Stars of 'Creed II' on bringing a love of boxing movies to a new generation

Michael B. Jordan and his "Creed II" co-stars discuss how the film explores themes of redemption, father-son relationships, and family.
6:40 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Stars of 'Creed II' on bringing a love of boxing movies to a new generation
It's time, kid. Reporter: With all the subtlety of a haymaker -- Don't do this. Reporter: And the emotional impact of a hook to the kidneys -- We got this. You hear me? Reporter: Michael B. Jordan is back in his star-making role as Adonis creed. This time this pugilistic bromance is personal. Revenge served cold. As in knockout cold. This guy, he's dangerous. You don't think I can beat him? Reporter: "Creed II" reunites Sylvester Stallone's rocky Balboa with the son of Apollo creed. You got everything to lose this guy's got nothing to lose. I ain't got a choice. That's the same thing your father said, and he died right here in my hands. Reporter: The second installment of the reinvented "Rocky" films. Seeing opportunity for a new underdog, a new hero for a different generation. Reporter: Jessa Thomas returns, the woman in his life. This movie is about family and it happens to take place in the world of boxing. Reporter: "Creed II" centers on one of the most tragic events in "Rocky" history. We've got to get this no matter what. Reporter: Apollo creed dying in the ring. Over 30 years later, "Creed II" offers a rematch by proxy, two sons picking up where their fathers left off. Victor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, who infamously killed Apollo creed -- Adonis is living in his father's shadow. He's trying to heal during the course of the two films. Reporter: Dolph Lundgren returns. You have a favorite line from "Rocky IV"? I had three lines, I think. I must break you. If he dies, he dies. I felt really bad about Apollo, by the way. When I say that, a 27-year-old Swedish kid, I was a big fan of the rocky franchise. I read the script, what, I have to kill this guy? He's one of the all-time favorite characters. I always feel a little bit bad. This time he's not a vicious fighter but a father. What do you want the audience, especially guys, to get from that dynamic, father and son? I think the big thing about this film, it's about redemption, forgiveness, you know? About relationships, about father/son, the fact that you don't have to go on hating each other forever. Reporter: Making a comeback of her own in "Creed II," Bridget Nielsen. He's a professional fighter, no the a killer. Reporter: Who starred alongside Lundgren in "Rocky IV." Romanian boxer Florian plays their son. I was the new guy on set. I would never ask to go training, to do rehearsals and stuff. But he initiated it. He wanted to create this father/son bond which helped me a lot. I think you can see that on screen. Reporter: 6'4", almost 200 pounds, he's a formidable opponent. Once you start, it's -- like in my head it was real. I am Drago, he's creed. I want to literally destroy this guy, you know? So you kind of forget at some points that it's not a real boxing match. Florian's a real fighter. Us gaining that trust with one another, learning the choreography, it's like a violent dance. Big-ass dance partner. It is. We step on each other's toes from time to time. Reporter: All those months in the gym paid off. Do your pecs get bigger as the franchise goes on? Pecs and back too, I'm a back guy. I found the pecs impressive. I'm a sucker. They move independent. He moves his? Yeah, I love that. Like tap dancing. I'm the entertainer on set. Reporter: Outside the ring Jordan's character has also matured. He gets engaged and becomes a father. We wanted to give Adonis a family, which is the thing he's been longing for for a long time. Obstacles and struggles come along with that. Adonis and Bianca are a power couple insofar as they're a couple that really want to see each other flourish and succeed. And I think we are that way as friends to each other. And so that's, you know, really great. Well, I wouldn't be any good to anybody if I don't handle this the right way. But I need you. I'll beat him. You better. As you're playing a father now, but you're someone who has a good relationship with his own dad. That helped. There's certain moments from my own life with my own father that I would substitute, you know. Oh, this is something Adonis would do. Reporter: But "Creed" was an unexpected hit, made for $35 million, grossing over $170 million worldwide. And earned an Oscar nomination for Stallone. Maybe he did exactly what he wanted. I think he'd rather be here, talking with you. Reporter: "Creed II" is on track to do just as well in the box office, grossing over $55 million Thanksgiving weekend. The director took over the franchise from the original director. There was a lot of talk about this Italian story being told with a black in a leading role, a black director. There's less talk about the race element this time. There's progression. There's progression in the movement. People are listening, people are watching, accepting us. Our movie, our storytelling is universal and can speak to many. Reporter: He joins a list of black directors and actors making movies with mass appeal like "Black panther" which became a global phenomenon and propelled Jordan to superstardom? On all levels it took things to a different level. The fact that we have -- impact on our community and generations to come we can't calculate right now. Reporter: What you can bet on more from Jordan, Tom man, and the fighters from "Creed." There is a "Creed III" in the works? I hope so. III, IV, V. As long as we keep things fresh, as long as the fans are happy, as long as I can get Tessa, afford her, convince her to come back. No, but seriously, though. It's definitely something we have opportunity to build on, Touchdown confirmed.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Michael B. Jordan and his \"Creed II\" co-stars discuss how the film explores themes of redemption, father-son relationships, and family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59437487","title":"Stars of 'Creed II' on bringing a love of boxing movies to a new generation","url":"/Nightline/video/stars-creed-ii-bringing-love-boxing-movies-generation-59437487"}