Singer Natalie Grant Plays for Family Caught Up in Elaborate Hoax

Part 3: Christian Gospel singer, hoaxed with a photo of a family's cancer-stricken daughter, meets them.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Singer Natalie Grant Plays for Family Caught Up in Elaborate Hoax
I'm thrilled to meet them. This is like, for me, such a sweet thing coming out of something that was so negative. ? From your life ? And I'm like a reactionary crier, so I hope to keep my emotions intact. We're going to get to see Natalie grant, to get to meet her in person, it's just extremely exciting. Reporter: A singer and a family, connected by a cruel hoax. They've never actually met. Now, making a story of their own. When the singer Natalie grant got caught up in the same web of lies as the paisleys and others she fell in love with a little girl named Claire, who she was told, was a fan of her music. Grant remembers she was visiting Hawaii when she spoke with a woman she believed was Claire's mom. When I first began speaking to her she said your music means so much to our family, my little girl loves your song "Held" and it means so much to me as a mom because it's what is kind of keeping us going. Reporter: She got on the phone with the girl herself and sang to her. I never could quite shake that feeling, that in the back of my head that something about it just didn't sound like a real little girl. I struggled with guilt, thinking how could you even think that? ? Reporter: As we know grant was right to have doubts. The little girl on the phone was not real but the photos that she received in e-mails were real. They show Ellie Skees a young girl who loved animals and Egypt and had a great sense of humor. Five years before Natalie grant ever saw her picture, she had died of neuroblastoma. She had a vibrance about her that was something else. It. Was. She had her own little way. She wanted to take over the world. ? How it feels ? ? when the sacred is torn from your life ? ? Anne survive ? ? what it is to be loved ? Reporter: The very song the hoaxster used as a hook tow talk to grant had a real meaning for the Skees family. After she died it just struck me when I heard it on the radio and I caught pieces of it. It was like she specifically wrote it for me. Tough to listen to but good. Reporter: The Skees family knew their daughter's photos had been used to hoax celebrities but they didn't know until our investigation was that Natalie grant was among the people who had received them. When I found out that Natalie granted was one of them, it -- I was sad for her but I was really touched for our sakes because she had already touched us with her song "Held," and I was so amazed by that. Reporter: We offered to bring the Skees family, mom Sarah, dad John and Ellie's little brother, Ethan to nately grant concert in Dallas. Ellie, with them in spirit. Always. I think that she wouldn't like the fact that her picture was used to hurt somebody else. I think that would be upsetting to her but I think she would take joy that something good came from it. Reporter: It is Ethan's first trip to Texas. They just found out about the trip two days ago. But they are up for adventure as a family. When he finally come face to face with the woman who fell in love with their daughter, there are hugs and stories. She was very spirited and opini opinionated and also very sweet. Reporter: And one very intimate performance. ? Sudden healing ? Reporter: Afterwards they exchanged gifts. Beautiful scarf. Reporter: It the Skees family give her a photo of Ellie and the scarf she was wearing in the photo. I wanted you to have proof there was Ellie. I still cried tears for this child. Reporter: A private performance. It was a little over the top for me. ? We're asking why this happened ? Everything in that song goes straight from our hearts so getting to see her sing that for us was huge. Oh, yeah. ? This is what it means to be held ? Reporter: As the evening continues, it's no longer a story about a cruel hoax and a deeply troubled woman, Natalie grant gave them closure and something else. A lot of us who go through suffering could learn from this family because they are -- they are made of the good stuff. Reporter: For the Skees, it's about honoring their most treasured memories and transforming a theft into a gift. ? This is what it means to be held ? Next up, we head down to the model factory. Home to Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio and thousands of little girls who want to be just like them. Who will be the first to find the next million dollar baby? And can you really tell when

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Christian Gospel singer, hoaxed with a photo of a family's cancer-stricken daughter, meets them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23117457","title":"Singer Natalie Grant Plays for Family Caught Up in Elaborate Hoax","url":"/Nightline/video/singer-natalie-grant-plays-family-victimized-elaborate-hoax-23117457"}