Rose Wine, 'It's a Lifestyle'

Sales for this pink summer wine have been booming, in part thanks to celebrity brands and millennials who add fuel to the fanfare with hashtags on social media.
6:41 | 06/21/16

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Transcript for Rose Wine, 'It's a Lifestyle'
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain ago. When rose wine was considered gauche, and other derogatory grench words. That's changing. Ask brad and Angelina or Nicki Minaj. Should you be drinking it? Here's Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: It's more than a drink. It's the rose life? It's a lifestyle. It's good times. Being with friends, but not having a care in the world. Reporter: Rose, once considered the redheaded stepchild of wines is having its moment in the sun. The color, the shape of the bottle. It's magic. It's magic. Reporter: From bad arad and Ang knee L -- Angelina. People can't seem to get enough. And now josh estrops ki, the fat jewish is using his social media celebrity to launch his own wine, white girl rose. His line and many others capitalizing on a booming market. Rose sales up 35% since last year, nearly 300 million liters consumed in the U.S. Alone. Today we're cruising around new York City in a pink convertible as part of his parade for national rose day. How many other things have parades? It's delicious and deserves a parade. Reporter: It feels slightly dangerous. Okay. A slight element of danger, yeah, but light danger. Reporter: And you haven't had any rose yet, so we're good. Right. The rose comes after. Reporter: A big part of the rose market, ma lillennials. Hash tags like "Rose all day" often paired with pictures from rose revelry. People who like to travel and go to the Hamptons. They're looking for the next hot spot. Reporter: Sara has tapped into that. 20,000 followers, traveling the globe to snap and sip the finest rose. We're drinking a lot of it. Reporter: And this is what you do for a living? Yeah. Great. Reporter: I caught up with her on a cruise dedicated to the pink drink. It's a beautiful color. I think that's part of the appeal. It photographs very well. And beautiful people drinking beautiful wine in beautiful places. The instagram accounts for rose keep coming every day. It's a brute rose. It's sparkling. It's a pretty color. It's really refreshing for the summertime. Thank you. Cheers. Reporter: Cheers. To our glass number one. Yeah. Reporter: How does it compare? In the world of rose? It's great. I typically drink still rose, but this is amazing. Reporter: On the boat, one of the largest rose festivals. 1,000 guests and more than 150 different rose varieties. The founder introduced me to a few of them. Rose is a world of wine. Exactly. Reporter: What makes a wine rose? It's a maturization of the skin and the juice for a short period of time. Like, about an hour or two. When a red wine macerates for several days or weeks. The blend is fabulous. Can you smell it? Reporter: I can. It smells really good. And America isn't just drinking rose. The country is now the third largest exporter of the wine. Right behind France. Famous in the rose world in some regions and Italy. We have about 17 acres total here on this historic farm. Reporter: Paula has been making rose on the north fork of Long Island for 13 years. You're seeing the grapes. They've actually just sprouted. They're new growth. It takes about four of these vines to make a bottle of rose. Reporter: The area is a sweet spot for growing the grapes. The soil out here is very, very fertile. It's also great for the flavors of making rose. Reporter: The stakes are high. It's about 10$,000 an acre to just to keep them growing. Reporter: Paula says it's worth every penny. It's not just a ritual in drinking rose. It's a lifestyle. You fall in love looking at the color, the shape of the bottle. You want to buy five. Reporter: If you're buying a wott bottle, don't go vintage. This stuff is best enjoyed young. Look for a bottle labeled with a recent year. It pairs well with summer stap staples like bbq. There's no need to break the bank. A decent bottle is 20. Back at the parade, they're launching the latest product, babe, the first sparkling rose in a can. You know, you can drink it in your Uber, bring it in your bag. Make life less unbearable. Have it with you at all times. Reporter: This is the new babe. How is it going? Well. Reporter: Are a lot of people coming in and asking? They are. Reporter: How much do you know about wine and the wine business? We knew nothing about the wine or briwine business, but we've been developing a relationship with our consumers with our books and other products, and we just sort of dove right in and tried to figure out exactly how we can make a wine. Reporter: Their mission, more than a business, they say, but a heroic and selfless act. We don't want -- I don't want my future children, if god forbid, I have any, to grow up in a world where there's not enough rose. Never again. Never again. Reporter: And though they acted on the wine of the movement, this is no fleeting trend, they say. Rose is here to stay. A lot of alcoholic beverages have gone out of style. Do you ever worry what happens when rose isn't envogue anymore. Does awesome stuff go out of vogue? Do kittens go out of style? I don't think. Reporter: For knightl"nightline" in New York.

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{"id":40007174,"title":"Rose Wine, 'It's a Lifestyle' ","duration":"6:41","description":"Sales for this pink summer wine have been booming, in part thanks to celebrity brands and millennials who add fuel to the fanfare with hashtags on social media.","url":"/Nightline/video/rose-wine-lifestyle-40007174","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}