With 'Roseanne' cancelled, a look at companies making changes after social response

Starbucks closed 8,000 stores for employees to undergo racial bias training after two African-American men were arrested for occupying a table without making a purchase at a Philadelphia location.
6:06 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for With 'Roseanne' cancelled, a look at companies making changes after social response
Repor ABC with a swift andisive respo canceling "Roseanne." Only hours after her racist tweet about fr Obama white house adviser Valerie Jarrett. Social media has B both a battlefield bullorn in our count as I reckons with long-sring differences over racial, social, and pical es. Opposition on each sidearmed not wi pitchforks and tohes, but keystrokes and hash tags. Today's hash tag was #boycottabc,ome arguing Roseanne should bered. Others after the decisioas ma that she shouldn't have be She trump supporter in real life and her character, and th were a L of people who liked thew because of that. And they believed that's th reason the show was caed. ABC will still face a backlash because of that. But they will overcome it. Andhat's a backlash they can endure by being on the right side of racism. Reporter: A today, while ABC faced backlash for Roseanne's comments, Starbucks was responding to bash of its own, closing ss across the country midda for an afn O anti-discriminn training. We're going to tin 175,000 Starbucks partners, we C O employees partners, on this anti-bias training. And W realize that this is just one step in a journey. Reporr:hat step a direct response to this video that went viral last month. Police said was trespas at a Philadelphia Starbucks. ??? Keep on walking ??? ??? ??? Reporter: Thencident sparked outrage across country. Calls forcotts. Starbuck accused O racism. Point is, tment represents time in American fe where corporations C get away with thee old status quo response toracism. Reporter: The men, rashaun Nelson a Donte robinson,ere in philadelph upscale ritten house squarearea, waiting T meet a poten business associathoives in the neighborhood. A real estat meeting. We've been working on Thi hs. Reporter: They'd arrived early and rashauned the wo at the count if he could use the room. She stated the were for paying cusrs only. An just left I at that. Reporte minutes later the manager called the police. Hi, have two Lemen in my cafe tt are refusing to a purchase or leave. Reporter: Police arrive, S does andrewfe, theriend were waitifor. Rashad and Donte wererrested and held in custody for ral hours. Without delay, company can Howard schultzcknowledge on CBS that B was at the root of what happened. Reason they W called was because WER afn-american. And I think -- I'm embarraed byt I'm ashamedf th Reporter: K Johnson, Starbucks' ceo,oged. I'll say the cirtances surrounding the incident and the oue in our store ouray were reprehensible. They were wrong. And for that I personally apologize the T gentlemen that visited our store. Reporter: And todayrbks took things a step ferith company-wide tining O diversity. We H set of content that include a wook F teams to work tother, some video en a lot of self-exploration, and group scussion. Sos a vy experientialactivity. The entire leadership team and I took this training lasteek and I'd say at the of it we were emotionally exhausted. But we were inspired. Because led something and we felt like this could open up a dialogue and all U to not only be better individuals but allow us to be betters a company. It is very difficult to Chan implicit bias in a four-hour session, orve a four-monssion. But what we can do make people more aware of their biases. And if Starbucks I committed to doing this on ctinuous basis, we might be able to change the expert of some customers. What do say to critics whoy, look, this is just one bigpr stunt? This ot pr stunt. Ths an itmt in the future of Starbucks. Thill be a long jour but it's one we are committed to. You know, these are hard issues. Ou begin dialogue around race and racial bias but we're approaching it in serious, tful way with a lot oel from our outsi advisers, and we think this is going to mak a meaningful difference in who we are a a company and how we S up I the future. Reporter: Follo the parkland shooting, there was #boycottnra. In response at a dozen companies, including delta airlines, metlifeinsurance, and Wyndham ls, cuties with the NRA and E discount programs. And tis the virtual protests force about face-to-fa confrontat. Take waffle house. The customers are eating, they are happening to bete custom only. Reporter: After two racially charged incts wereaught on tape same day, waffle H with protesterst their headquarters innta. Before socialmedia, companies had a ly of either be denial about howhe pu felt, or choosing to act otherwise. But with social media,ry person has their own media outlet, every person'sheir O publisher.and when something like this gets going, it's literally a wire on socialia. And it's notcontrollable. And the company has toe decisions. I think social Medi is prompt companies to be more proactive than they normally would been, where waybe in the past wouave seen people and R out the Orm. You T do that ane. Reporter:ay ABC's response reafirming the not that free speechoesn't mean you won't pay a price for what U say. Disney has been a leader in Disney channel they have doc mcstuffens, they hav "Black-ishhey're the studio behind "Black par." You can't have both ways. You can't be the L then lag be when it comes to doing th right thing. Reporter: "Nightline" I linsey Davis in New York.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Starbucks closed 8,000 stores for employees to undergo racial bias training after two African-American men were arrested for occupying a table without making a purchase at a Philadelphia location. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55524952","title":"With 'Roseanne' cancelled, a look at companies making changes after social response","url":"/Nightline/video/roseanne-cancelled-companies-making-social-response-55524952"}