Slain Florida Teen's Parents Fight Back

Parents of Jordan Davis, who was killed by Michael Dunn, say they want to go back to court.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Slain Florida Teen's Parents Fight Back
How could a jury not convict him of murder that's the question many asking tonight about the trial of software developer Michael -- Accused of murdering an unarmed seventeen year old over loud music. The only testimony supporting -- self defense claim was his own. And even that was contradicted by other witnesses. Dunn was convicted on four other counts but the jury deadlocked on the charge related to killing Jordan Davis and for davis' parents. That's not an abstract legal issue. It's very personal. ABC's Byron Pitts sat down with them for our series crime and punishment. It has been an incredibly long fifteen months for you to. It was his father Ron Davis who got the call his boy had been shot outside a suburban convenience store the day after Thanksgiving. -- I remember hearing the doctors say yes. Mr. Davis I'm so sorry -- and unable to revive. And -- made that long wall compare it would rather die than ever take and -- asked to see my son. And is a wait and assume you don't want to see him like there. And so they push either. Too isn't it right there. What I saw him he was laying there peacefully had a little blood on his -- And -- I was open just a little bit. And I walked over -- a -- not to touch him you know because this homicide investigation. -- I'm gonna touch my son and I hugged him and squeeze them. That smelled them but remember smell them. You know it's funny how these million children had you know you just you do you want -- -- and you you know and I -- -- for a long time I touched him. And I kissed him. And I saw little high openness and I know you've seen me Ellis talked myself I know you've seen me -- -- -- going to -- we'll find out about their belief that I told you about. You -- find that he will seek. And I kissed him again and again and I just broke down still warm still walks through walls to ensure. Harder still he told us book called the Jordan's mother Lucy -- Who was in Chicago visiting relatives. I just started screaming. And that's failing him from running up the stairs to postpone what's wrong what's wrong. Moon. -- -- -- -- -- I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. All of those fears it just came crashing down on me at one time because I never. However mansion then he could be murdered. Ron Davis and -- -- -- and bury their young son but tonight at a questions still haunts them and stalks this country. Which Jordan Davis have been killed that night had he been white. Jordan -- the -- for America just as any other child that is. He just doesn't happen to be white America but he still the face of America. This past weekend Michael Dunn was convicted of four -- five counts we did -- and it and it guilty of attempted second degree murder. On the primary charge of murder the -- can not agree and whether Dunn who was acting in self defense. I care -- Chinchilla. Aggressive. And kill them. Now he's screening. -- there's no there's no mistake away east and that is what he's. Outside this convenience store on the way to the mall Jordan and his friends stuck -- this gas stage the music in their car blaring. 47 year old software developer Michael -- pulled up alongside the -- -- to turn the volume -- Body -- and yes he or Iran and mind and rear view mirror is shaking. Nine you're John Irvine ordinances. Ridiculously. Loud music. Initially the young men comply but still on the news it was turned up again voices -- an argument started. And then -- -- seventeen year old Jordan Davis threatened his life. Surely there after ten shots for 53. Would hit Jordan. The latest symbol for legal debate about race in America. And the new equally -- discussion over Florida's controversial stand your ground law in what -- self defense. At that point. What did you believe was about to happen can you. I think diners can be killed Jordan number four who spoke exclusively to ABC news says that was a key moment in the trial. -- insistence he believed he was in danger. Then in his final directive from the defense attorney. Check page 25 start with page -- -- five. Page 25 -- the use of deadly force is justifiable Michael done reasonably believes that the forces necessary to prevent imminent death. -- great bodily harm. There interpretation what is he had a right to defend. That's -- your -- and that standard and it's all based upon your perception. A perception. Of fear. Rather than reality. Jordan number of four insists the jury follow the law -- was not persuaded by a race for lot of folk and American they would say. White man shoots and kills a seventeen year old black -- How could not be about race and somehow. Sitting in that room it was never presented that way we looked at it as. A bad situation. Where teenagers were together and words were spoken and lines were crossed I mean we really didn't look at as a race. I cannot find it hard. To believe that it never. Was a -- in their minds. As she said never spoken. Probably never spoken. Somewhere in the back of their head to have to come and because that's the reality of what this cases -- about how do you explain -- -- by America's standards. -- -- doing it right. Profession -- God fearing people. -- your son. In think. Who raised him to be an eloquent thoughtful and me it doesn't matter because they don't want it to matter they don't want. To see. This America. They don't want to see. This family. They don't believe we exist so. Jordan was foreign. To Michael yeah absolutely. He only saw the color of -- skin he couldn't and anyway shape or form. Open his consciousness unknowns to see that Jordan -- being. Immediately after the verdict davis' parents were gracious beyond belief. Expressing pity for their son's killer. Instead they had he -- Live the rest of his life. And has since -- home. But today there is also righteous indignation. For the first time I think I'm hearing. Some. Which some anger. Facts -- in -- face that. Demands that it. I'm not let you talk to me that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And fired a weapon used -- I know this sounds really harsh. But I have -- what's happened with the laws as legal -- -- -- strong words more than 6000. African American men were lynched in this country to stand your ground -- Open up. -- -- -- -- For people based upon -- perception. To legally be gunned down. Still the parents who have remained united throughout the trial find themselves split on the issue of forgiveness. -- already forgiven -- ahead. WC -- I have -- and will not. Because you're not remorseful -- it takes remorse for me to accept. You know you have to tell me mr. Davis. I had a moment. And I don't know why did but I did it. I'm sorry -- took the life of -- son he didn't get a chance to get married and have other children. He -- -- his mother -- from having any grandchildren. You -- -- that a way can you not remorseful for them. Jordan davis' parents intend to go back to court for the state three trial of Michael Dunn on murder charge it's. Determined that he answer for their son's death. It's the principle that we have to make him say that. You killed Jordan and it was unlawful. Because otherwise if you leave it then you -- Jordan and it was -- that you killed your -- in Ron Davis says another more surprising goal in mind. How alike Michael -- to put me his business in this in this. I'd like to go see him home which has cost the tables and I don't know game that's a good question. You know but I want to look him I thought -- eyeball and almost and then the one thing that I know that. We would talk about his. Have to try to make you understand what you've taken away from a family. And that's not protocol Michael Dunn's lawyer told us tonight that meeting will never happen. His client will likely live the rest of his life in prison -- so many tonight. It feels as if America's long divided over race -- justice. -- -- -- assault for Nightline I'm Byron Pitts in New York. Byron thank you for that interview and report. What do you think did the system failed Jordan Davis tweet us at Nightline.

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{"id":22595193,"title":"Slain Florida Teen's Parents Fight Back","duration":"3:00","description":"Parents of Jordan Davis, who was killed by Michael Dunn, say they want to go back to court.","url":"/Nightline/video/slain-florida-teens-parents-fight-back-22595193","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}