Strawberry Mansion: Fighting for a Future

Part 2: Philadelphia high school principal and students talk about a different way of life.
3:00 | 05/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strawberry Mansion: Fighting for a Future
There are only a few months left before the students of strawberry mansion high school learn whether their school will survive. Many of them believe the -- school is their only hope for a brighter future once again ABC's giants. How to clean it out. -- just before lunchtime at strawberry mansion high school in -- women has her hands full. A bruising fight because one -- happen to bump into another. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is ridiculous the war was a lightning -- even if you. But there are -- -- these students in the school who simply want something better. And take a look at he mentioned -- And they have -- -- music teacher and student protests in what neighborhood. -- women who left in this neighborhood. Among them -- used to put her children on the for release Sunday -- so that they could travel and other neighborhoods and see different dreams mama this that will have none of us ever college but it must be some truth to it. Because I believe that people would maybe go to college -- -- pork. -- and is trying to pass on the lessons from her mother. To her students have -- even helping pay for kids to go on college trips. But the reality is time is running out for mention. In January principal -- and students and parents come together. My prayer tonight. Is used -- think the parents turn out. They want to convince school superintendent doctor William -- and his team to keep strawberry mansion open. We have to create better educational options -- actually. While the decision is pending. In school principal women still cracking down. Look at the that I have they come back there on Monday a tenth grader named -- -- expelled for a series of incidents including this one. -- -- the video confirmed the need for action. To say hey that's their problem. I'm not gonna ruin my future sometimes -- It -- crafting I meet with some of the other kids at strawberry mansion have you been in serious -- and house. Locked -- serious. Lorraine spent two months last year youth detention center for using a lead to slice and girls face in the fight now she says she's trying hard to get back on track walls principal -- -- says she encourages them to try to connect their behavior today to their future tomorrow. -- -- -- making bad decisions where the beauty. Get unifying us using weapons permits -- and he gets on your record the whole time because -- -- getting a little job. And then you'll be it certainly. Ten years from now where he went in a plan. To school -- and ask us. And by the way that future crime scene investigator. Stepped -- and. To protect me during that -- from -- To everyone's surprise the decision about the -- to strawberry -- comes earlier than expected. -- breaks the news over the loudspeaker and. Only me -- did we get a chance at history. We get rid of all the. Much needed hope for a young -- like resolved one way to help -- -- him you know. -- to educate yourself right. And remember Malaysia and her dad. She's continuing to bring up her grades when she came along where I'm pretty proud of you know -- the war termination he -- he's more focused -- there. -- -- It is now me through sheer force of will principal -- has -- the serious incidents in the house. From nearly 100 last year. And the district superintendent doctor William hite has taken notice what's the single most important thing that has been done to turn. And around leadership has been one primary factor if turnarounds can happen here and it's over -- he could happen anywhere. And as the seniors get ready to graduate and -- 55 -- -- 92 senior students have been accepted into college double the number from past years. But for some. It's not enough. They can't afford the deposit fees guaranteeing their place at schools they -- -- senior Christine Holland has not able to go to Philadelphia University. If I had that 550 dollars to -- Philadelphia University okay. It's. For a moment the unbreakable principal. Gives -- to tears. In the auditorium a school police officer he's praise him. -- -- -- -- almost over. Another day ends at strawberry mansion the bell about to -- I want to be careful in homes -- young people game our current education. Where it is -- going -- Every member. If nobody told you live do you do you remember -- did out of port city. In school on top. -- Every day win the bills --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Philadelphia high school principal and students talk about a different way of life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19293327","title":"Strawberry Mansion: Fighting for a Future","url":"/Nightline/video/strawberry-mansion-fighting-future-19293327"}