Super Bowl Ad Mania: Behind the Scenes

See how Audi's "Doberhuahua," the star of one of the most talked about ads, came to be.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Ad Mania: Behind the Scenes
Tonight we're going to take you inside the frenzied race to make the most talked about super bowl commercial. How far will a company go? They will spend million, they will deliberately provoke controversy in order to generate attention. And in one case, they will create a fictional animal and try to bring it to life. Here's ABC's nick watt. Reporter: $4 million for 30 seconds of your time. Carmakers, chip makers, beer brewers -- Donny llama. Yeah, I just got that. . S. I did it again. Greek yogurt people. Whoa. And makers of anything you would never need. Fighting for the attention of over 100 million viewers in the gaps between the game that used to be the main event. You could make a big statement there and you can change the course of your brand. You can create momentum. You can take advantage of momentum and really take your brand to another place. To a primitive foreigner like me, it's just aye ziness. Nice handling. Martini swilling mad men types. Are we celebrating? Don got us to the top three. Tremendous. To the skinny bearded types in ironic t-shirts. Sunday is the biggest night of their year. And -- The stakes keep going up every year. This year there's a noticeable drift away from the sexy and provocative to the fluffy. The tear jerkers. And effects. The mill is involved in 36 of this year's crop. This is how we animated the dog with a relatively simple mesh. We were given an exclusive behind the curtain peek at one of this year's most talked about commercials. It's a twist on the pet theme, the doberwawa. How did this dog get past regionals. It's a compromise for a couple that can't decide. You could always breed them together. A doberwawa. The message? Don't compromise. By an Audi. We had probably 15 cg artists working for at least two months. James Allen is in charge of 2d and this guy, 3D. Go as far as sculpting underneath the skin. No one is going to see the blood vessels in the finished commercial. You see it in the fine detail. It's what comes throwing and that true realism when it becomes really believable. There was an entire unit just for making the fur look realist realistic. How many guys doing the fur? Probably about five. So will you be watching the super bowl? No. I won't be watching the super bowl. I'm not a big football fan. Don't you want to see the commercials? I've seen it already. Reporter: Fair enough. Many have been released already. Why do they release them ahead of time? One got leaked or released and it created a enormous amount of buzz. So now you all leak them? Absolutely, yeah. You heard the man. Take those pants off. The buildoff is now more important than game day. Do you know I already have 27 million views on our ads? I already had a super bowl before the super bowl. The creativity of these finalists, it blows my mind every year. Doritos invites you, me and anybody to submit a dortios super bowl commercial. This year, we have a cowboy kid. ♪ A couple of surreal office scenarios. Someone has eaten all the doritos in the break room. Obviously was the ostrich, right? And a disturbing doritos finger cleaner. The best wins $1 million. And here are this year's five finalists. You find that durlg the gaming the game. We do. One of you is going to have a great night. So many fake hugs. Oh, we're so happy for you. A lot of people have seen your work, you know? It's okay if you lose. Also this year's scarlet Johansson, accidentally on purpose had their ad censored because they dissed coke and Pepsi. It misses the mark, calling out coke and Pepsi in the ad is not necessarily the smartest thing to do. But online, 5.5 million views. And counting. Sorry, coke and Pepsi. But enough of all of this. Is there a danger of being just too clever. Everybody wants to win the most talked about commercial. As a result of trying to win those things, you could easily forget the message in the process. You could forget the brand. ♪ Only hate the road when you're missing home ♪ Reporter: So Monday morning, remember the commercials that touched you. And try to remember -- Surprise. -- What they were for. I'm nick walker, "Nightline" in New York. Okay, here's something you

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{"id":22309368,"title":"Super Bowl Ad Mania: Behind the Scenes","duration":"3:00","description":"See how Audi's \"Doberhuahua,\" the star of one of the most talked about ads, came to be.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowl-ad-mania-scenes-22309368","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}