Robin's Journey: Road to Recovery

"GMA" anchor Robin Roberts offers an inside look at her recovery struggles and triumphs.
4:55 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin's Journey: Road to Recovery
This is a very special week for ABC news family as we watch Robin Roberts say Good Morning America from the anchor desk for the first time. And I 174. Days it was -- triumphant return from a difficult journey. When the began when she announced she was leaving to receive a bone marrow transplants of -- a rare blood disease. The procedure laid waste or her immune system and -- spent a month from the hospital much of that in isolation. Her remarkable journey is captured on a full hour of twenty -- tomorrow. Tonight. A preview. Most -- day has come I can finally leave the hospital. -- -- -- murder and costs. Saying goodbye to my fabulous medical team at Sloan Kettering is bittersweet. Players are put -- when I get home. -- take a long way home and MCI. First departing. Here after thirty days of isolation. I take my first breath. A fresh -- From -- the wind was blowing and feeling the wind and just feeling the air and just washed over me. Overwhelming. -- I tell you all the music from New York -- and -- yeah. There is no planes -- For the next few months. Day in and day out I would remain here in my heart. Retreating from the outside world and from the cameras to. Little by little I began to -- of my life building up my system giving strong. After flying. I was now ready to -- around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning to someone early recovery in the very same transplant I had. Another reminder how. This strikes David upon -- is a colleague of mine a sound man at ABC news. And look at. He's he's here. MS -- should be doing exactly it never give up don't ever give and that's what we're doing it's it's nice to it. To talk to somebody use the same business. -- -- -- It's -- -- business -- now I know that an open and there's work that out -- Roman night. Your family you have to. We still offer someone home. -- in a position to give back. Even something as simple as being able to sit down when night GMA co -- at a restaurant will be eaten together so many times before -- Sitting -- accounts. The -- of the diagnosis. Consumption that you said jobs and exit vowed to fight to focus on the fight got the fright and he said it's our fight. What I was going through and we were going through together this morning everyone hello -- Robin at home. You know I love it when every morning when you say. -- at home -- Robin Tyler envelope for having shared with. And by sharing his youth. Helped countless. People -- that is a huge -- would love. Okay our friends and -- we're going. But I knew that before I would. Be able to return to descend into my GMA -- -- My heart was calling me to the place where this journey began. Give -- time to go home and I needed to do that for. -- -- -- My family's home -- To see some of the oldest friends -- an overhead. And she went south you can see all of -- triumphant journey from home back to the Good Morning America sat on a very special -- Of 20/20 right here on ABC tomorrow night at 10 PM. Eastern.

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{"id":18563348,"title":"Robin's Journey: Road to Recovery","duration":"4:55","description":"\"GMA\" anchor Robin Roberts offers an inside look at her recovery struggles and triumphs.","url":"/Nightline/video/robins-journey-road-recovery-18563348","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}