Social media is the new battleground in fight over Rohingya: Part 2

The Myanmar military and advocates use platform to get the news out about crisis.
6:24 | 12/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social media is the new battleground in fight over Rohingya: Part 2
Reporter: 625,000 rohingya refugees have fled the brutal persecution by government forces in Myanmar. So we are determined to get into the regions where reported ethnic cleansing is going on. Now we're going to try to talk to the minister. We visit three separate ministries. We were denied. Over and over again. So we head to saidway, rakhine state, to try to visit the camps we accessed in 2015. We've been documenting this exploding crisis for nearly three years now. Why are we going through the back entrance? The authorities are not interested in outside attention. Reporter: This time around, even more checkpoints, more soldiers. Translator: You cannot, you need special papers. Reporter: We're blocked from entering but we learn that aug San suu kyi will be arriving in sidway shortly. This crisis is all unfolding in aung San suu kyi's new democracy. In 1991 she won the Nobel peace prize for her principled stance against tyranny. -- Fundamental human rights are not only necessary, but possible for our society. Reporter: But her silence now in the face of these atrocities has astonished her admirers in the west. Her helicopter just landed -- Reporter: Our interview request went unanswered. We try to ask her a question at the airport. I just want to see the arrival. Can I take a video of it? No photo. Reporter: In Myanmar, answers are hard to come by. News outlets are highly censored. Most people get their news via Facebook. Judging by what people have told us, they are not getting the whole picture. Can we ask about the rohingya issue? Translator: What I know is I seehem as terrorists who attacked the rakhine state, not rohingyas, they are terrorists. Translator: I could gather information from Facebook. What does Facebook say about them? Translator: They want to occupy our land and our people. Reporter: That sentiment was all too common. What do you think about the rohingya people? Translator: I think they are terrorists. They are excrement. They are making problems everywhere. What kind of problems are they causing, the rohingya people? Translator: What I hear is in the villages they burn their own houses, then they burn the other people's houses, then they ran. Reporter: Hate can be found where you least expect it. Hello, nice to meet you. There are about 1 million rohingyas who have fled out of this country into Bangladesh. 600,000 of them just since August 25th. Why are so many people running if there's not a threat of death to them? Translator: The media from the west created the story that these people were killed by the Myanmar army because these Muslim people, these rohingya people, they have planned to occupy the rakhine state as their islamist state. Are you saying the rohingya people are making this up, that the media is making this up? Translator: I will say that the news produced by the western media is completely wrong. Many of the children we spoke to said they witnessed the killing and that was done by those in military uniforms. Translator: I think that those kids are ordered to lie. Even their own parents have been killed. You think they're lying about that? Translator: They are lying. I do not believe that the military killed their parents. Reporter: The monk's words are jarring. But listen to this. Reporter: This is one of the most prominent monks in Myanmar. In a sermon to soldiers on October 30th posted on his Facebook page. According to his interpretation, killing nonbuddhist is not sin. Killing nonbuddhist is not a sin? Yeah. Reporter: Nicky diamond is a human rights specialist with fortify rights. That means he's encouraging largely to kill ethnic groups including the rohingya? Yeah. Everyone. Reporter: Diamond says this monk and others are spreading these messages of hate on social media and taking down any opposition. This is the government's Facebook? Yeah. This would never have the word "Rohingya" in it? Never, they regard rohingya as terrorists. Do people understand this is the government taking a one-sided argument? No. Right now we have a civilian elected government. So they believe, truly believe in government doing the right thing. Those who back the rohingyas, are they able to freely communicate on social media? No. Fy post something related to rohingya situation, my post will be suspended by the Facebook. Wait, if you put rohingya in your post, you would be shut down? Yeah. Myanmar, people post content to discuss and draw awareness to the issues, although some of this ntent may otherwise violate our community standards that restrict the sharing of graphic and violent content, we allow content to be shared when there is significant public interest value. However, where content contains hate speech, we remove it when reported to us. Speaking out like this can be dangerous for diamond. Who lives in Myanmar with his family. I have been followed. If I'm going on a trip, all the time I kind of worry what will happen to my family or happen to me. Because your advocacy, your family could be threatened? Yeah. We're documenting abuses perpetrated by, most of the case, military officers. They don't like that kind of discussion. They want you to shut the hell up? Yeah. They'll never stop what I'm doing. They'll never stop you? Yeah. Reporter: At times like these, we hear phrases like, not on our watch. Or, never again. But it is happening on our watch. And never again is clearly not Let's get the big guy in place.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The Myanmar military and advocates use platform to get the news out about crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"51637901","title":"Social media is the new battleground in fight over Rohingya: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/social-media-battleground-fight-rohingya-part-51637901"}