'Next Step Realty NYC': Helping Millennials Find Homes in the City

New ABC Family docu-series follows a Manhattan-based firm that helps recent college grads find NYC apartments.
7:14 | 08/11/15

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Transcript for 'Next Step Realty NYC': Helping Millennials Find Homes in the City
Real estate has made for reality TV gold. Time and again. From "Million dollar listing" to the property brothers. Now something different. Super young brokers working in the most expensive cutthroat market in America giving specialty clients some hard lessons in both realty and reality. Here's ABC's Sarah Haines. Reporter: New York City one of the most competitive markets in the country. 40,000 young adults move here each year. Everybody wants to be here for restaurants. Night life, shopping, relationships, drama. Everything like that. Reporter: Low inventory and little space make the hunt that much harder for first time renters like Brianna. This 23-year-old looking forward to living it up in a hip, trendy neighborhood on Manhattan's lower eastside. We definitely want a two bedroom apartment. Reporter: To save up the cash she crashed with her parents in suburbia for two years. We wanted to move out of college. We figured we had to save a little bit. Doing that. Reporter: How hard is it to do that what the help of parents? It is really rough. I had to go to save but it is running out quickly. Reporter: Do you have examples of apartments you said no way? We would go and see the apartment with pictures not on the listing online. This is not the same apartment. A very sketchy building. Not in a safe area. Reporter: Fed up, Brianna and roommate Chelsea turn to next step realty. We started with four employees and now have four offices. Reporter: A specialized firm where young brokers help young clients navigate the crazy cutthroat world of New York real estate. We are all in our 20s. We work hard and we play hard. Reporter: They're adventures are all part of the new reality show, airing on ABC family. This is 6700. There are plenty of big rents. Ooh. Reporter: And not so big spaces. Wow this is tiny. Believe it or not this is spacious for upper eastside. There is inner office drama. As brokers date each other. Flirt with their clients. Gorgeous. Yeah, it is a very nice view. Reporter: And wrestle with high stakes office politics. We are evaluating things like their performance, customer reviews. Reporter: Mat bt bowman, top broker takes them on as clients. They don't call me the closer for nothing. Reporter: They want a two-bedroom apartment for under $2,500. Yeah, we are independent women. Reporter: This what the budget gets them in the trendy dream neighborhood. I feel like this couldn't fit a twin bed. I don't want this bedroom. Yeah, I don't know if I can have this one either. These girls need to adjust expectations. New York City is unlike any other rental market in the country. Space is a premium. Sometimes my job to make clients see the possibility in a tiny space. For anyone in the market to get an apartment. Any tips? We get a lot of us who come to us, who say, I need, I need, I need. I am going to say, you can, but. Then we massage the way that they can get their apartment and make it comfortable for them. Be ready to bend a little. Totally. And girl, I know how to make them bend. Cut. Reporter: Compromise is a recurring theme with clients like randy and Daniel. Recent college graduates grapple with sticker shock. What do you want to have in your apartment? Washer/dryer would be nice. Also a nice living area, space, so we could put a sectional couch. Get the 50, 60 inch TV on the wall. Right. The guys are looking for amenities that aren't realistic for their budget of $3,000. I think they're used to their parents house that have great amenities. You are on a college budget or graduated you can't afford these types of things. Reporter: The broker helped clients visualize potential. Finding creative solutions for small spaces. The master bedroom is that room right there. Reporter: This is the living? Right. Okay. But it also can be. That's the master bedroom. Waiting to see if you caught on. So this is a convertible two bedroom. Ah. So you divide it right here. You have a huge living room area and a huge bedroom. Because New York City rent is so high. People will save money by converting a one bedroom to a two bedroom. What they do is put up a wall and create their own room. Not surprised randy and Daniel are cool with putting up a wall. I'm sure I could convince them to use bunkbed. Reporter: Not just the clients of against the wall. Being a broker in New York City comes with pressure to close deals fast. We make our entire income of based on commission. If we don't close the deal. We don't make money. I want to do something that will be comfortable, logical, affordable. The only reason the deal will close. Otherwise I will lose them completely and end up with zero. No more . The anxiety to close the deal. I have never seen the people so shocked. Reporter: Can often cause fri friction around the office. What happened with Mrs. Foley and her son? You booked them early. What do you mean I booked them early? There was nothing to show them. I had to push it back. Not going to have them come to town and show one apartment. There are apartments. No there are not. I will black list David, not give him clients. Hopefully he will learn his lesson. Reporter: Back with Brianna and Chelsea, Matt is hoping to sell them on a new neighborhood. The upper eastside where the two can get a little more for their money. He found this 600 square foot, two bedroom apartment, that scrapes the ceiling of their budget at $2,550. Ooh. This is a good size. Check out this massive closet. Oh. Chelsea. Lucky. Reporter: Initially they Har aren't sure this is the one. Matt is determined to get this deal done. I have had apartments where I don't want to show it. Cockroaches have scurried across the floorbuyer or seller the I have killed cockroaches without them knowing it to get the deal done. Is this the apartment? Totally. I will help you. Give you the dollar to get started. Did you bend on some things? We did. Bended on location. Matt convinced thus are are good restaurants and bars in our area. We bended a little bit the we are happy we did. We are surprised. Reporter: Living big dreams in a slightly smaller space. For "Nightline," I'm Sara Haynes in New York. Big thanks to Sarah. One of my weekend gma friends. And produced by ABC news. You don't want to miss the premiere tomorrow, ontion family, at 9:00 eastern.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"New ABC Family docu-series follows a Manhattan-based firm that helps recent college grads find NYC apartments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33004794","title":"'Next Step Realty NYC': Helping Millennials Find Homes in the City","url":"/Nightline/video/step-realty-nyc-helping-millennials-find-homes-city-33004794"}