Teen Girls Held Captive, Forced Into Prostitution

Part 2 of 2008 "Primetime": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.
9:00 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Teen Girls Held Captive, Forced Into Prostitution
Two teenage cousin. -- who vanished off the streets of Toledo have now been missing for 48 hours. I think it -- price -- something's happened. Police think the girls ages fourteen and fifteen have probably run away in the most likely come home soon. -- Kimberly his mother Stephanie refuses to just sit and wait starts to -- And calling people aren't going to other police stations and others say it's a town. -- -- -- photos and keeps everything that had I been getting increasingly. From told colleagues tell us getting very. Very in the past. All the while the girls are being held captive for us towns and -- -- less than six miles away by a -- and two prostitutes. Kimberly not her real name is wearing a win against disguised. But she's agreed to tell us -- story that's terrifying tale of how indoctrination. Quickly ends her. Initiative. To -- sleep debt whose names -- who were supposed to refer to children's my husband was is Ambrose. That type of our continent. And my analysts have been released and you have been introduced herself -- -- and have a need. And then have a little. Saying all the money because I and have need to be with their I don't know. -- -- I didn't see you at and think the only -- that household. -- -- They know their kidnapper is daddy. He also goes by the name Machiavelli. After the legendary master of manipulation. What they don't know is his real name Derek -- He has a long rap sheet for drugs and violent crime including the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor and was never prosecuted. They provide -- and there -- out and he guy fake skirts. Think what he likes is punctured its rhetoric. And and very provocative clothing that's how long you captive for -- have to. Sleep with someone from him in -- the next day that. Four of us went to a hotel. And the guy was going to pick one of us and he picked me -- -- -- -- -- This is a sort of tender question and you don't have to answer. Kimberly we were you sexually experienced. Before rothmans. One time. And it one with a boyfriend -- so you were exactly and woman the world you know. I was area. You know make -- every single time. Bag and it came up and I can say -- you know -- -- they're not thinking you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The cousins are never left unguarded. Someone is present even when they are forced to have sex. And they never let you alone. With customers until now they were watching. And human -- and comfortable with -- in the room and want you and sometimes the older prostitutes would even join and and you had to do stuff for that parents can. -- had kids went. And he. And it's that was so disgusting even. That the worst part really. In fact it's common for adult prostitutes to supervise what's known as a seasoning period for young victim. Somebody is always walking her to the next day and locking her back she comes back and she's locked in the apartment with other girls. You perceived leader sociologists -- Williamson studies the sexual exploitation of teenagers. In the communities where. And started a program to help rescue victims so the reason. The girl who let's just say was snatched from him doesn't just run to the first. Police officers the first person. Efficiencies and says no I'm I'm being held against her will does -- does that count. Says to her -- hurt your family. Her two siblings. You better not say anything anybody -- -- she can find a way. To escape make I can take tell someone during the seasoning period. She's -- gonna get away. A fifteen year old high school freshman not even old enough to drive. Is now being schooled as a teen prostitutes. Say they're giving -- the -- 101 class. Candidates time means what to do and what not to do -- like they can't touch you. Without paying. More they can no kissing on the lips no -- keys you know. And they said that you know just at -- like -- Mike. Well that's going to be hard you know room I didn't want to do any of -- -- wanted to have not come -- run its. Among hard lessons of Machiavelli sports boot camp I would -- police. Think we had to do an obstacle course in the backyard -- think -- And we have to go under thinks that and -- over the fence MIA and what I did it my frequently present when. No way about the good event and so just doing high heels. The practice. -- but we had to Wear those run house had had to walk finishes like before flown home. By today the girls are held in separate rooms in the house. At night -- taken to work at this -- of Toledo motels. They're forced labor earns up to 500 dollars a trip. Machiavelli. Did anything -- -- it from. Now. They didn't care -- -- and they didn't care I was twelve you know negative. One of them in what was sick is that -- one of my first time him wedding -- who like oh my cat. To me that since you won't find you know when you got a wife at home you don't -- to be doing that to -- thing. -- -- -- there piously. I'd happily. Give up hope Blake the fifth day from lake. At 1210 times in one -- -- and that. Don't worry we'll make it out kids have hopes with too -- Just two of what's believed to be thousands of victims what is your. Guests about how widespread this is based upon the research that you've done. While there has then past events. Of a couple of thousand. Children in this country to over 100000. Children in this country. The FBI thinks it's the bigger number a 100000. Miners in America. Forced to trade sex for money. -- this man enough to filled the largest football team. And it's not a coincidence it happens in cities like Toledo. Look to those highways these Criss -- the -- states can quickly carry a vulnerable teenager. Far from home. Toledo is a hot spot for recruitment and training and then the girls are shipped out to coastal cities -- larger cities to work. Will we use -- the term sexual slavery -- literally mean. That young girls are being bought and sold absolutely we have girls and Toledo taken off the street. And forced into prostitution. Taken to another city and forced to work the streets and having no money not able to make phone costs that able to escape -- able to leave. And that's exactly what's happening to Kimberly and Carol after seven days of captivity of regular client a truck driver. His recruited to drive the girls along with -- MV. Out of state. To a fresh set of customers. Machiavelli. Following close behind. While back home a mother and father wonder if they will ever again see their daughters. Police know that after 48 hours the chance of the safe return. To -- By the minute I haven't -- when you start to think I think it's not coming home. That's when he tried to -- it. -- -- --

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{"id":19153038,"title":"Teen Girls Held Captive, Forced Into Prostitution","duration":"9:00","description":"Part 2 of 2008 \"Primetime\": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.","url":"/Nightline/video/teen-girls-held-captive-forced-prostitution-19153038","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}