Behind the scenes of Britain's latest obsession, the reality TV show 'Love Island'

ABC News' "Nightline" went on set with the producers of the controversial hit UK reality show, "Love Island" in Mallorca, Spain.
6:33 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Behind the scenes of Britain's latest obsession, the reality TV show 'Love Island'
He is ABC's correspondent. I want to couple uph -- ro Fining love on R TV has always B fueled B competition. ?????? ?????? temptation and lots of. For the uk reality show, "Love land" takes it to a whole new level. The show INTs fourth season, is a msive hit across the pond. Oh, my god, complete obsesses. Between this and worldcup, nothing else tokabout. Six attctive M and women are taken villa in majorca, Spain. Ntestants decide who to pair up with. If you like the look of we step forward. I mean look at theight pack, guys. It plan human weakness, the temptation at every turn. To see who cantay together the longest. That's M boyfriend. 'S cheating I've C do that. Basic all H emotion, kind of. Don't even want to see Yo Manipulated by a proion company. How thehole thing work? Thought we would S you with figurines. U have a gro of guys and group of rls. They all go into the V together. They all get coupled up. But as the the show goes , more and more singles.ys girls are introduced.sically wt that will mean, each week someone gets dump. As the the show goes on the number of couples gets less and entually you are left with the nning couples. Prers watch their every move manipulating and testing them. With frequent distractio hi,gu Even,0 contestants on standbyho can be sent in on the show at any moment. To try and break peo up. All of a sudd we are just like, oh,y god, there is some onelse Even after winning, hs can be broken. Itime to find out, whether for you two has been Abt love or money. Only one of them will get the pr money. Decideo share it or not. Of Urse, I'm going to shareit. We went to majorca, one O Spain any most beautiful island to peek behind the scenf this ratings phenomenon. After Thank you. Ts is so top secret, we a noven allowed to meet you E. We have to take us. Ablutely. It's not that secret in the fit is stuck on top of hill. We try to keep asy prying eyes away as we Reporter: Each contestant a team assigned 24 producers canct I realtime to whaty see. Why don't you have caras?whon't you he cameras? In there, we don't have cameras in the toilet. 'S pretty mucit. Pretty much it. Ow going to reveal the top fo colors. The on off a entanglements can change so fast that the hostuggles toeep up. Look a doctor. Should have a pager. Telle need youen the villa now. WHA makes this show special? This show, wri its we don't know what is going to happen. Like any relationship. You C shat W happen in six months O a ar's time. You don't know where the relationship will go. Now going to go tne of the cameraid whichs basically where the crew the camera people can sit and film out, outside. Out of siechof sight. Need to be quiet. Thar they're right there. We are hidden. Strange sensation like being th zoo. Need to Ben stand by to ee The show is not without controversy iheuk. I think evedy onhehow is objectifi in someway. We have the guys, with 16 les. Rls have body that a lot PEOP watching can't relate to. My calling it sex and ex, and describing how producers manipulate scantil CL contestants. Adam and Rosie were going strong unhe dumped her for . Youhed ZARA away. It W callus. It was diffi for a lot of viewers had experience aid similar thing in their life it hit a nerve for a L of people. Rosie wasn't vickhl in that. He was Cal out on it. What we are doing is we are Ng happened. This happens in real life. Real react contrived scenarios. Two people about toet dumped from the island. This is weird. Only two ofou will leave the island night. Rememberm, he and his new girlfrie ZARA Beth might get Bo from thla The girl we decided tob is ra ??? never thought ??? I'm going to write to him. From outside Reporter: As Americans know we finding love on reality TV has never been is a. Rarely does getting the final rose mean wed bells. There are lots ofmo risks if you are going T be a contestant orarticipant on reality TV and with social media and comment drivenarticles, you arein for people to say lots of Thi about you and, they're not going to be Ni things. Reporter: Many media. Iillell you a secret now. I D a lesbian for six months. Reporter: Sophias the first openlybisexual participant and sbout her experience on radio air. Comment on the way you look. The W you talk. They would comment with an opinio W you WER based on 45 minute of a TV . H reality is it can end U with the victim taking their own life as we have seen in the Dia. It has happened. Tragically, Sophie took her own lifnjune. The production team says it Rives to protect the islanders. Evyone when they cast, become psycgi throughout the series, a we are on air. So we take it rely, really seriously. W proper psychological help and , post I'm Y today that these things D potential happen. There are reportedly more contestan applying to be love island than to the uk's oxford and cambridge do you think it could wor E states? We have prors in America that would take T fmat and change it toward the sensibili of an ameriaudience. I thinfundamentaly at its heart you want to keep it as ue to the access hi that's what you would be buy

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{"id":56558448,"title":"Behind the scenes of Britain's latest obsession, the reality TV show 'Love Island'","duration":"6:33","description":"ABC News' \"Nightline\" went on set with the producers of the controversial hit UK reality show, \"Love Island\" in Mallorca, Spain.","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-britains-latest-obsession-reality-tv-show-love-56558448","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}