Rescue operation continues for boys, soccer coach in Thailand cave

After the rescue of four more boys, dive teams were hopeful that they will also be able to save the remaining four boys and their adults soccer coach still trapped in the cavern.
8:11 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Rescue operation continues for boys, soccer coach in Thailand cave
We begin tonight with breaking news a cave site in Thailand, where new hop and fear punctuate a exhaustive rescue fort. Today will be the fir day in weeks THA some of the boys rescued will bereunited with R parent but the world'ten still focusedn those who remain trapped. And now aer storm closing in. ABC's Matt Gutman is here W the latest. Reportehey, juju. A Thai official just gave a press confer. He said two of theht boys pull from that cave have suffered F S sort of lung infection. He S all eight boys are currently B evaluated in terms of thehysical and mental well-being.he said they Arn good spirits. Four of them are able to eat regular ATS point, although nothing too spicy, but that all of oys will have to spend seven days in the hospital although he did note their immune system seems to haeen boost bid their playing of soccer all these years. This is still very much an ongoing rescue operation.there are five people still left in that ve. First the ar now the rescue. A massive multinational open T pluck those 12 THA ys and their coach from the bellyf a mountain known as the sleeping pass. Any people are coming rescuers freed eight of thras. Wh began as a playful rite of passfor members of wild boars soccer tm 18 days O has become the trialf their lives. Their survi miraculous. Afterekking into the Luong cave in northern Thailand in a team-buildingxee with their coach the boys found emselves here, marooned by risiate than a mile and a half inside a labyrinth of dipping and rising pa. Those treacherous M rains choking off T exit, Makin their way out impassable wut diving gear. And here's what theescuers have had toigatey foray into the cave. Reducedility iide the dark cave and under murky water. A current so strong it' ripped the masks right off overs' faces. Narrowpassages, some as ti as 15 ch D cave walls as sharp as broken glass. E of these passageways are so narrow you kind of jt have to scoot on Y O crawl to get through. Imagine doing this underwater. Reporter: For theescuers physicallyling the boys through the cave it's exhing rk. For the ys, who have had LI O swimming experience let alone C diving experience, it's a monumentally diicult task, one they' got to undertake in theireakened lnourishedstate. What's remarkable is that you're crong the whole time and you get tired very,ery quickly because you basically in a constant squate thistrying to get through here. Agine doing I -- I've got a backpack with ce pounds on. But imagine doing 50, 60, sf scuba gear. Onder those rescue divers are complete exhausted. Reporter: All the while oxygen levels in thee D, and at anyen heavy rains could fill U the already submerged caverns.yon only imaginehe sen here in Thailand thahese boys who everybody thought W appedmed in this nearly impenetrable C with water filled to the brim all the way tthe top making it nearly imible for rers find them, that they've actually been rescued and now this is ss. Preparing for the mission,eams ipping away at the rock. Expanding thetunnels. Working togerous water. Hoping thiam will keep it out. Thust move quickly to evacuate the remaining prs andir coach. With time and elemes working against them, rescuers took 11 hour getting the first F free Sunday. Four more came out ay more quickly than the first group.if you wonder why they can't pull evedy out ace, it's because the supporteam is so huge,ut 100 divers, that they are going through all their stockpile oxygen tasks. Plus it so arduous THA they need those divers to get a rest the entireeffort, carefully caed human relay. Guidelines set up spanninhe expanse of the cave all the way back to the K and their coach. Moving as a cohesive unit,he rs implemented Ady system to escort each of E boys out. Eadiver tethered to eac boy carries their oxygen tank. The R diver helps navigate them through the twisting maze and tight underwater passages. In the meantime, divers supplying food andedical attention to the rest of the grthe sheer workload would prove thereatest Chall of all. Rescuers S upxyn tanks all along the route. Atst 90 divers have been involved in the mission. E of them, former Thai nav S.E.A.L. And volunt saman guman, died fro lac of oxygen set up tanalong that treacherous path. People can't survive inn ambient environment with oxor very long. Whether that's minutes orrs depends on the P and depends on theercentage of oxygen and how much there. Don't think anyone was surpri T hear that the oxygen qua and supply in this chamber was deteriorating. Reporr: Once outside the cave they were first checked at a fielit then Wai ambulances helicopters whisked them to ital 35 miles away, where a entire floor has been set aside to treat them. They have pretty good medical carethere. D one of the biggest indications that was the way in whihey prepa their hospital the patients. It reflected a py sophisticated degree of planning and cipation for a variety of medical and clinical scenar Rep toys reportedly haven't been able tee their families yet out of concern for pole infen. People who work in infection control a like to quarantine pe until the have a full understanding of not only what's going on with the ent buthat's going on with theople who are interacting that pat. But again, in all likelihood their medical condition infectiouswise is nothing that their family needs to be wed about. I think that, know, the medical team there isust Ng overly cautious. And that makessense. Fortunately, they Hader that was seeping into the cave so they were able toy hydrated to a certain degree. Buhey wereuffering from acute malnutrion. Reporter: The boys are reportedly conscioun good physical condition and eg ft foods and R. But their ordealay have other lasting effects. The be hypervigilant. They may have nightmares. They may barful. May regress a bit in the behavior. Some of them may actually get a little bit depressed. Theyoiertain circumstances. They probably won't like enclosed aces. And they'll need support through that. Hopefully, in the T they'll also come away with new strengthat they never had can expect that some or all seoys will be much better in a crisis. 'Ll be resilient.they'll he a new outlook O will bemarkable and hopefully positive. Reporter: One of the survivors turned 16 during his time in the cave. His uncle tells us the family had goent him birthday cake and they hope to celebrate when the entire team is sa the community that has hoped a miracle for 18 days now has St all their prayers red. And the group of boys and their rescuers, the picture of team spirit for "Nightline" I'm Matt Gutman inmai Thailand. Our T to mat and the entire team. And tune in tomorrow to "20 for a ial on the Thailand cave rescue.

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{"duration":"8:11","description":"After the rescue of four more boys, dive teams were hopeful that they will also be able to save the remaining four boys and their adults soccer coach still trapped in the cavern.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56474375","title":"Rescue operation continues for boys, soccer coach in Thailand cave","url":"/Nightline/video/rescue-operation-continues-boys-soccer-coach-thailand-cave-56474375"}