Sir Patrick Stewart: From Blockbusters to Broadway

"X-Men's" Professor X talks new movie, "Star Trek" and perfecting the art of the "double take."
5:20 | 05/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sir Patrick Stewart: From Blockbusters to Broadway
The summer blockbuster season is upon us. One of the most star-studded films comes out this weekend. The latest installment of the X men series. Tonight one of the stars, one of two of british knights in the cast shares an inside look with my "Nightline" co-anchor juju Chang for our series "On the town." I had a glimpse into the past. Despite all the high priced special effects. And the skin tight leave nothing to the imagination costumes, the most striking X factor of the X men may be the caliber of the acting. Imagine a sci-fi movie chockful of Oscar winners and several nominees. You really think this will work? I have faith in him. Reporter: That's not all, two knights, sir Ian mckillen and sir Patrick Stewart, plays the leader of the X men, new superheroes who come together in the fifth installment of the franchise, "Days of future past." We need you to hope again. Do you worry audiences will grow tired of combic book movies? What is distinct to "X men" is they always had a philosophical moral content. So that has been at the heart of the whole franchise. Reporter: We sat down recent leap ly at the restaurant in New York City. City he calls home. You are a british sir and Brooklyn hipster. How do you reconcile the two side of you? I don't think they need reconciling. I was never a big city person. I always felt intimidated and out of place. I grew up in quite a small town. Now, that I should claim that Brooklyn is a small town. It's the way of doing it if you want to go on living! Reporter: It is Brooklyn's proximity to Broadway that often keeps the veteran stage actor busy. Collaborating recent leap wily with Ian mckiellen, for two classics. Why do you come here? Reporter: The two have known each other for decades. Yet it took the blockbuster "X men" movies to seal their friendship. I will always be there. Old friend. One aspect of movies like these are that -- you spend a lot of time waiting. In the trailer. Yeah, our trailers were, very, very comfortable. They grew so close that when he married his long time love, sunny Ozell, sir Ian actually officiated. It was my wife's idea. Ian became a member of the universal life church online. I love it. I recommend it. At 73, his third marriage has brought a fresh step to the man most of us got to know, of "Star trek the next generation." As a huge fan, "Star trek" could have been a career killer. What made you say yes, initially? Haw M I didn't. I firmly said no. But his agent managed to talk him night. Which paid off. A smash hit turned cultural phenomenon. Engage! I remember, our producer sag to me, the day that -- that our pilot episode aired more people will see you act tonight than have seen you act in your entire career in total. Reporter: Both gratifying and horrifying at the same time? Exactly. Sharing thoughts and feelings is -- is quite compelling. Reporter: What was your reaction to being, if I may say, a sex symbol? Overnight? Bemusement. A longing that, that, might have happened to me 35 years earlier. Reporter: After headlining two iconic sci-fi franchises he maintains his gravatas and picks labors of love like "Match." You are a man who should be concentrating on satisfying his beautiful life. Reporter: Comedy is an acting muscle Stewart is exercising more these days, a voice on "American dad." You slept with my daughter? Well, to be perfectly honest, neither of us did very much sleeping. Rip he often takes to Twitter to entertain his million-plus followers. Your you're releasing your inner comic. Laurence Olivier said it is marvelous to hear people sob or gasp at your performances. But the satisfaction of hearing them laugh is so much greater. Reporter: He got a lot of laughs with a youtube clip that went viral, perfecting the art of the double take. Her buns are the best. Reporter: And he showed me how it is done. So I have to say something that you will be surprised at, right. So, I'm pregnant. It might be yours. That was good. Want to see the triple. So I'm pregnant. If the might be yours. Ha-ha-ha. For "Nightline," juju Chang, making it so in New York City. Big thank you to juju there." "X men days of future past" opens in theaters may 23rd. Coming up on "Nightline."

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"\"X-Men's\" Professor X talks new movie, \"Star Trek\" and perfecting the art of the \"double take.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23742748","title":"Sir Patrick Stewart: From Blockbusters to Broadway ","url":"/Nightline/video/sir-patrick-stewart-blockbusters-broadway-23742748"}