TLC is back: T-Boz and Chilli on overcoming struggle, their impact on other artists

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas discuss their new album and how they continue to make music after Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' death.
6:51 | 06/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TLC is back: T-Boz and Chilli on overcoming struggle, their impact on other artists
Back now with tlc and the new record many thought would never happen, that includes the members of this phenomenally success female group that first got successful in the 1990s. Tonight they tell their story. ??? don't go chasing wattfalls. To many they are the quintessential sound of the 90s. I heard those girls they're cool. T boss, left eye, and chilly. Aka, tlc, one of the best selling female groups ever. For they made mutic history in songs like "Water falls" with their social conscious lyrics and street 1250i8. How did you come up with the dance moves? It was in the trailer. We have a dance in Atlanta. Goes like this. Just kind of roll with it. Got to slow it down. With the beat. Just do that. Right there. There you go. Put your shoulders up and down like that. You have it. That's good. You just did it. 15 years after their last album tlc is back with their fifth and they say final one, but not before a little trip down memory lane. I remember these outfits. You do? Just got burrlap and we jump in it and just held it. That's it. That looks crazy, sexy, cool. Some thought the new album would never happen. Music fans around the world are mourning a loss this morning. After the tragic death of Lisa "Left eye" Lopez in 2002. When I would talk about her I would talk about her like she was still here. Couldn't speak about her like past tense. Couldn't do it. There's always going to be a sore spot for us because that was our sister. How do you go forward one person down. I'll say this, you have to find your new Normal and we're clear things were different there wouldn't be tlc as you knew it. She would want us to move on. She would say tlc is forever. We've done so much together we're the only ones could continue this on. Continue on they did, new album came together via kick starter, contributions nearly half million dollars came streaming in from fans around the world, from people like Bette midler we caught up with them for the back story. We're so surprised when your peers get involved. It means a lot to us. They've had such impact on other artists that such support come as less surprise as you think. I went and met lady gaga she was crying saying we changed her lives with songs like "I'm pretty" I'm like wow you're lady gaga she's like as a young girl who wanted to sing and felt like an outcast you made me feel okay. Your muse siic is very timeless. It's aged very well. ??? Scrub is a guy can't get no love from me ??? Scrubs are like little roaches. You can't get rid of them. They're always going to be around. I think truth resonates to everybody, like that's true, that happened to me. Their musical influences may seem all over the map. Notorious B.I.G. That video banging. Guns-n-roses. Absolutely. Not exactly what I expect. Foo fighters. Fleetwood Mac. The love of unexpected artists is mutual to this day they are covered by musicians of all genres. Like Hanson. Taylor. It's amazing. Even a quartet by judges on the voice. ??? Don't go chasing water falls". Add to the list the one and only prince. Look at this. Look the that. That's the one. Yep. That's the one. ??? party over, it's out of time ??? On tour in New York, prince comes out and plays, our band, everybody was looking like ha! I forgot the words, I almost fell off stage. I'm like damn girl. But for a career with so many highs there were also unimagi unimaginable lows at the height of their fame had to file for bankruptcy cheated their money by contracts. Lisa was dating $15,000 to go file bankrupty to go broke we of couldn't even afford to go broke. We paid him back. Adding to the financial hardshi hardships, T boz struggled with health issues throughout her career, suffering from sickle cell a neemia. I lost my sight, hearing, balance. I'm like what is this. You either sit or get up and fight. I chose to fight. Today time is right for a new chapter. They'll headline "I love the 90s" tour. You know about our show it gives you a good feeling. You know that Downey fresh like. Yeah. ??? And T boz and chilly are generating much buzz for the upcoming Al kbum releasing the video from way back with snoop Dogg from last week and here for the first time clip from their video "Haters". ??? ??? never gonna care what they say ??? ??? No haters the here. For "Nightline" New York City.

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{"id":48147816,"title":"TLC is back: T-Boz and Chilli on overcoming struggle, their impact on other artists","duration":"6:51","description":"Tionne \"T-Boz\" Watkins and Rozonda \"Chilli\" Thomas discuss their new album and how they continue to make music after Lisa \"Left Eye\" Lopes' death.","url":"/Nightline/video/tlc-back-boz-chilli-overcoming-struggle-impact-artists-48147816","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}