Sally Field reflects on her past in new memoir, 'In Pieces'

For the first time, the award-winning actress is sharing the truth about what she says was a childhood of dark uncertainties, including abuse at the hands of her stepfather.
11:04 | 09/18/18

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Transcript for Sally Field reflects on her past in new memoir, 'In Pieces'
T is hard to a sunni America face. 3 sack. Ye lking at tom 54 years ago,n unknowner in a kind ofn. When goo T beach, there, or my boyfriend, then it'sst by myse. Sally field,emembering that moment she won part of impossibly innocent girl next Gidget. You see peo you meet, Gidget. And T we kno she's a 20-year-old strappe into aarness. Anywayot going give up we can see the wire Wreally can Oh, flying nun" on TV made a household name, but next 5ears she would blaze acrosseeh artling power canll. Sometimes hilari The whole the whole whole! Theng out of history. Will they ever how we for Sometimes simy shatteri Why? Why? Bs only tod at the ag of 71 THA she'sly ready to tohees. Touncover wt had my fe. Which was? boy,hat's -- Mories T painful. Mies THA W drop you bone, Y know,hat would justor you. For E ch the fir greatystery is your own family. Hers includes aeautiful mother iz. She's W glowe like honey in a gss jar. Incredibly beautiful.yeah, ye. Incredibl luminous. MM, trul truly was. Buthe also the mother who wasn't by a man who becasally's step dad, stuntman and Acor. Jacco Mahoney. She was only 4 5ears otepfatherould C her tthe bedroom. He had back heanted H talk on his aching muscles I waslways tiny, a littleperson, even littlier than I am now, true a- and fromhe go, I was lik a -- a kind. He was a stunt M so he was always and injured and wounded, and I was lite that it hav a dance floor on Thi huge back, and then that -- I -- that grew. Come walk on my back. And so I did. T his back? Ah. Y read the details of HAPD I book. Her story frightening escalating expation O a little girl. She the abuse ctinued until her early. You know, chi abuse, sexual abe,t think one of the sons it is at least my point ofew,t's so damaging is because it's so there isn't just one one of the thinhat we alwaysea howarly sets in. Oh,ahmm-hmm. And how ear the doubt our colicity. Oh, yeah. Omehow sets in. Mm-hmm, mhmm, and H then do you grow up and hav any sort understanding of what heahy sexuality is, O how is it always connecto danger? It's alwaysnected todanger shame and Loss? W kind of thef self. The secrets, loneliness not to mention theorrosive question. How much did her beaut mother now? It wl take her decades ask loogain at the face and joy. She its about depression, uncontrollablerage, binge and the C for the little nun who put on era pounds. Someone gave you lls? Yeah. They gave me,ow, these big green dexad. Dexadr hotn summer in they. Oh, boy. Thiss fun. Sheays S maned to stop the bills after J a few nths, but the F nun had also made a joke the serious actingmunity she worshipped. She's a to golden globes, but they make H fly , and by the way, it's made dress. My mom made thee night before. ING ak taffeta culotteoutfitnd hair was gets. I an, what on Earth was thinking? Not muchle Ng across the coconut grove and look down at one to know and be, and I had to into the John E. To fight for so many of those roles we love. Th ones who won her two oscars. At theme time shear andee children sheadores, bu there were ao two and relationships she says still refla little G with a cracked have Y learned abouten? Not much. I Rea- ion't - I figure that out. Like the romancet 40 years 1977, rogusuperstar Burt Reynolds chose hero his girl in "Ey and the bandit." The movieomes up onhe screen as the roxieem. I was so good. You would loved me. W knownac about three days, four day that point. Itas instantaneous, and four feltike four yearso you can S it in our faces, you ow. We we sort of deeply entangled.and the nature oft wasn't just, you know, ohhis is a between us having to with my cetaking and him taken ce of In the book she writes about hispanic atcks, hypoconned yeah, pills to sootheim she says fore up a lot of what she wanted to make H I tnk the only reason to write aboutteas too -- he was an illustration H I was replicating things my childhood in aattern at I couldn't get out of. Ynized love to be ved I had todisappea She says she finally manage to lve art because atearned from role "No Rae," the true sry an whoad the courage to stand up for herself. I this, I'm going to finiece by S holding on to yr own strike. At oneoint her stef father remarried with a different fa asked her for money D you G it to him? Sure,yeah. She told me she should haho up for his St manaward before he died. D have ofwhy? I don't kno E I -- it was a weird th to say I won. Won we were in someei battle, and 'S just the and I won. And finally one more pie oflife T face dn. Lly field was in her sh gathered the to ask herng that lacerating question. Did you kno WHA was doing? She was veryrail and --nd ion away. I have theve with her, They were in then. Her mother trembled confessin thatecades ago her steather had mentioned oneevent. That he had something ande felt terriblend heed hergiveness. D she sai something pretty awful, prey gphic that he had said wch, you know what, went whoa. For me to hear to know that was true and for me say to hemother, wasn't just one moment in my life an inscretion on his was my wle life. It was my whole child gives her the only thing she can,er anguish,er regret, promising love in thisnd after. He yanked theoor woep with the strength iidn'tnk she this again. I letou down. Sally field said S lrned rn inside impet ves and the triumph is to choose hold on. Life is never one thing. It is a lifeti of work and struggle and success and urhe when you fe absutelyed to the ground wit defeat ointment or just hopeless. It's to you to be I pain and felt and stand up and move again. inpiece"in pieces" is O tomro our T sawye

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{"duration":"11:04","description":"For the first time, the award-winning actress is sharing the truth about what she says was a childhood of dark uncertainties, including abuse at the hands of her stepfather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57899598","title":"Sally Field reflects on her past in new memoir, 'In Pieces'","url":"/Nightline/video/sally-field-reflects-past-memoir-pieces-57899598"}