Super Bowl's Baby Clydesdale: A Budweiser Story

Exclusive look inside Anheuser-Busch's iconic horse breeding operation.
3:00 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl's Baby Clydesdale: A Budweiser Story
So this Sunday Anheuser-Busch will spend approximately twenty million dollars on their Super Bowl ads and as is tradition one of them is gonna feature. The -- Dale's the horses that have been tied to Budweiser. For generations but the iconic mascots. -- don't come cheap the horses are actually born and bred in house as part of a multi million dollar operation. As ABC's -- -- got an exclusive look inside. You wouldn't know it by looking at this Clyde still full but just a few weeks into her life. She's about to be thrust into the spotlight meet the star of this year's iconic Budweiser Clyde still Super Bowl commercial. Which will be watched by more than a hundred million people in the US alone this Sunday. Or eighty years now collides dale horses have been much more than just the branded mascot for Budweiser. He did part of the family. -- -- Jeff snapper runs the company's multi million dollar operation that breeds feeds and trains these mammoths horses from the time -- board. The time they pulled their final -- It's more than just the job for it. The horses are his life. -- over and say hi. The company is committed to those declines deals because it represented a tradition and their heritage and equality that goes and everything we do one for the companies to get it done on and get it done the right way it's gotta be in house and this is a big operation for us it's significant investment. Jeff's team takes care of the deal we need a -- 107. Five -- scales around the country there's a future clients that are rated -- year future Lazio right in here -- I'm thinking that this this girls ready to it's a little -- on the ground -- were -- were close -- -- -- -- -- An operation that includes reading 43 horses -- year. Budweiser hopes to gain ten futures show Clyde scales from that group. Only males are eligible. -- just enough room for error we have very very stringent requirements to be a Budweiser collides -- they have to have a white blaze. A black mane and tail this dark -- in color in four white stocking feet. Those that don't make the -- are sold for roughly 5000 dollars apiece while some of the female horses like eight year old Carla. Mother two -- Super Bowl star are kept to keep the future alive. This year's suitable spot tells the story of a young collides dale who establishes a relationship with his -- -- -- like real life Clyde steals the horse leaves in order to learn the skills that will one day became one of the special few. To pull the hitch in front of crowds of people. The breeder goes to see his favorite horse and a parade and sure enough -- horse remembers him. The script doesn't -- an exact story but it's not far off. Now -- rendering are falling area -- This is where the babies actually -- the mothers actually give birth John Soto manages all of -- his grandkids don't go Missouri. As a little girl. We're future clients deals are bored and she's. Five days old right now and where they stayed until there is oldest to even though we don't see him after their two they were born here and so of course when you go out on the road in nerve to see the hitch -- older your babies that we raise you know you -- have some pride in that. Although foals born this year will be under -- watch and literally. Over the next couple months -- -- his job to make sure every baby collides dale -- healthy with forty coming through the next few months. -- be pretty hectic. That's why he has a warning system that tells him when a mayor is -- -- give birth. Tell me how your whole alarm system works so what we have is -- -- -- -- that attaches to the back of America. So if I'm eating dinner or asleep in the house -- starts coming right pulls us. -- you know. The alarm goes off. And there it is right. -- -- forgot to charge her phone. No not this time here. -- John lives on the farm to ensure he is right thing here. When he needs to -- it became even -- an emotional pitches in his bedroom holding their latest C and its findings bruised right. Now in the Super Bowl commercial that has the person playing -- your story. Sleeping and a at a -- do you do that. I did for many years now since we came here all the stalls are monitored -- and has been -- -- actually sleeping in my own bed. But Soto who has done this for 33 years. Does develop a relationship with every collides dale board here. They're just like people once you get to no -- no -- third size and their facial looks and everything and you know where there are. Every year the top thirty mature -- -- -- the country. In 20123. Pages appeared to 120 events represented the blood brain -- John's son Eric drives one of those -- Mrs. where they do most of their training Jeff snapper took us to check in on some of the up and coming Clyde scales this is a -- He's one of by the horses here is trying announced. Where week. Teach him all kinds of different things today you know we're -- crewman on. Given her getting him ready he's actually getting ready to go part of -- Saint Louis traveling team. The -- still connection to the Braintree suspected 1933. August -- junior surprised his father by having these majestic horses for -- -- -- Saint Louis street. Caring -- to celebrate the end of prohibition. He -- -- and since 1940. There are similar Budweiser that are similar. The company intend to many people are some of the country the freedom and spirit that is America as embodied in these majestic -- sales. The third time with the clients deals we couldn't help but notice how incredibly close you get to these horses excuse me. For how close these horses we'll get to you. Stand next -- he's gentle giants weather here. A little kid who -- here eighty years old the emotion and -- these animals it's it's awesome. Awesome to think that so much goes into making this horse -- base and picked -- delay this of the brain. For Nightline Daryn rebel in -- Missouri.

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{"id":18383280,"title":"Super Bowl's Baby Clydesdale: A Budweiser Story ","duration":"3:00","description":"Exclusive look inside Anheuser-Busch's iconic horse breeding operation.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowls-baby-clydesdale-budweiser-story-18383280","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}