Stripping to Pay For College

A new generation of college students are turning to stripping to pay their tuition.
7:39 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Stripping to Pay For College
Average price tag for a year of college now over 30000. Dollars so for many students that can mean years of massive debt. But you're about to meets an enterprising young women and men who have chosen a different path. One that involves a few nights a week of industrious work alone that I mention it includes taking -- -- -- Here's my Nightline co anchor juju -- But like all my classes like they're like no way. Discussion Jason MacKey looks very much like this trade day street -- student that she is -- like. There Dino is majoring in international trade boat isn't studying hard for college but for now. This is happy he -- tuition. They're part of a new generation students putting themselves through college and taking -- ozone. And their religion that didn't essentially you're a student by day -- a stripper by night. Yeah sometimes says student by night in this river by -- -- -- -- double major Spanish -- side she plans to graduate debt free. Every other weekend she takes a three hour train ride to Manhattan. Sometimes I'll leave my -- street from where he cannot -- much more octane housing on the train and then Norway and the timing city. To the bright lights big city dance club called schools. Fellow dancer Jane says she's studying for five final tests like you don't belong to rethink my dad -- the like you're too pretty to -- -- -- doesn't now we just. -- -- three times the amount of money we're gonna make the only graduate and got the committee for companies they want to grooming store. So -- the comic story. And there are some women who would feel like. So you know you should use your brains and not embody. This takes a lot of things. From the way it takes a lot of -- I think that. You and a girl can be really pretty and not make any money in this field correlation can not be -- pretty and make a lot of money because so much that is apparently entered for. Skills with college built up to 60000. A year today's grads are saddled with crushing debt. Economists say actually slowing down our economy is young adults can't afford to -- -- -- -- items MacKey found a provocative solution. Working just four nights a week. How -- -- there and -- about a hundred meaning of mountain. Think people -- don't like you know a first share a lot of associate wouldn't say that's not that Warner. Critics argue take it all -- for the lure of easy money can sometimes -- -- pursuit of higher education. You could make a really pretty good living stripping it scores full time why go to college. Don't tell you -- you know. You can only really -- and familiar. So old so it's not something that's really sustainable clearly supposed to -- Doing and -- you get where you need to go and night and then that's. It's you six ops it's a steppingstone for -- right exactly not -- career and I enjoy it I do enjoy it but it's not what I want my -- pursuit in. Turns out there are currently twenty. Scores alone who -- putting themselves through school. On the other side of the city and still -- we -- this eighteen year old criminal justice major who goes by the stage name Egypt's. Egypt started dancing after reading about -- knocks the Duke University student who. And who suffered severe backlash on campus. After she went public about doing afford to pay for college. I like most other people have been watching porn from violence Aaron. Yeah since I was twelve years on everything. Yeah this story -- to finish she's eighteen and doing -- and why not me you know the -- -- Which is why Egypt and so eager to chat with -- when the -- do porn star came to her strip club. But -- eccentric answer to the college debt problems he's not always met with and enthusiasm. My parents. When they held regularly -- -- -- do you ever around worry that your studies and your brain. Power will be undercut by the fact that you take your clothes off her homicide I think that I wouldn't want to work for anywhere if that would judge me thinks. And I think that times are changing. Times may be changing the attitudes to change so quickly. There's still a good segment of our society who thinks it's degrading for a woman to be a stripper from. Pending accounting -- -- time -- it feels like fat when does that happen. When guys are disrespectful they think that we are degrading ourselves by doing this shop at all so they don't have a problem integrating -- from there. Maggie says stripping of -- for the precious time to study. She makes more in one night club and working forty hours a week waiting tables I have felt. So much more disrespect and as a waitress than I've ever felt as a dancer because your job is to serve them. Yeah and in this like your job is accompanied them to -- them like it's it's glamorous she may find it glamorous at times but meg key points out what many agree is a double standard. He wish to -- treated. Second only he noted that double standard and like with men. Being fond over -- all kinds of women like -- they think. -- -- -- -- you know like -- -- -- It's definitely a status thing it's like oh my gosh your hot enough to be a male stripper. In fact that's exactly what happens to Dino. My friends think it's also I think it's cool that they are affected today you know that they like they really like admire the fact. Dino performs at New York's hunk of mania that he's one of the few in college so what made him saying all right -- -- -- and. Quote was you know this week. That's -- cocky woods is looking America is a great way to make money it's easy it's fine if not harsher in his -- people out -- and -- on stage to perform. And his buddies all moved up when they discover his. -- -- Nobody is dissing U or disrespect you for doing not a not an army of 500 -- and -- you know. Does the dance and -- that time you're live in the drain pretty much. Never a good idea act you know -- -- to make money to pay for college former college council rather frantic says there are other options there are so. Many financial aid resources available to students. And families to pay for college. This year alone there's a 180 billion dollars available in state and federal aid in making too much money on the side could actually just falsely. -- when we think about it. Making sure that you're great -- -- is your job. I think it's so easy for so many students if they're making so much money for them to lose -- about their goals of being in school. But one thing these women would agree on is that they have a limited number of years in this line of work. We're used his prize. I'm not looking forward so like. The end of this like when I'm out of school and I and living on less than I'm working so much art Harris. Which is why they're busy taking advantage of what some now call the G -- scholarship. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"A new generation of college students are turning to stripping to pay their tuition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23789103","title":"Stripping to Pay For College","url":"/Nightline/video/stripping-pay-college-23789103"}