Super Bowl Snacking: Breaking Down Game Day Staples

A play-by-play of how to cut the calories on Super Bowl Sunday.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Snacking: Breaking Down Game Day Staples
N The super bowl. The high gloss commercials, those high kwal ree muncalorie munch cheese. Besides Thanksgiving, it's the single biggest calorie day of the year. But certain snacks are higher in calories and snacks than others. If you could choose the better one you should, if only because then you can eat more. You're invited to the "Nightline" super bowl party. It's super bowl weekend and everyone is prepping for a party. Even us. This is your all access pass tonight line's super bowl showdown. We're comparing game day staples, all those salty, savory treats we grab during the game. But before you chug a beer and chow down, think twice. Simple swaps can help you avoid a calorific nightmare. We huddle with our food coach, author of "Eat it to beat it." He's going to help save you up to 1,000 calories without resorting to rabbit food. So let's start with the pregame. What should we be careful of? First thing you want to do is drink some water before the game. So you have to pregame before the pregame. The idea of drinking water is if you're already hydrated then you're going to drink less alcohol? Exactly. And eat less as well. A lot of people mistake being hungry when they're thirsty. Right. But water is not what most people are drinking for the game. On average, Americans buy 51.7 million cases of beer on game day. That's enough for four bottles of brew for every man, woman and child in the usa. Beer is synonymous with football it seems. If a girl is offered a dark beer and less dark beer, which way do we go? Go for the dark side. Really? I always assumed the darker beer has more calories. It's counterintuitive but you were wrong. Cheers. Of course, you're going to want chips with all that beer. In fact, football fans will munch on a whopping 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips alone on Sunday. Not every corn chip are created equal. These frito's are 160 calories were serving. These are 120. That's amazing. You don't want to leave that snack naked. But before you dip that chip, should you go cheesy or creamy. In this case, you have Newman's own queso, which is cheese and salsa. Up against the spinach artichoke dip. E we're talking about a ten calorie difference per chi. -- Chip. Go with the queso. The chips are so you'll eat more dip. Yes. That's what's happening here. And we're just going started. More appetizers, anyone. If offered a bread stick or a cheese stick, go with the protein.. I know it's counterintuitive. You're saving over 200 calories. This is 370 calories per four pieces. Here, four piece, 580 calories. So 210 calories for every four pieces. The first half is up. We're serving up wings. Because who doesn't want some wings with their super bowl football viewing? In fact, they're so popular, by the time the whistle blows at the bd of game day, fans will chomp down 1.23 billion wings. That's billions with a "B." You have to choose carefully. These wings, 690 calories per eight pieces. That's a lot. This one, 1,590 per eight pieces. That's crazy. You're going from the hooter's wings over to, you know, the outback wings and you're picking up 900 calories. That's over 110 calories per wing. Once you Polish off the wings, time for the main course. Pizza pie. Twice as many pizzas are sold on super bowl Sunday than on any other day. You're calling dominos and saying give me a Brooklyn style sausage pizza. Don't do it. Get the Brooklyn style hawaiian. Here's why. Here you're getting ham and pineapple. There you're getting sausage. The ham is a leaner meat. National chains like dominos are running game day specials. But if pizza just isn't your thing, how about Mexican? This is the taco bell 12 pack. This is the taco bell taco supreme. Girls make the mistake. Oh, I'm going to have the taco salad, please. 780 calories and 42 grams of fat. Oh, my gosh. That's a lot of fat. If you go with a double decker taco supreme. It's absolutely delicious and it's just 350 calories. That's incredible. And it's not just the calories. Gra. S of fat count, too. This is literally twice the fat grams. It's incredible. 42 grams of fat, 16 grams of fat. Now it's almost time to hit the locker room. Do you go for a slice of gridiron cake or rice chrkrispie treat. Just 80 calories. Probably have two or three of them and not add to the calories that you would get in chocolate cake. Really? So it is lighter and fewer calories. It will fill you up, absolutely tasty. So if you're hosting a super bowl party, this is a good place to go. So all that's left to do is wait for the kickoff. I think we learned so much, right? We learned what to eat, what to avoid. It's the "Nightline" super bowl party. May the best team win.

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{"id":22326206,"title":"Super Bowl Snacking: Breaking Down Game Day Staples","duration":"3:00","description":"A play-by-play of how to cut the calories on Super Bowl Sunday.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowl-snacking-breaking-game-day-staples-22326206","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}