that Canada. There's a lot of experimenting going on we got a sneak peek into their top secret test kitchen a few months back. It's been -- and slow. -- for five to six hours it's just pull apart and there were senior management is tasting the latest utilization of pulled -- Ready is not easily impressed. He's great but -- sure we're. Visual stimulation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Herbert of them -- Four and mourners as bad as this attacks in the afternoon is that sex -- -- but in the age of -- no doughnuts and designer pizza this is really good. Even the humble staple of starving artists and working stiffs everywhere it has an RT east all. -- -- Pickle -- dashing a bean sprouts that is a -- on the -- Ago I even orchid is hands down the world's most renowned -- and Guber to run it shouldn't be too subtle it's got -- really been a look at Mike is noodles are meant to -- flirt. It's considered rude not to. You cannot enjoy Iran. Ultimately -- -- you learn how -- -- Working spent a decade learning from the masters in Japan to take -- very seriously yes where he reached the rarefied -- of -- diva. Then launched his own line -- and products stick perhaps but he's fluent in Japanese and a classically trained -- For the Brooklyn born -- -- who has an obsessive compulsive streak Rodman is his life. They used. -- sort of a little scientists write it sort of gotten away and even now I've probably need a 100000 meals and just. This process just blows my mind every single time here's the thing like that that. It's magic. Having worked in New York's finest restaurants -- knows that it's not just civilians it's art. Chicken out of bed and when it's done with exquisite attention to detail. Out even of jaded hipster New Yorkers flocked to -- -- Robin is the only. Cuisine if you will that that doesn't have a rule book there is no rule book as a matter fact people pride themselves on keeping everything -- -- -- Thinking of -- -- they think -- free skies. Question about rock Robin in -- -- ball is in new foodstuff people here. I mean I mean -- and yes the name when they hear they played with something else but as they come to these shops and -- start crying and it really. Robin is the little -- To be eaten with the -- flourish. Write -- itself. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"id":19378948,"title":"Ramen: Not Your College Dorm Noodles Anymore","duration":"3:00","description":"From cheap food staple to fine dining, these noodles have gone gourmet and mainstream.","url":"/Nightline/video/ramen-college-dorm-noodles-anymore-19378948","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}