Slow Loris: Endangered for Being Cute

Small primate with big eyes has become a target for Southeast Asia's illegal animal market.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slow Loris: Endangered for Being Cute
They are tiny adorable and huge on the Internet -- -- called slow Lawrence's wide -- nocturnal primate of millions of U2 fans but I. Tidal wave of demand for the real life version. But the online play -- take -- -- -- here's ABC's Jeffrey Kaufman. They are irresistible. Tiny little creatures from the jungle with -- so -- -- eyes. They look like furry cartoon character don't think. Few had ever heard of the slow -- until it became an Internet sensation on YouTube. Making millions of people smile its first time I've ever seen chorus. So why are there. He met with one of the world's only slow Lawrence experts doctor and an occurrence at one of the -- -- that keeps Lawrence's. The paint and -- in south west England. This is that peak -- -- -- -- species that's found. In Indochina is the smallest slow Lawrence. 41 with -- because times -- rivers you know creature. It's not title says it needs big guys to see in the dark. And it's chayet moment and you don't want me to say that this is the super cute animal. It obviously it's very cute and being cute it's its downfall this. To. With us we'll explain. BBC and Animal Planet followed the elusive obscure creatures into the jungles of Indonesia. With -- in the cars as she studied them there not so currently in the wild -- In fact -- the only mammal on earth with a venomous bite -- -- learned that the hard way when one bit her. And it's not a pleasant experience. Because like -- snake. It can decay and best and it wound takes quite -- long time to heal. It hurts and it rubs it can drop to phase in dates and they can't fight straight to your fingernail -- the villagers say a Lawrence -- can kill if he would secure and his defensive posture. He would raise his arms above his -- -- -- -- -- -- And this would be when he would be putting his the oil from his -- into his mouth mixing it with some after the -- venomous bites. And this trial that New Mexico. It's. Doctor an occurrence is working to understand why Dolores has its lethal -- But her research is revealing something even more threatening. -- are rapidly disappearing from the jungles those YouTube videos are part of the problem. They have become coveted hat especially in Japan Russia and the Persian gulf. Doctor -- is finding fewer of them in the jungle but they're easy to find in the illegal animal markets of Asia. Venomous teeth. Remove the nail clippers. They sell for about 25 dollars out of the country though they are worth a thousand. Are they in danger there -- all endangered yes. Oh all the testing since -- -- -- sending it Steve legal trade. Is the number one -- the world was a safer place for these animals. In the world -- on the jungle didn't know that the oh so lovable Lawrence existed. I'm Jeffrey Kaufman for Nightline in paint in England.

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{"id":17744752,"title":"Slow Loris: Endangered for Being Cute","duration":"3:00","description":"Small primate with big eyes has become a target for Southeast Asia's illegal animal market.","url":"/Nightline/video/slow-loris-endangered-cute-17744752","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}