Oh Say, Won't You Lip Sync?

Our "Nightline" hall of shame for National Anthem singers.
3:00 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Oh Say, Won't You Lip Sync?
This star -- have long argued that American presidents are lucky enough to get reelected are often susceptible to what's called the second term curse Nixon had Watergate Reagan Iran contract Clinton. Monica and already eight days into his new term Barack Obama has his first candle. -- Inaugurations are supposed to be a showcase of American democracy -- for the world on the peaceful passage it. Hours or help me god congratulations yeah. Needy. But what's everybody talking about -- president Obama's big -- beyond saying yeah. He's still not saying whether -- -- lip -- the National Anthem. But what we do know for -- There are under his. -- now here now are scientifically compiled via Google's search top six worst ever National Anthem rendition. Number six Steven Tyler. Reason C. The lead singer of Aerosmith delivered what many viewed to be -- sold Denton only bad performance at last year's NFL AFC championship game. -- Five Carl Lewis. -- This -- -- length of the night. -- Olympic star got booed. In the middle of his rendition and. -- -- -- -- The army legend simply could not hit high notes of the two. And an NBA final. Number three Michael -- Clearly on his I think curse of the bambino and -- and Fenway Park. In 2003. Had a two way tie for second a dubious -- shared by Cyndi -- Christina and you -- -- both of whom you forgot the words. But number one now and forever must go to Roseanne -- For her ear bleeding league crotch grabbing -- bad performance and did not. And drew condemnation of yet another -- -- -- it was disgraceful Sears which he later said about it ABC's David Wright in a Nightline interview that was. This -- from I knew I started to -- about the fifth -- him. And I thought all political -- from. Am. I. So why is this on so hard voice coaches say it's because it as a huge vocal range. The tune itself was actually taking from an English drinking song which is why experts say people run into trouble and they try to sing -- so -- and or sober.

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{"id":18298749,"title":"Oh Say, Won't You Lip Sync? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Our \"Nightline\" hall of shame for National Anthem singers.","url":"/Nightline/video/sync-famous-lip-syncing-scandals-18298749","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}