Secrets to Being Photogenic

Celebrity photographers show us how to avoid taking an awkward party picture.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Secrets to Being Photogenic
Now that christmas and new year's have pass you'd may find yourself with a gallery of holiday cards on your mantle. Some featuring, let's face it, pictures that are a little awkward. In this age where everybody everywhere has a camera, boosting your ability to be photogenic has become more important than ever. Which is why tonight, we have brought in a ringer, an expert. We're calling it our "nightline" photo booth. And here is abc's juju chang. Hello, 2014. And bye-bye to the awkward holiday photos. But those pictures we're fond of, even the royal versions are here to stay. Let's resolve to do them right. That's where world famous celebrity cameraman, nigel barker comes into the picture. A long time judge and photographer on "america's next top model" says anyone can be foet jen photogenic. The best models, and get into the moment. An authenticity. You have to be in the moment. Reporter: All about the moment. To test nigel's theories we set up the "nightline" photo booth to show real people how to streak a pose. Nigel works his magic. What do you think about embracing? Good. The closer the better. This is an old trick. One of you give some one a tickle. You are not expecting it. All the faces start laughing. Ta-dah, instant chemistry. For the perfect portrait. The camera is about angles. You create angles. Slight profile. One leg. Awful a sudd like a pretzel. The light, shimmy across your body. We want the light to shimmy. We asked the former model to demonstrate a few trending. I have something behind my tooth. Feed me. Feed me. Loling. I'm just laughing out loud. First up. When you stand in front of a camera. What's the first thing you do. Smile. For what reason? Because, that's how you take a picture. You smile. She looks okay. But watch as nigel takes her from ho-hum to hotty. Want to try the prune? The prune is, literally you say the word prune and try to look like the olsen sisters. You go prune. And hold it. Botox. Why is it? Your lips. Less expensive than botox. Much less. Not permanent. You don't like it. You can revert back. Next victim. Magdalenna from florida. Nice to meet you. She says she never likes wait she looks in photos. Whet were you thinking about right now? See, if you look at a camera. And go I don't like a picture of myself. Right. That fear, that look, that's what the camera picks up. Nigel's go-to pose is the smeyes. Smile with your eyes. Think of something delicious in your mouth. Think of the chocolate. There you go. Boom, boom, boom. Sharp, sharp, sharp. And the tricks work on guys too. Alex from new york city. Here is his normal guy pose. Watch nigel help him pump up his mojo. Look away from the camera. Look at the white wall. Turn straight back into the lens and power night. Smoking hot. This sultry look, made famous by former ralph lauren model, turned photographer, peter hurley. Look at you, awesome. First day ever. Never modeled before. Throwing in a power squinch. He noticed it. Piercing us with her eyes. Here we are looking at her wondering. Kind of blank. Now, she is, whoa. Just invited you over. Why is that? How we communicate? We communicate with our eyes. A video was born. Teaching his signature squinch to the masses. It went viral, gaining a million views. The definition. Narrow the distance between your pupil and lower eyelid. What does that do, the quarter inch? Unbelievable. Makes it look like a thought process going on for the person. No longer empty-headed. You get a vibe from the person. Which is similar to what we do when we flirt. Everyone is posting the pose. Advertisers, are even tweeting wildlife squinches. If a trained seal can do it, how hard can it be? Don't look so miserable. What are you doing? I feel miserable. I look l feel. There is the squinch. Snuck it by me! Go out in there! Peter can't help but go right into work mode. Knees together. Knees together. How do you know? Your feet a little bit. Hold that. More. Pigeon toes do nothing. Peter is trying to distract me from my fear of the lens. I want you behaving as you would if the camera wasn't there is if I distract you for a split second. End result, huh, not bad. Back at time square, we perfected dozens of poses, both tourists and natives. Nigel says it is not just the squinch or any pose. What you are trying to say in the photo? You are not a fan of any techniques really? Not a fan of the techniques. The most important thing is that emotion, telling a story, the narrative of every picture, is the most important thing. Who does it well? Got to say queen latifah, the most radiant person. I always see on the red carpet. Get up there. If you are 20 feet away. You think she is smiling at you. She will look through all the cameras, watch her focus on all cameras on the red carpet. She is like I am here for you, just here for you. The best way to avoid the plastered smile look. Off camera moments are genius. If you are going to take the shot. Get the moment. But then get some one to do something silly. Get some one to pull a face. Or get -- get an 80-year-old to fart. That could work.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrity photographers show us how to avoid taking an awkward party picture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21408069","title":"Secrets to Being Photogenic","url":"/Nightline/video/secrets-photogenic-21408069"}